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Well the F word will get your post/comment hidden on most social media sites and message boards like this. So you can say it but you’ll be screaming at an empty room. F Joe Biden though, and anyone stupid enough to vote for him whoever that may be. Now this comment will likely be hidden…..
Typical Georgia fan loves losing to Alabama. It’s hard to hate each other when the “rivalry” doesn’t exist. Alabama dominates you. Pathetic!
Still time for Gene “the chiz” to come in and beat bama and win a natty for Georgia I think. Alabama “respects” your program because you can’t beat them. These backhand compliments go right past Georgia who never plays them angry or with something to prove like they do their own rivals. And Georgia fans are fine with it, they have no problem losing to “the goat” and little Nicky loves his subordinate Kirby Smart. The mental gymnastics these two fanbases go through I swear.
Monetary incentives are pointless if you’re saban. If a priceless coach exists, it’s him. These coaches are given lots of pretty-shiny stuff with unrealistically high expectations and 3-4 seasons to get it done or their gone. What’s Saban worth? Full access to everything, anything the university is capable of providing for him. Alabama is a school that can do that. It’s why Kirby went to UGA instead of auburn or anywhere else he was given offers. And what do you know, overnight 30 bammer kids get replaced with super stars and you have a dynasty. A good coach and ceo can do that. It’s not even comparable to these d-swinging competitions programs are getting into with these contracts. Dumb topic I think
Wasn’t Harsin’s fault or his first choice to bring Bobo on
Wrong. There have been rumors going around since before the season started about Bo’s relationship with Harsin given their differences of opinions on off the field matters. Bo isn’t alone either but he’s obviously the first to come out to the media and say anything. It has nothing to do with the auburn fan base. You really think he’s an “auburn man” if that’s the case? I think you’re better off keeping your mouth shut about things you’re clueless about. If we have an article on the effects of heroin addiction, making love to family members, forklift operations, we’ll give you a call! we’d love to hear about your first hand knowledge
Because they’re trying to appeal to a younger generation? Same reason swampass stadium isn’t pumping U2 through the loud speakers. RGIII seems like he’s just being himself, and a lot of people will appreciate that over creepy Verne and gary or these monotone women. He could tone it down a bit. Meh. Also don’t expect any entertainer to be knowledgeable. That isn’t the point these days
Long game. Harsin not stepping in and allowing us to fall apart, blow leads. Thats his message he’s sending to the auburn board. At least, I am choosing to believe this is the case
Auburn’s antiquated approach to running a football program, recruiting, that is really their only problem. Harsin is good, he wants to be here otherwise he would’ve turned down the job like many coaches did for above reasons. It’s obvious now, was predictable before, Mike bozo and the sec guys auburn placed for harsin will not work. And I believe harsin can be the guy that gets auburn into the modern era of attacking the transfer portal with the right staff leading it because harsin is a hard headed and matter of fact kind of guy. If he can’t do it, if he takes another job, that’s a pretty strong sign we are screwed. I give him a B+, fire our F+ coordinators and get your guys in here. A disappointing finish but it’s clear now what must be done
Don’t be talking bad about “the coach” He (she? It’s 2021 who knows, Saban is very petite…) you’re gonna cause one of these bammers to have a conniption fit and fall out of their recliner. They’re just too big to get back up off the floor! Hope you boys got life alert after reading this article. Gotta love triggering these bama worshipers
A sub average QB beat Alabama his freshman year. If bammers would keep their toothless mouths shut, we wouldn’t have Birmingham STILL complaining a call was missed on the kick 6. Y’all are real quiet while the midget purchased all those dodge challengers and tahoes for his players before the “dynusty” began. Built on cheating. Your nephson will be proud diddy watched “his team” (never went to school there, learning iz hard) beat “dammed ol lucky alburn” Unfortunately I think this is georgias year, so you won’t be able to pose with the Saban cardboard cutout this year at your Walmart. Try not to hit the old lady when Kirby finally wins something alright?
Cristobal is a great recruiter, good coach. Best part he’s not urban meyer.
