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I'm kinda looking forward to see Fitzgerald in Joe Moorehead's offense. Gonna take a little while to get it going though because it's a new system and all, and relatively complicated from what I've seen - a lot of reads for the QB. It's a d@mn fun offense to watch though.
Finebaum is oddly obsessed with Mullen leaving State for some reason. Anyway, I'm not sure I'd want to go to Tennessee and deal with their unrealistic fans. He's getting rich at MSU and has fans that can get by with a bowl bid every year. At Tennessee, lose one game and they're ready to burn your house down, especially if it isn't an immediate turn-around.
Is there even a "future" for UM football? Especially considering the NCAA is about to prison rape them back to the stone age.
UM had to sell their souls just to scratch out a trip to Omaha for the first time in 40 years, and you're going with baseball smack? How can you even bring up football when UM can't even win their division?
Good Lord Ole miss is desperate for attention. DES-PER-ATE! I've never seen a more high-maintenance fan base in my life.
At some point the Bama "dynasty" will have to come crashing down. It's not a matter of if, but when. When it happens it's gonna be hilarious, too. I just feel sorry for all the poor defenseless dogs that were on the receiving end of moronic behavior like this.
F'n moron. As of Bama needed another NC anyway. It was bound to happen at some point. I just wonder if he's one of those "biggest Bama fans EVAR" who can't even tell you how to get to Tuscaloosa.
Lol it's amazing - every year Mullen has either been a candidate or "almost" landed the HC gig for every single coaching vacancy since he became a head coach.
Ever notice how crooked Kelly's face is? Dude looks like Sloth from The Goonies.
^^^ doesn't realize how badly the NCAA is about to prison rape UMiss. ^^^
Why are UM fans so obsessed with MSU? Good lord, they are all y'all talk about!!!
Lol suddenly we're taking the high road, huh? I'd be more worried about the NCAA getting ready to smoke UM anyway lmao.
Yeah because we all know Freeze and everybody at UM have been totally 100% honest in this lol.
Word on the skreet is the NCAA is in possession of a burner phone UM uses to contact recruits at anytime. If that's true I'd love to see the texts on one. Dear UM, you got a little too prideful, and a little too desperate.
Hahaha in other words, you're a UM fan towing that while company line garbage about some whack "student assistance funds", right? Lol move along, nobody outside of UMiss fans are even beginning to believe that hot air. UM, the SEC and the NCAA would've all submitted their documentation already if that were the case. Lol...come on back down to earth, bud.
UMiss in second with 11-1??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha......people will never learn.
Before this broke there was a rumor that he had failed a drug test. Now it's being said that he was found unconscious from ODing on spice.
This is UMiss we're talking about here...not exactly an elite program, or even close to one. It's delusional for any UMiss fan to think they can get anywhere with any coach.
He basically told his entire team after the game that they aren't good enough. When he was stopped on the way to the locker room he made the comment that they are just gonna have to recruit better. Evidently he said pretty much the same thing during his post game speech to the players in the '13 Egg Bowl. That's twice this moron kicked his players in the gut....what a buck toothed clown.
Couldn't have happened to a better bunch. I love it when a fan base that thinks they are above everyone else is brought back down to earth in an embarrassingly pathetic fashion. Still think you belong among college football's elite there, rebelbearsharkklansmen?
UMiss is one year away, every year, too.
And just like always UMiss will show everybody that they are indeed NOT worthy of their rank. Every year it's the same song and dance...you guys talk up your players like the entire team is going in the first round. Someday, maybe, you guys will come back down to earth.
Lol...people be drankin' up that UMiss kool-aid...every. single. year. When will people learn.