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The NCAA cannot handle the political fallout of this season going badly. And it will. They know it’s impossible to prevent a breakout, even if it’s contained to one team. Doesn’t matter, people won’t care. You will only see the headline of irresponsible NCAA again puts profits before student athletes. I mean, you already do. So I’m surprised it’s lasted this long
The difference is, those conferences went public and the sec hasn’t yet. You call it slow, but there is no certainty in any solution
Authority? Lol. Personality. He’s a football personality. Much like the kardashians. There’s no science behind what he says. It’s just an opinion that few actually listen to
Drake knows a lot about bama football. He’s posted an Instagram with a player. Went to a couple of games. You guys should invite him over to rap during your LED light show
He’s going to be a great fit over there. Good luck Joey
Ah yes, and hurry up offense should be illegal. Guess we’ve moved on from that. I’m sure Saban will try the same play in a couple of years
Everyone that makes the playoffs should have won their conference championship. Just sayin’. Bama didn’t deserve to be there that year we lost to the dawgz. And this year, even a potentially one loss LSU doesn’t deserve it. But I think LSU comes into this game and wins in a close one. Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, OK state/Utah
Agree, not sure if magnitude is the right word. But I get what you’re saying. This is what we all want to see out of a rivalry game with no real stakes (bowl eligibility? lol) . Only playing cause you hate each other. State will use this film for the next 10 years I’m sure.
No one has won big against auburn and I don’t see how that changes with bama. It takes a handful of long drives with points to win. Our defense will be ready to go just like with Georgia and LSU. It’s solely and 100% on our offense to convert a 3rd down. Unlikely!
Everyone loses when Gary announces your game
Yeah bama listen to this guy. No need to worry about the iron bowl. You can lose any game you’d like and still end up in the playoffs. You are bama after alll
I don’t see it being very different at all. Just flip the score if tua and team are on their A game and LSU somehow chokes. LSU is just a different kind of team right now I don’t see that happening. But that’s besides the point. You guys have to play a real defense soon. No more of this 50 point 500+ yards and the tigers in Death Valley can attest.
I’d go with Auburn’s defense at home over LSU being able to beat bama again in a playoff.