Auburn just weeks ago was a threat to take the SEC west and potentially play Georgia in Atlanta. Not even an Alabama fan would predict auburn lose all of their last games like this. It happens. South Carolina is lucky auburn’s been in a weird place the past few years. Your team has never been a threat to auburn. I mean look, happy you are bowl eligible. I guess if your program has no history of ever accomplishing anything but solid .500 seasons this is something to be happy about. Auburn would be, is, embarrassed. South Carolina is the type of team you fire coordinators and coaches over
Robertson has been a terrible punt returner all season. Every single game he’s done stuff like this. Not call a fair catch, not call his guys off the ball, not react quickly enough, drop the punt, bobble it. Unbelievable. Terrible call by the refs but what do you do, they’ve been making garbage calls all season and we’ve had our fair share like most other teams. Harsin needs to fire every coordinator and just bring his guys in I guess. Enough with “establishing” himself with SEC coaches. Pick any auburn player out of the bunch and you can point out the inconsistencies they’ve had all season. Really fundamental stuff most of the time. Our coaches, team, there is a major disconnect. We got in a good rhythm but these last games have been pathetic. Tank is the only guy out there who wants to win a game it seems like
is Alabama the dynasty or is saban the dynasty? Alabama had to invest a whole lot more than that to get where they are today. It’s not just the coach, but in Saban’s case he is currently the best in the business. 10 years ago things were different, saban had to use Alabama’s power to get what he needed. So now what, does he have what it takes to build another dynasty just by being coach? Hard to imagine he would replicate Alabama but I wonder what extent he could get to if he tried. Miami seems like they’re financially capable, old success old money old connections like Alabama. Or at least close enough to make this interesting
It’s the same fan base that poisons trees and sends death threats to their kickers. No surprises here. How dare someone in media try to not be overly biased
He’s listed as doubtful for the rest of the season. He’s done, so is Bo. Maybe the team will rally behind TJ and we can at least beat south car.
Well they are handpicked thoughts most fans are pretty dumb. No one is talking about how, throughout all 60 minutes, Mason did not draw up and significant pressure on y’all’s QB. None. Auburn fans should not be surprised State came back. How they came back, and how all phases of auburn football collapsed, that is surprising. We do not have the players to defend all these passes. We had to get y’all’s QB out of sync and never could. He’s too good to leave alone. In that regard, it was a massive failure by Mason. I think Harsin should have stepped in at some point. Too little too late. Very disappointed that we had to try that fake punt. Shows what little faith we had in our defense. Very un-auburn thing to do Offensively, this is just another example of how Bo Nix isn’t a good fit for Harsin. The sideline reporter kept talking about it, Bo being more vocal of a leader and being less emotional. He’s not that guy. Everyone on the team knows he’s not that guy. It feels fake I’m sure. Harsin was a QB, his coaching philosophy revolves around having the right guy. Bo is a good athlete, I think he’ll do great in the NFL, but I’m not sure even with his couple of years left of eligibility he will ever be the guy for auburn and harsin.
You think that cheater y’all hired can get a heisman or a national championship? He buys enough Dodge challengers for his players. I think that’s gonna eventually lead to some success like you see cam had. It’s a play right out of the little man’s book. This is the year. Saban spent too much time in front of the cameras (standing on a phone book I’m sure, maybe wearing high heels like any other woman of that size would be) telling people to get the shot, not enough time cruitin’ or coachin’ it hurt them this season.
6 years of Kirby Smart cheating and no national championship. nothing you said is even accurate either. I’d just worry about this being “the year” and I think bo will focus on beating Alabama for the second time in his career
The highly educated bloggers have picked against auburn, again. That should scare A&M. Auburn is not worried about Kyle field. Why? Haven’t lost there yet. Played in bigger and badder venues this year already. Calzada isn’t having fun like Bo is. 31-24 AUB
None of this matters, Alabama will be losing the iron bowl this year
Honestly don’t understand how anyone can watch this junk anyways. Your team has a radio station, maybe an online live stream, etc. they have pregame broadcasts. just listen to that. Social media and the internet makes TV worthless outside of watching the game you want to watch Besides they’d all pick A&M anyways. So far that’s been a good sign for us
Johnson Medical Stadium, welcome to the big Johnson
I hope everyone is picking A&M, most are at the time of this post. Auburn is the better team. I could see us winning by 10+ but I could also see us making some crucial mistakes that A&M has the ability to take advantage of and I know they’re watching that ole miss game where it could’ve been much closer if they had a good coach that made reasonable decisions in big games. A&M should take the points when they can get them. Bo needs to connect on those deep balls and we need to continue the run game like we have been and we will be fine. Bend don’t break on defense is our thing that has worked pretty well. I just don’t see us losing even if it’s back and forth until the end
Kirby is expected to win a natty at some point. With all these 2 loss seasons, Georgia isn’t necessarily guaranteed this year either when many of those seasons started out great and ended with a bad loss. Still have the SECCG and playoffs. While harsin came in, everyone expected 7 wins maybe, and at this point it’s very possible auburn could play Georgia in that SECCG. The game Georgia is so deserving of. Apparently that makes Kirby coach of the year? Not yet
Well it takes a good coach that can be a CEO to be like Alabama. But to say auburn doesn’t have that capability is idiotic. Same with Georgia or LSU or A&M, etc. Auburn obviously doesn’t do some of the things these programs are doing with recruiting yet, but it’s big and powerful enough to do it with the right guy. Harsin seems like that guy today. He has the personality and given the big decisions he’s already made it’s apparent everyone’s ride or die with this guy. The early results are very promising. Time will tell. These days, time isn’t decades or generations. It’s like this year or next year. Kirby is a pretty good example in recent times of what turning a program around with the right guy looks like. LSU with coach O was the opposite.