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2. There is something called "parody" that you might want to look into.
1.You've obviously never seen all of the "geniuses" in Athens, GA on a Friday or Saturday night.
Maybe he will rank the SEC town jail cells next. You know, what's the best jail for being held after inciting a riots, stuff like that.
But his dad did get a $350K payoff. Oh, wrong QB. Sorry.
You need to come up with better material. Maybe your boyfriend can help, even though I'm sure you don't see him face-to-face very often.
Maybe we will hire that Gus Malzone or whatever his name is. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
Must be end of shift at McDonald's. You up to fry cook yet or do you still scrub toilets? That Barner degree is really paying off for you!
I'm sorry, it's just hard to take seriously the sports opinions of a guy who looks like he has worms.
Maybe he will commit a felony, then commit academic fraud but leave before he can be expelled, go the JUCO route, then have his dad pocket $350K by signing with The Barn. Oh, wait...
The only thing getting old is your lame trolling. Get a life, a job, and a clue, Barner soy-boy.
Nothing personal, but you have as much of a chance of being selected in the NBA draft as I do.
Kiper was shaking so bad I got even sicker than I usually do when watching him.
Brady are Gronk are both stop-gap guys at this point, so trading OJ just for Gronk's one year in TB would make little sense.
The guy is an ex-NFL GM because he got tired of winning too many Super Bowls, right?
Hey, it's hard to write stories when Burger King only gives their fry cooks 15 minutes for a break.
That settles it. I'm tossing my hat in the ring for the NBA draft too.
The run is indeed poor, but I'd argue that the corners are much better than people give them credit for. The pass rush is below average, which puts much more pressure on the DB's.
Finebaum is one wormy-looking guy. Looks like a AAA claims adjuster.
"...Diggs scored his first touchdown of the season, returning an interception 84 yards.." Guess the writer was asleep for the TN game.
He hasn't raped anyone, so he won't be going to UT.