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This is what you get when sportswriters are desperate to write something, anything, to get attention.
Please tell me this is a joke. This kid has as much chance of being drafted as I do. College BB is a cesspool.
I guess one natty ever 40 years is too much for some fan bases to handle without it going to their heads.
Now just win 5 more NC's in the next 11 years and you'll be up there with us.
I'm 60 and have had a partial knee replacement, but the time has come for me to declare for the NBA draft. I need an agent; anyone here willing to take me as a client?
I see Internet access has been restored to the East Alabama Nervous Hospital.
So let's all push to move the NC game out of Indy. How about NOLA?
As much as it pains me to say it, you are spot on. I never understood the Dan Mullen worship. Having a good year or so at MSU isn't unheard of and it's a whole easier being the hunter than the hunted.
I think either team will call it a win if they escape Birmingham with no injuries or gunshot wounds.
Go whoever-is-playing-the-hogs in whatever also-ran bowl that no one cares about.
On another site with writers who apparently do not rely only on Twitter for stories, they are exhibiting only mild symptoms.
The only time I watch Big 10 football at all is when I have a severe case of insomnia.
Politicians and sports writers both tend to have short memories with no capacity for self-reflection after being proven wrong.
"Embarrassed by their actions?" Doubtful. They are not even embarrassed by their "writing."
I see that's allowed. What a shock.
Shhh! You're not supposed to know that he answers only his own questions. Even then, he's right less than half the time.
I'm guessing it's because his team won their last legit natty when Ike was president.
Anyone with more than two brain cells knew that The Tide would be up and down this year, but I guess your team frequently has to replace six NFL first-round draft choices, right?
Yep. Sad to see what "journalism" has become in the era of social media; it's made lazy reporters even lazier.
History has taught us that anything can happen in the Gasparilla Bowl.