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What was MSU score? You are giving LSU to much credit. Cupcake?
Bama's D was hit with major injuries last year so give them a break. The injury that hurt us the most for the LSU game was Tua's ankle and coming off surgery and not allowed to practice with the team for 3 weeks before the game. It took him till 1/2 way into the 2nd qtr before he found his timing and rhythm by then LSU lead was too big to overcome. However Bama did make it a 5 point game at end.
Yep looks like a ploy to give Fields an extra week to heal, but I like it. It also will give Waddle an extra week too. I don't think OSU D could handle either Smitty or Waddle and diffidently not both. Plus it would give Saban an extra week to prepare and I like that idea.
Trask is right. 1st they should have never been in that situation and Marco did make a lot of great plays and his biggest one was for LSU.
I believe Bama will play a soft zone and allow UF to move the ball between the 20's. However, in the red zone and since UF can't run the ball they will tighten up with the short field and force field goals. Field goals ain't going to beat Bama.
I expect UF to move the ball between the 20's with a bend but don't break defense. Bama will tighten up the defense in the red zone with the shorter field and force a few field goals and 4th downs, since UF don't have a running game. That will be the difference in the game.
I'm not praising Golding yet, but I will defend him. He has been hit with some rotten luck at Bama. Last year the injury bug devastated the defense even before the season started. I remember at times last year there were 7 freshman on the field at one time due to the injuries. Then this year with no spring ball and no-contact fall drills put all defenses behind. Defense does need to have that hands on contact experience to improve. We are seeing defenses progress as the season progresses. For now I trust Saban on his decision to hiring Golding. Only time will tell
I understand the situation, surgery, not playing and him wanting to go someplace where he has a chance to play. After all a team really has only one QB. I wish him luck with his next team. But don't expect the fans to treat him as a hero.
They are already talking about waiving the 6-game requirement so OSU can play for the B1G Champ
Just read an article that was claiming that OSU would be a playoff team even if they only play one more game because they pass the "eye test". IMO Cincy and BYU passes a better "eye test" and they want to talk about SEC Bais.
First I agree with some of the others here that this basically Trevor Lawrence trophy to lose. He has been the Golden Boy for 3 years now. Then it will fall to Justin Fields for playing in the Big Bad Big 10, (weaka$$ schedule). Why is Trasks story any better than Mac Jones. Jones came to Bama as a 3* knowing he would sit behind Jalen Hurts and Tua, when he could have gone to Kentucky and be a starter for 2-3 years. While Trask went to UF to sit behind an overrated Felipe Franks who was goning to lose that job to the first competent QB anyway.