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“I'm trying to get our players to listen to me instead of listening to you guys. All that stuff you write about how good we are, all that stuff they hear on ESPN, it's like poison. It's like taking poison.” - a quote from midget And the midget is right. The stuff put out there affect players performance. On both sides. On our side, players are constantly reminded how no one can beat Alabama. Auburn is more often than not the underdog. Everyone asked. Media portrays Alabama in a way that other teams should fear them, that they can’t lose, they have the better players…. unless you disagree with your savior nick saban.
LSU’s tiger like every animal in captivity requires mental and physical enrichment for their own well-being. In other words, training. In front of people or not, doesn’t make much of a difference depending on the animal of course. None of it is a parlor trick, it’s for their good
It’s because you are ignorant. Auburn raises so much money for animal conservation and research. Bird college. Eagle flying raises awareness for this much-needed funding, just like zoos and animal sanctuaries. The Birmingham Zoo does different types of shows with their animals. Maybe you should go spend an afternoon there and see the good they are doing
A cock? I’d expect a bammer or mutt. I’m not sure if a C tier SEC program really has room to talk. I’m being generous with that rating because you did bring home one single SEC championship, I think. Don’t remember when. Might just be imagining things. It definitely wasn’t in 2010. Anyways, I hope Bo can get his second win against Bama this year.
Yep. So many of the big time auburn games involve kicking/defending field goals. It’s fitting we tend to have great kickers too
Proof money can’t buy happiness. This dude always has something to say. Needs the attention. What a sad life.
Georgia has to beat Alabama. Clemson shouldn’t be a big game, and I wouldn’t want it to be if I was a dawg. You lose and the game’s significance is ballooned by the media, kirby on the hot seat, ruined season, etc. And if you win, which is probably what will happen, you’ll have the media hyping up Georgia as the best team in the nation! Blah blah blah. And you’ll lose to saban, again, as it’s been since 2008 (iirc). And then I’m sure Finebaum will make some stupid remark “if saban retired Georgia would be the number 1 team” kind of crap. Guess what? Auburn has beaten bama multiple times in recent history to advance towards championship games. LSU did recently. Alabama isn’t an excuse. If you can’t beat them you aren’t the best!!!!!
The thing with Cam is that he was literally a Superman on the field. The definition of a man among boys. We had some great players on the roster too, but not quite like LSU or Bama or Florida did with their best teams of modern times at least. But anyways I think Cam is so great because he made everyone else on that team play at the highest level. Tebow did too, over a career. Cam tips the scale just because of his ridiculous raw athleticism though. Superman jump, Kodi to Cam, that TD run against LSU. Ran it up the middle like a battering ram.
You are really stupid if you think kids just blindly pick a school to transfer to. Throw a dart at a map…give me a break. Bama is loaded. Saban was given the power and old money at UAT and did a fantastic job cheating, building the dyna$ty. I miss seeing those car haulers full of new Charger’s and Tahoe’s coming from Huntsville conveniently stopping in Tuscaloosa. The midget was a saint, all of those gifts came from the heart. Legitimate, you can’t spell that word
UCF has the same weird obsession Oregon has with auburn. To say UCF is out to get us is absurd but I guess you had a minimum word count to post this article. Easier to give opinions than look up stats
I’m not sure if Tebow will be standing on the bench with a megaphone, preaching some Jesus nonsense in the middle of a game. But I do know he’ll have big numbers in ticket sales and media coverage. And jerseys, apparently. Good for him and Jacksonville profiting off of the people weirdly obsessed with him
It’s a cool idea. Right now you have most products similar to this using iPhone instead, since it has all the cameras and software integration. All of that’s maintained by apple, the phones are cheaper to purchase and upgrade as the hardware and software is made better over time. I will admit this camera module is more practical than a bunch of iPhones on tripods. Maybe they’re doing something really special with it. I don’t know, but doesn’t seem very cost effective for their company or the end user
Mutt fans will find a way to put themselves in the conversation. Only thing new down there are the cars. Recruits love em. Kirby learned that from Jesus Christ himself, nick saban
Glad there are enough women on this site to remind us this isn’t funny
