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Pretty easy. Auburn has more NIL money, better geographical location for recruiting, Auburn actually plays for SEC titles and championships, iron bowl, much better fan base. He can handle the pressure. He wants to compete at that level. Idk if that’s with auburn or not, but auburn happens to be his latest chance to do so. Ole miss is not as relevant. Delusional to think they’re going to find that level of success with a good auburn, LSU, bama, etc. teams in the west who have proven records. I’ll even throw Arky in there, they’ve got a great coach and more success than Miss in the past few decades
I mean, Kelly is the definition of a splash hire. He’s an excellent coach. It seemed like a weird fit culturally, but you knew with top tier SEC talent he’d have LSU competing for natty’s again. Everyone in the program bought into this guy and it’s paying off. That could’ve taken years but it seems like it only took half of one season
Logically you would not fire harsin until you solve AU’s bigger issues. And try not to create more problems for yourself. The AD position is leaning towards being a mess if it’s own. You can’t fire harsin without cause, he isn’t going to just leave. That’s obvious based on what he went through earlier this year. That’s a lawsuit on his fingertips. There isn’t a soul in auburn who supports harsin, and personally him and his family have rocked many boats at the university. The football program is a mess full of egotistical NIL rich kids who don’t have to go to class. No doubt he is canned when it makes sense. Until then enjoy the sh!tshow. Auburn will be bad for a while. Hopefully not like Tennessee
This will be an interesting game. Ashford despite being a 4th string baseball player shows a lot of potential. He has a lot of things to get past mentally. On top of being an auburn QB in the SEC. I like him and hope he finds some consistency. Harsin’s here to stay until next year so play loose. AU 31, Ark 28
Well, they tried. I thought it was funny. They forgot that most people are stupid and would take this literally. Even some hillbilly vol fans have gotten upset as if all of this storming the field and taking the goal posts down was an act of vandalism. As if UT officials are completely caught off guard, as if this has never happened before. Gimme a break. Enjoy the win, get the stick out of yer arse
If I were an idiot, or a bama fan, I’d blame the refs for these dropped passes
Leg injuries will do that to a kicker. Relying on your kicker to score points because your 112th-ranking offense can’t, that’ll also do it. Not a disappointment. You don’t rely on a kicker. Mizzou made that mistake already, and Auburn ain’t any better than them.
The Mike Leach would have nothing to do with this fabricated, Hollywood drama. He probably doesn’t even know what Saban’s first name is, that’s how much he doesn’t care.
Hot takes get the clicks. Being wrong is fine when you’re getting paid to do it. That’s what media is today. There’re 3 types on this site. People hidden behind layers of irony trolling everyone, people with anger issues that need a place to vent, and 1% who cares about the sh1t article
You do know the AD and president that wanted Harsin are gone, right? That is why it doesn’t matter if Harsin was fired already. Auburn has greatly underperformed in recruiting, but these days it doesn’t take anything but money and a short amount of time to get good fast in the SEC. Auburn has some of the wealthiest members in all of college football. Sanders isn’t coming to auburn because auburn’s boosters don’t want him. And likewise, he probably doesn’t want to fight them like Harsin has decided to do. Results would be the same. But no one can read his mind. Yeah, auburn is a dumpster fire. And then we hired Gus and played in the national championship. That’s how fast it’ll change
I think my Disney+ bundle is $12 a month and includes ESPN+. Since it’s monthly no contract just cancel when Disney is back on sling. I always cancel mine during the summer when I’m not watching much tv
Harsin, or at least the majority of his coaches and staff, don’t care. Auburn isn’t fixing the big issues overnight but fundamental stuff is being completely missed on both sides of the ball with no improvements as the season has progressed. Lame duck coach.
The university did not pay malzahn’s buyout, and I’m sure jimmy rane will pay harsin’s if they hire who he wants this time. They could buy anyone but who wants to coach here under these conditions? Would have to be a Freeze or Steele. At this point I don’t care, whoever can recruit in the SEC and win games. People ignore that Harsin is a Scientologist?
2 QB systems are pathetic desperation attempts, it means you don’t have a QB at all. Both are awful choices, who knows what’s going on with Calzada. But if it’s just TJ and Ashford, you definitely live or die with ashford. He’s got potential. You need a QB that can run if auburn can’t stop the pressure auburn’s QB situation is a fraction of the problem. God awful coaching, poor fundamentals, an offensive line that looks like it’s made of high schoolers compared to the *backups* at UGA/AL/A&M/etc. Auburn always has a pretty good defense, this year is no difference. It’s obvious the defense is mentally exhausted with their offense’s inability to do anything. Harsin needs to be fired today because yellawood and/or Malzahn’s boyfriend aren’t going to give the guy a chance to recruit or build the program. It’s like watching a Lifetime movie. Auburn’s so messed up
Auburn’s best bet at QB is a baseball player, probably.
2-QB system is really all you need to know about auburn’s QB situation. I can’t entirely blame them when the starting center is the same size as an in-shape Alabama fan, roughly 250lbs. In a world where buying players is legal, auburn’s money hasn’t coughed up a dime. That’s all you need to know about how harsin’s tenure will end. Answer: soon. If they lose big and ugly to penn state at home he may be gone before he gets to the locker room.
Give me a break. Saban had one of his little-person hissy fits with his pals in Birmingham over HUNH. He thought it was illegal! Roles reversed, Saban at Texas this rule would absolutely exist. There’s a large ego that fits in that little boy’s body. Does he shop in the children’s section??
LSU and bama have one thing in common, f-ing up field goals. LSU fans are wanting to fire coaches and bench players after one game, that’s not surprising at all. At least i haven’t seen death threats. Or poisoned trees.
I’m guessing you don’t get espn+ with rabbit ears? Either living in the hills with your sister, or stepping over used needles to get to your decrepit Memphis apartment
Bold of anyone to think freshwater “fishing” is actual fishing
I’m sure these power hungry airheads that run universities are screaming at the sky at night wondering why these kids won’t stay locked up in their dorms!! Hide from the vid! We gave them a free tshirt and Zoom background, why won’t these kids do the right thing!! We’ll just have to cancel athletics since they won’t follow my demands! For their safety.
Davis is mobile but his arm is nothing like finley’s. Or Malik Willis for that matter. Very evident at the open practices and at this point it’s safe to say that wasn’t some kind of trickery going on. Everything else is speculation, who knows.
The sad thing is A&oilMoney is going to win a natty before Kirby. Anyone can buy players but to win a championship is a whole other story. You have to cross your fingers and hope a west team will beat Alabama. Literally Georgia’s only hope. How sad
Get this dude a McD’s bag, harsin. And Caleb Williams to AU too??
Well that’s what happens when you commercialize college football. We have 40 bowl games just about. Kids making millions of dollars to play at a particular program. Transfer portal. Coaches making hundreds of millions of dollars. Or on the flip side, firing an entire staff after 2-3 seasons. All of this is before a student reaches the professional level. All of this did not really happen when Herb was relevant. At least to this extent. Who loves college football? The best coach in the sport today, saban. You talk about a guy who treats the game like a business. It’s him. Saban obviously has no loyalty to anyone given his past. He just wants to be the best and he found a university that’ll let him do that