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I mean they are playing in the championship. But y’all don’t have to deal with the 365 days of bammer propaganda on the radio, tv, newspaper, websites, etc. All bama fans have done is cry and pout since losing to LSU. The revenge season! That’s all they talk about. Bama fans worship nick saban like he’s a god. It’s disturbing really, like a cult of people who never actually went to Alabama but still love the program. Waiting for that revenge season so they can pose next to the trophy at their Walmart. none of this is meant to be sarcasm. It really is like this in the state of Alabama if you don’t live here.
He’s always been an excellent recruiter and is a familiar face in the SEC. it’s hard for anyone to be successful at TN or SC to be fair
What do mutts know about change? Same old stuff down there. Cheat and still lose big games.
Do you realize what these kids have gone through this season to even play? Now factor in all of the drama with Gus and the rest of the staff. The program will be completed dissolved and rebuilt by a new coach with a different game plan. Which doesn’t include any of this staff, and players as well are probably wondering what their future holds. In a game that meant nothing. And you’re gonna cry about it? Grow up loser
Yeah this isn’t just a new coach, this is the intro to a new culture at auburn. These kids signed up for the Gus program, and they believe it in still today. While a great guy, Gus is soft. He wasn’t popular, and he lost the support and trust of a lot of important people. Harsin I think knows he has to surround himself with a staff and players who are willing to give the new program their all, or get out. So I’m sure a lot of kids don’t have the patience, or the desire, or whatever to be a part of it. Maybe I’m wrong we will see soon
Georgia fans love Kirby Smart. He was taught by The University on how to buy recruits new cars, but they forgot to (on purpose) teach him how to coach
Apples to oranges comparison. His record is third just behind Dabo and saban. SEC schools have SEC-caliber players it’s dumb to say he isn’t qualified enough for that because he obviously is. Good coaches win games regardless of what level. The question is will he fit in at auburn and have success recruiting down here, idk. But everyone is willing to give him a chance, he deserves it if you look at his record as a coach and as a leader. More qualified than that clown hugh freeze
I don’t see any other SEC competing with bama like Auburn does. Lots of Saban’s little elves coaching in the SEC. LSU needed a Heisman winner to have a chance. Even the 1980 national champions bought Kirby Smart and can’t beat coach elf on the shelf So yes continuing to win is important. Some people at auburn are way to biased against it, sure. That’s why we have a young, outsider coming in to lead the program. This is the change we are all looking for
Maybe if you had an Auburn education you wouldn’t be such a moron Connor. Hate us all you want, but when you write opinion pieces you should probably make a stance and support it with evidence. Yeah that still involves research! Lazy bum
They hired a committee. Of course they had people in mind. But you have to go through the formalities when you spend 20+ million dollars firing any coach. Don’t need a cheater like Kirby Dumb. All he does is copy what his former boss, Nick Saban, taught him. So far it hasn’t amounted to much but a bunch of kids getting brand new cars
I don’t know anyone that has a bad thing to say about Bill Clark. Great coach, great person, loves Birmingham. Glad to see he got some recognition from a school like auburn. Someone who actually deserves it honestly. But, again, that’s why there is a committee with a whole lotta money and power searching all over the place
I have the university of Saban 49-28. Bring your step stool coach, you’ll need to be able to hold that trophy where the cameras can see it
He isn’t going to be the head coach, so why even comment this? Don’t you have a tree to poison?
Auburn can offer cristobal anything and everything. The SEC is the most powerful conference, and Auburn is one of the most powerful schools in it only behind UAT. The 8 million dollar buyout for Cristobal is a drop in the bucket. It’s a blank check to invest in a young coach with an aggressive recruiting record. That is what the program needs to compete with bama and uga. He will have to turn down a once-in-a-career opportunity at AU. Will be an interesting couple of weeks.
Putting that Shelton State education to use. Can you count how many Dodge Challengers Saban bought? How many bama kickers had death threats? How many trees y’all poisoned?
From what I’ve heard it’s a done deal they are ready for a swift transition
Negotiating his ridiculous contract since the previous AD was removed. Auburn wasn’t going to fire Gus until they had a guy. That guy is Mario Cristobal. He will be our next coach
Mississippi State getting auburn head coaches fired All jokes aside I’m glad the suits finally came to a conclusion. The program and the kids playing deserved better. Strung out way too long
Yeah I am genuinely impressed, Vandy doesn’t make it easy for anyone but the opponent to score points. She didn’t have that many opportunities. On top of the obvious added pressure of being a girl attempting to make history. Kickers have choked in far less stressful scenarios. Admittedly bama kickers did have to deal with death threats. Their fan base is known for killing trees ya know
Of course Mullen is a clown, but he didn’t lose Florida the game
“Listen here Mr Yellawood, pay me or I’m staying” - Gus Malzahn, 2020
@ JHS, I’m not betting against auburn. And yes, we do have a reason to play, and you literally said it in the article. Auburn and A&M are both very competitive in terms of raw talent. The difference is we’re unranked, and they’re a step or two away from potentially being in the playoffs. Every player on the field will feel that
Georgia the whole world is watching. Will you let Vandy kick a field goal? Or are you sexist? We will find out soon
Fauci is a member of the party that has tried to tear down trump since he took office. Not sure who is crazier to trust in this picture. Dr. Riots Are Safe or orange man. Flip a coin
Bo is the only guy out there with heart. Hats off to tank also. A whole lot of pathetic football out there from guys who needed to step up like Seth Williams. Everyone on our team likes to talk can’t even stay competitive in these big games. Poor coaching poor leadership Obviously bo has had a rough year. On one hand we have a brand new offense, lots of injuries, covid, etc. On the other hand he is making so many rookie mistakes. Why is he not moving up in the pocket and getting what he can get? You can’t try to outrun and juke and lob passes bama’s dozen d-Line player rotation 5 yards behind the line when you have an o-line made up of high schoolers essentially. I’m not trying to armchair coach but what the hell? Anyways a lot of Shelton state Bammers are happy right now. Looks like a championship year time I wonder how Walmart will display the trophy with covid social distancing
I’d like to see her on the sideline beating up a ref. Coach S will bail her out again. Probably have the ncaa make it legal too
20 other coaches have tested positive this year, big games canceled, but we sure are always lucky. We all know he’s gonna get cleared. Gotta get those website clicks
Fair chance there won’t be a March madness anyways. We’re an everything school. Without coach Lord Jesus Christ Saban himself, what would bama be? Don’t think too hard bammer