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Life as an inmate in the East Alabama Nervous Hospital must really be a drag.
As a Tide fan, I vote for Pete Golding.
We the best team in the country and would be undefeated if we didn't get such bad refs. All the close calls go against us.
Says the Barner who is an inmate / trustee an East Alabama Nervous Hospital.
Corso is the Joe Biden of college football. He doesn't know where he is or even what day it is most of the time.
Can't see The Barn hanging with UGA, even with their homer officiating crew and seeing-eye dogs. I don't see Arky putting up enough points to take down Ole Missy.
The Jordan-Hare "magic" is largely a product of homer officiating. Where else can a backwards spike not be a fumble?
Want my guaranteed Blue-Chip 5-Star Lock-of-The-Week pick? Call 1-600-SUCKERS now! Toll charges may apply, taxes extra, all rebates to dealer.
While I admire the job Sam Pittman has done, I just don't see how they score enough to win this one, even against Ole Missy and their Swiss Cheese defense.
He wouldn't be the first; The Barn canned Chizik and Ed O is on borrowed time at LSU. Nice work if you can get it.
Good to see you back, Bubba. I was worried that the nervous hospital had suspended your Internet privileges. Still taking your lithium?
Makes me sick to hear about this. I cringe on almost every play, worried that someone will be injured. Players have gotten so big and fast, it's a wonder there aren't even more injuries. When I was young, 260 pounders were fat and slow, college LB's were around 210, OL's about 240. Amazing how things have changed.
An abscessed tooth is funnier than this guy.
Cut the SDS writers some slack. They have to rush to complete these articles because they are only allowed one 15 minute break at their shifts at McDonald's.
This makes me recall the timeless wisdom of $Cam Newton, who famously remarked "Football is like chess without the dice."
Arky doesn't have enough O to scare UGA's D. The Barn? Get real, their wins so far are against opponents that would struggle to beat a good high school team. Can't see the Cats staying with UF for four quarters.
She would make a better DC than Pete Golding. Of course, so would my cat and she sleeps 19 hours a day.
Do be so angry, Bubba. You Barners last won a natty in 1957, surely you'll get another in the next 50 years or so.
Says the guy who mops floors at the nervous hospital. Do they still give you lithium?
Kiddos, this is what happens to you when you take drugs. Don't be like this guy.
As a Tide fan, my hope for Saturday is that Kiffin will look across the field, see Pete Golding on the sidelines and start laughing so hard that he can't keep his mind in the game.
1. Maybe Arky can borrow those officials with the blind seeing-eye dogs that seem to work every Barner home game. 2. You gotta root for a guy named Bumper Pool.
To re-work an old George Burns line, it's too bad that the people who know the most about football only write about it.
So you're going to compare a rookie to a guy who had been in the NFL for 10 years? Barner logic.
That's OK, Cowturd isn't a franchise, uh... What does he do, again?
Says eh guy whose team "won" a natty 10 years ago with $400K payoff to a thug rent-a-QB.
As for Nix, I offer the following: 1. Very, very few prep QB's ever come in ready for D-1 as freshmen. 2. I don't know how hard he worked to improve his game. 3. Some guys just peak early, while some are late bloomers. 4. Nix is far from the first "5-star" guy to not live up to expectations. 5. He darn sure won't be the last.