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As a Dawg fan, there is some truth to the statement. But it's really about having to many big fish in one pond.
Agree. But who knows. It would be cool to see him come back to UGA as OC one day.
Yep. It's what happens with success. Y'all had the dream year this season. Congratulations. I hope Kirby call learn from y'all and get us over the hump.
Seriously though. Baylor has been defending the pass all year. The Dawgs passing game was our kryptonite. We'll be missing at least 3 key linemen. I'll be very surprised if the Dawgs pull it off.
It's as much, if not more about execution than play calling. UF game was called masterfully and mostly executed as called. Fromm might be smart, he just doesn't consistently play on an elite level. That said, Saban has won some Rings with worse QBs. Maybe Kirby can pull it off this year. Maybe.
I felt the secondary was suspect all year, but was pleasantly surprised Saturday. Florida scored 28 on LSU (DBU?). And Trask is good, their receivers are really good. I felt like the last UF drive was UGA playing "keep it in front of you" "no big plays" defense. Loved the lock down run-D, and (mostly) lock down Stokes performance. I was super happy, but not surprised to see Fromm get the W with 30 passes. I give that as much to the oline as him though.
How many times has UGA given up a BIG pass to inferior opponents? Might as well lose now, we'd never get past Bama or LSU. Who knows, though, might be the kick in the pants we needed to get in gear. Go Dawgs!
Kirby is the worst in the last 2 minutes of close games.
Y'all look like the most consistent, disciplined team in the East. Congratulations. From a UGA fan.