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RTRnTX, I think the same rule that Dr. Graham (and every Minister I know) uses, that you mentioned above, should be the rules in these Positions/Situations. If people are worried about Lawsuits...or, even Worse, True Sexual Harrassment or Assault...there should be a Requirement for Multiple Witnesses to be Present in the Locker Rooms, or anywhere else that treatment occurs. If it is required by many Hospitals (and it is by the ones in my area), as well as Churches (as you mentioned), then why not Locker Rooms, where there is WAY More Testosterone present than the other areas mentioned. Just my 2 Cents...but I'll likely need change back!
I rarely comment on stories on any site, but I can't help myself here. It's not about the subject matter of the Article. I am just wondering if SDS has an Editor or if the Authors/Writers just write and post Articles without reading back through them. The very top of this story could use an Editor in at least 1 place to make it sound correct. Punctuation and Grammar are things I overlook on almost everything I read,online...but when the writer begins to say something one way and changes his/her mind to say it another way, they should at least be sure the "extra word(s)" aren't still there from the original thought/sentence. ;-) As for the content, I don't care about the other coaches, so it doesn't matter if they jump to the NFL or not. Coach Bielema may eventually consider the NFL, but I don't really see it happening any time soon. One of his Passions about Football is to take Good High School Players and develop them into Great College Players! He also wants to develop these student athletes in areas besides on the field. He wants them to do well Academically, so they'll have a Future that doesn't depend on the NFL alone (not many make it at the Pro Level and need something else to fall back on). For those that do go to the NFL, Coach B. is even looking out for his players when it comes to managing their Finances (at any pay grade). He doesn't want to see any of his former players throw away their future livelihood, just in case of Injury or any other reason they may not be in the NFL for a Career that lasts verb many seasons. That is Very Important to anyone in their own situations, home or job, yet most do not even get the opportunity to focus on such an important part of their Present AND Future (unless they're a Business and/or Finance Major)! Because Coach B. cares that much about ALL his players and their Futures, I don't see any reason he would or should make the leap to the NFL! Oh, and there is that Elusive National Title that many don't expect Arkansas to be able to achieve. Coach B. wants to be the guy that proves them WRONG! ;-)