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Lol you don’t know what you’re taking about. they’ve had a storage unit stacked with cash for the past 3 seasons. A lot of AU people hate Gus. Our program is in a good place. Better than Arky in terms of skill, and look how successful they are already this year. Chad built them, he is just a terrible HC
Momentum. We are bad at it. Good for the cocks to take advantage of Bo’s mistakes, miscommunication, stupid coaching, questionable calls by the refs. We made it really easy though. A win is a win though...we would know
You blame Morris, who I completely agree is not doing a good job developing an offense for Bo. But your solution is to bench Bo? We, of all teams, installed a brand new offense/coach with a lot of inexperience and injuries (and one guy leaving) during Corona. We are fortunate Tank and some of the other kids are stepping up right now. But they are not good enough yet to compete in the SECW. It’s all about surviving, again, this year. Trying to find an identity. Whether Morris uses Bo’s abilities or not. Putting in high schoolers to take his place ain’t the move. I usually troll and make stupid comments on here. But this one is serious. I am concerned, Mr journalist, you are a complete idiot
Your AD does the most 2020 thing, tweeting a false narrative because it makes you feel better. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Arky AD had to be reminded he’s not Bama, so now we’re all good and can move on Refs will be refs, they will decide games sometimes. Or in this case, give the losing team a high probability of winning because we still had to kick a field goal. It sucks every time. It doesn’t change the score, and it doesn’t really mean anything now...unless it happens to coach Saban. Then they change the rules for him. Probably change the score and build another statue for the greatest coach on earth
The problem is, your opinion is irrelevant. Facts don’t care about your feelings
lol. Did the refs screw up? Sure. Should it have been called a backwards pass? Yes. Arkansas had no impact on that play, Bo dropped the snap. It was his mistake. We also had to kick a field goal to win the game, and we had missed one before that. Arkansas didn’t earn anything. They were going to get lucky by a slippery ball, take a knee game over. But instead we got lucky by a bad call and kicked the winning field goal
At JHS auburn doesn’t make the same mistakes they did at UGA. At some point, probably the second half, auburn takes control of the tempo and keeps arky’s offense off the field. Our offensive line is a huge question mark, but obviously bigger and more athletic than Arkansas defense. I think we will wear them down with the run and pass, some big plays. Low scoring at half, final 31-17 AU
Our o-line is absolutely terrible. We don’t have a go-to guy to hand the ball off and grind out 5 or 6 yards. And how could you, when your line can’t get any push all night. Bo is frankly our most athletic back, and when you roll him out he can definitely be dangerous. But those designed runs between the tackles!!!? What the hell is that. Against Georgia who is absolutely manhandling us. And basically made is throw it downfield every snap. Seth Williams, his only real go to guy, was not 100% out there. How do people expect Bo to be so cool out there with all this? Stidham was jumpy out there too originally. Because we had a bunch of inexperienced guys starting like we do now
Corso has worn the football helmet before when picking auburn. No one can wear the aubie head or any part of the costume unless they are one of the chosen student to wear it. Who is supposed to keep it a secret. There is a lot of tradition and honor behind being the mascot. I think it’s pretty cool.
Gawjuh worships Kirby like Bammers worship their lord and savior nick saban. The difference is bama wins big and Kirby flounders. 1980. Based on how y’all played the worst team in the SEC this year ain’t it either. Happy 40th anniversary dawggy
Good teams move on. Georgia has the talent, so I think it’s likely they can move on, start this new week and play us at the caliber everyone sort of expects for 60 minutes. And auburn will too. We made adjustments at half and played a much better game, especially on defense. The final score is closer than it actually was. We had a couple of good drives fail on stupid mental mistakes and overall just being rusty due to lack of practice with lots of fresh faces.
So much fun! Ole miss players looked bored before. Now they have a reason to play football
Stingley is going to need to play every position down there to meet those preseason expectations. You’d think he does based on how many times he’s mentioned in any LSU article.
Every single preseason poll put LSU 2nd place right behind bama. Plenty of articles out there supposing a back to back championship team if you google it since apparently you don’t remember all of the sudden
Defense made the right adjustments at half and came out much sharper. Offensively we were rusty as to be expected but Bo and team is obviously all in with the chad offense. With the limited practice with the all the young guys we have on the o-line staying composed through the good and bad is gonna be key. Take advantage of the other teams mistakes, and don’t make those mistakes ourselves. We did all that pretty well, and came out with a solid win. Kentucky played a great game though honestly. Really just those mental mistakes
That 1980 plaque is still hanging up rusty and covered in cobwebs. You have one of Saban’s disciples so it’s only a matter of time right!
God emperor Saban. Bow down, and you shall receive his autograph at your local Walmart store
Morris is in a much better position at AU any way you look at it. We will see if auburn is better off with Morris. If you ask most AU fans, or put any weight into what players have been saying, the answer is yes as well. Arkansas trying to make comparisons is just dumb. I think your time is better spent rooting for auburn and Morris. It’ll be more fun than watching arky lose every game this season!
In the 1940’s dumbass. Vandy won in 08 and 12 but that’s it
Interesting that they put UAB so far down, when UAB receives more research funding than AU and UA combined. Largest employer in the state. Ranked two years in a row by Times as the number 1 young college in the world. I guess this poll doesn’t really consider the impact a school has on its community. Otherwise these ivy leagues that supposedly need to be bailed out by the government would rank much lower
What is the point of this article.. Morris doing his job as a coach? No one but journalists are concerned about his record at the most broken football program in the SEC at the moment.
Auburn can’t beat bama twice, but bama can lose to a questionable SEC East opponent. Right now I think bama loses one of those games. A&M and LSU will be interesting for a minute. Goes to beat the dawgz in SECCG. Unless we cancel everything before then
Rich white man relates to tweets of social injustice on the internet. Script says “cry here for a 90 million dollar extension”
It’s a QB/HB award for the past decade plus. Don’t be so butthurt about the past. Look forward to LSU’s average at best season this year
saban finally has the orthopedic shoes he needs, jumping around on the sideline like he does
Thank little nick for buying those easy games Ready to claim another title this year?
I was hoping to see some of those tweets from 1.2 GPA student athletes calling trump a moron for mishandling the pandemic. Meanwhile, participating in large “peaceful” social gatherings which are known to be the primary way of spreading the virus. Remember when football was just football
The NCAA cannot handle the political fallout of this season going badly. And it will. They know it’s impossible to prevent a breakout, even if it’s contained to one team. Doesn’t matter, people won’t care. You will only see the headline of irresponsible NCAA again puts profits before student athletes. I mean, you already do. So I’m surprised it’s lasted this long