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Give the guy a break. McDonald's only gives their workers one 15 minute break in a shift, so many SDS writers have to rush their stories.
But why would Malzahn want to do that, other than his massive ego? If I was a just-canned coach with his buyout, you'd never see my white a$$ on the sidelines again.
On the bright side, they could do worse -much worse- than Steele.
It's nothing that having Roy Kramer as SEC comish again couldn't fix.
I refuse the watch the NFL so I didn't see how he played, but it sounds dumb to dump a rookie QB after his first season. Then again, it is the NFL, where it seems being stupid is all too common.
UTA is paying Herman $15M to not coach, so he'd be crazy to do anything right now.
I detest the woke soy-boys at ESPN and won't lose a minute of sleep when they finally go under.
Will he leave Cincinnati in the middle of the night without telling anyone?
Not that I care, but it seems to me the new HC ought to tell people like Jimmy Rane to stick to the lumber business and let the coaches run the football program.
I hope Sark knows what he's getting in to at UT. The boosters are out of control and demand to run almost everything. It's kind of like The Barn with more money and less inbreeding.
I'd like to see a rule where, after a TD, a team could elect to go for three by placing the ball at the 10 or even 15 yard line for one play from scrimmage. I'd also like to see the first targeting foul on a player reduced to a 15-yard penalty only, with the second in the same game adding a 1 quarter ejection.
I second that. Last year's D was as soft as I've seen since Bill Curry was doing his space cadet routine on the sidelines in the late 80's. Another issue these past two years has been having slow, unathletic d-linemen.
He can't help it; it's a sickness seen in most members of the media. At least he didn't whine about how 2020 was so hard on him and his fellow "heroes" in "journalism", or launch into some social justice tirade.
Fulmer is a dufus who the luck to be the UT coach when Cosmo Kramer was SEC commish.
This guy has way too much time on his hands.
I heard he asked two questions: 1. Where is Auburn? 2. How much is my buyout?
No, but he can throw a shoe like a 3-year-old having a temper tantrum.
My first thought is that it wold be crazy to can a guy with that buyout without having a deal with a big hire already worked out. Then I remind myself that this is The Barn we're talking about, where common sense and logic are as rare as full sets of teeth.
When Johnson came in again the Tide, I said "Why is this guy warming the bench?" I was impressed by his play.