Bo genuinely liked Gus, as did most other players, but he also had to know before he even put on a uniform there was a strong chance of leadership change because of who his dad is. Gus has been on the hot seat for a while. He has been pretty ineffective at his role in terms of leadership for a while. It took the entire team and staff to fall apart in 2020 for him to leave, finally, but the players know it’s not all Gus. So I completely disagree with what you are saying
All media is today is gossip, hot takes, biased and skewed data. Doesn’t matter if it’s football, politics, local or national. It takes a very smooth brain to listen to anything these people say today. The fact of the matter is, Gus kept his job longer than he should have because he beat saban more than any other coach has. Our “terrible” disappointment Bo Nix lead one of the most physical, well deserved wins in iron bowl history his freshman year. Saban hasn’t beaten auburn 90% of the time, more like 60. No one in auburn is intimidated by the vertically challenged college football savior that is nick saban. We don’t worship him like you people. And at this immediate time, the mutts and gators are more evenly matched. That’s how college sports work. If you look at everything in the short term, Alabama is an exception to the lows and highs everyone faces. Move the scale to the 00’s and things look a lot different. But you got your article clicks so congrats
No one said he invented HUNH but he did introduce it and find success in the SEC. Wasn’t it your lord and savior nick Saban who wanted it removed from CFB because it’s unfair? It was. For the past 4 seasons Gus has been on a hot seat so I’m not sure who’s really loved him for a while. Not like you love your government checks
he was going to be competing with a 5 star recruit coming in. I would hope that’s not a reason to transfer as a senior but that’s the only theory I’ve heard besides apparent personal reasons.
Video games just aren’t like they used to be. You are constantly bombarded with new features, players, skins, whatever. I’d bet there won’t be one guy on the cover, it’ll be constantly changing to stay relevant. Maybe all of these players eventually get their own DLC packages or whatever over time. Would be cool to see former players as well. Lots of great stuff but it all comes down to how EA can make huge profits and keep everyone else involved happy
Hey Gus doesn’t coach at auburn anymore. I thought the geniuses at SDS should know that
This kind of success calls for ripping down the street memorializing a fallen law enforcement officer and renaming it to SABAN ROAD! Roll tide!
I’m excited to see what harsin can do. People like his personality. Smooth talker and a hard a$$ that won’t let the kind of stuff happen behind the scenes Gus let happen. They see the saban-like qualities in him. He will get the chance to prove why he’s the third most winning coach. You’re right though Gus didn’t get the support I think he deserved at times. I am hopeful that won’t happen again. Gus will be great at UCF
Kentucky came out in the second half and made all their shots. Got more aggressive defensively too. Just overall took the momentum. But we came back in the end. I believe it was a 14 pt lead by KY we erased. Really just came down to a few questionable shots taken by Cooper, some calls by the refs, Kentucky draining some unlikely 3’s. Thor was really clutch in the end too. All that being said I don’t see the tide turning for you Kentucky
I’ve never been an NFL football person, including the super bowl, didn’t watch this one either, but I have always assumed halftime performances were geared towards people who aren’t necessarily interested in the game. Younger people especially. People tune in just to watch the show. The ads as well.
Auburn needs a cheater like Kirby $mart to buy players so we can compete for championships every year. Learned a lot from $aban Charity building weight rooms and buying Tahoe’s for everyone
Good one Kirby dumb. How much money was in the bag?
because SDS only cares about writing hot takes and garbage opinion pieces rather than report actual sports news
Auburn has lacked real strong leadership for too long. Harsin brings that. We need to show that we have matured, both as a team and individual players. Smart play calling, assignment football, really the basics that we have obviously not had for a while with Gus. Because Gus could beat bama. Better than anyone else. Who cares? If we can come out and really play each game at the level we are capable of playing with the talent we have, that is success. In year 1 that probably doesn’t mean winning the west or beating every team in your list. But being competitive in every one of those games will be huge. Very likely if this is the case, we win one or more of those games “we aren’t supposed to win.” Auburn needs to make sure this staff selection will vibe, for the Harsin era recruiting to really kick in, etc. before we start talking about anything more than that
Maybe $3.50 but that would still be a lot from someone living in a trailer