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Obviously that was "hear." But that's what I get for trying to type on a mobile phone but I couldn't wait until I got home to get that shot in.
Good to head my ex finally found herself a job.
I'm sure he's just focusing on his academics at this point. Starting hysterical laughter in 3..2..1
He will likely again soon be wearing a uniform with a number; it will just be longer than two digits.
I'd never heard of him either. In fact, when I fist saw the story, I was wondering what computer anti-virus software had to do with sports.
Conference tournaments have long outlived their usefulness. It's already been established who are the best teams in the SEC and they have nothing to play for in a tourney. Why play hard three days in a row then possibly draw an early NCAA game four days later?
I find it comical that the writer of this article considers Malzahn to be a big-time hire. Maybe he would be for a high school.
A regular practice session is of more value to most teams than a spring game.
I don't know how any can use the name Todd McShay when discussing football and not fall down laughing.
His footwork is terrible, but a better o-line would benefit him too. The thing I wonder about with him though is if his bad habits are too far ingrained to be corrected. In the fundamentals department he surely doesn't look like the son of a former SEC QB.
A guy with worms who hosts a Jerry Springer-esque radio show has a wannbe bookie on to discuss all they know about football. I bet it was an interesting two minutes.
Unless they bring back the sideline/broadcast camera angle, I'll keep playing the 2006 version.
All of this 5-4-3-whatever "star" stuff is is mostly the creation of bunch of wannabe analysts who have found a market for their "rankings" in the form of over-zealous fans and a 24/7 sport media desperate from something to write about in the off-season. I couldn't tell you the name of one player signed by the team for whom I cheer. Get them into school and onto practice field and then I'll pay attention if the HC starts talking about them. Over the years (way more years than I care to admit),I've seen too many "can't miss" guys... miss.
Give the guy a break. It can't be easy for him to write a whole article during his 15-minute "McBreak" from his fry-cook job.
Don't worry; the way America is going, soon everyone will get a ring just for participating.
But just bad enough to justify canning a coach who wasn't working out.
Franklin?? Please. Woke points maybe, but calling him a home-run hire is laughable.
When it comes to boosters trying to run the show, UT is like The Barn but with real money. No Yellawood, but lots of oil wells.
Give the guy a break. McDonald's only gives their workers one 15 minute break in a shift, so many SDS writers have to rush their stories.
But why would Malzahn want to do that, other than his massive ego? If I was a just-canned coach with his buyout, you'd never see my white a$$ on the sidelines again.
On the bright side, they could do worse -much worse- than Steele.