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I think you're right. The greed and stupidity of the NCAA and many college presidents have damaged it over the years and NIL will be the proverbial nail in the coffin.
Ranking the top 10 or so is fine, but the only reason I see to rank that many is to stir up arguments and bad feeling about the rest, especially for those at the very bottom.
As much as I love Tide sports and wish all former players well, I'd rather watch my cat hack up a fur ball while listening to Hillary Clinton cackle than watch an NBA game.
Don't get me wrong, I like Jalen a lot, but the fact is that as a passer, he was, is, and probably always will be, inaccurate and indecisive. History is full of guys who were very good college QB's but never panned out at the next level.
I could say a lot about this, but I'm going to summarize in two points: 1. This will destroy college sports as we know it. 2. The ensuing mess will be 100% the fault of the stupid, corrupt, and greedy NCAA.
I thought Trojan would have Nix signed up by now.
This is pretty much the sports equivalent to "Local Dog Chases Local Cat Over Local Fence."
I understand there was no visit to McDonald's.
I'm not about to sit here and tell you I'm an expert; I refuse to even watch the NBA anymore. That said, I can't see either being drafted. An old story with new faces; kids getting bad advice from crooked wannabe agents just looking for $$.
Everyone thinks they will be better or even win it all before the season starts. In this case however, the previous coach wasn't canned because he recruited too much talent and in no way do I believe the new guy was their first, second, or even third choice. Maybe he will work out for them if given the time, but I wouldn't bet the ranch on it.
And in my youth, in so doing you would be picking yourself up off the deck and dusting off your uni in the next game.
I guess it depends on your age. In my day (dagnabbit) it was an unwritten rule to in no way show up your opponent; my own coach would have scolded me for doing what this kid did. But with this "hey-everybody-look-at-me" generation, nothing is more important than themselves.
Just would have sounded so much sweeter. My golf clubs are so old my woods are still wood, and when I go to the driving range, the young guys love the sound when I use one. Even when I slice it into the woods (not an infrequent event) it still sounds great!
It would have sounded so much better if was hit with a wooden bat, the way God intended.
Hey Mark, there are better ways to deal with insomnia than watching soccer. Not many, but some.
I don't follow the No Fun League much anymore, but this makes me think back years ago about a player who told his coach "I want to play so badly, I'll play for free." After the coach told him how great a gesture that was, the player said "But if you want me to practice, you're going to pay out the a.."
Good on them, but I still don't care and I doubt very many others do. Nothing against these young ladies but let's face it; there are only two college-level sports that normal people watch with passion and those are football and men's basketball. Beyond those...
If I was an NFL GM, the only way I'd ever draft an RB in the first round would be if he was an excellent pass receiver, which Najee obviously is.
If he can punt a football more than 35 yards past the LOS, sign him.
Before the China virus hit, a friend and I attended a college baseball game between 2 SEC teams and to put it mildly, I was unimpressed with the quality of play. Neither looked like they could beat an average Class A team.
Most voters want politicians who lie to them and CNS has nothing to gain by doing that, much like DJT.
Obviously that was "hear." But that's what I get for trying to type on a mobile phone but I couldn't wait until I got home to get that shot in.
Good to head my ex finally found herself a job.
I'm sure he's just focusing on his academics at this point. Starting hysterical laughter in 3..2..1
He will likely again soon be wearing a uniform with a number; it will just be longer than two digits.
I'd never heard of him either. In fact, when I fist saw the story, I was wondering what computer anti-virus software had to do with sports.
Conference tournaments have long outlived their usefulness. It's already been established who are the best teams in the SEC and they have nothing to play for in a tourney. Why play hard three days in a row then possibly draw an early NCAA game four days later?
I find it comical that the writer of this article considers Malzahn to be a big-time hire. Maybe he would be for a high school.