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Look at all the SEC arrogance in here. You know you have arrived when the mighty SEC takes so much time out of their day to put down the Knights. #ChargeOn
Even for the four non-conference games, you can only play P5 teams that are willing to schedule you. UCF has a hard time finding P5's to play. From 2020 onward, UCF's schedule is very bare...and it's not because our AD is sitting around twiddling his thumbs. Few P5's seem interested in scheduling a series. As for upper level P5's...Stanford is coming to Orlando in 2019 for the back end of a home and home. Too bad more schools won't step up like they are.
So, what part of Bama's schedule made it so much harder? Colorado St, Fresno St, and 5 win (FCS) Mercer? Six loss Texas A&M...8 loss Arkansas and 8 loss Tennessee (all of whom were so bad they fired their coaches)? Seven loss Vanderbilt, 6 loss Ole Miss and an LSU team that lost to TROY???