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So that is how you spell his name....... Great show!
Whoa Dude!!! Not cool and not acceptable!
"Tennessee and their fans are all a bunch of liberals. They pretend to stand for something" That is rich, coming from the party of Donald Trump!!!
I understand that this is supposed to be humorous, but this article is stupid. Does SDS not have an editorial staff to screen fluff like this?
This is such a fake story, how do they let some of these clowns write for SDS?????
I thought while watching the game, that Casey Clausen was an Iron Man when it came to toughness. JG has passed him on this because he keeps getting hit and keeps making plays. Imagine what he could do with a halfway decent line!
Fun Fact...The old ball coach never had an undefeated season! Let's see, Saban has one and Fulmer has one. Zip for Spurrier!
Brando is just trying to stay relevant. Tim, your time has passed, don't ruin what little legacy you have!
Sabin wasn't Alabama's first choice either. Spurrier turned them down.
Classy Guy here! Look, everybody, we have a real badass here that can demean women and call them names!
Ok, everyone should know that Adams is an old has been that tried to be relevant 20 years ago. The KNS has laid off all it's sports reporters and he is just trying to hang on to his job. He has always been a smart-ass and never a very good writer. He was one of the driving forces in the firing of Fulmer and he wants to ignore that fact now. He knows nothing about football and never has!
LOL...Ok so Tennessee writes a check to Alabama and says don't report us for this ok....*wink wink* *nod nod*. Methinks both reporters were imbibing when they wrote this!
Actually yes. he was convicted of violating a Court Order of Protection, so there is that!
I would be curious to know what Richt says, but in all fairness, he is too classy to say anything negative even if he doesn't like Pruitt.
While I think Jones is a terrible coach, this entire article is total BS. Hurd was a Prima Donna! Just look up Hurd prances into the end zone and fumbles! The kid could have been good. But, as much as I hate to say it, different coaches and different team would have been better for him!
Stupid ad, stupid candidate and most importantly, it is a stupid idea to waste all that money on a wall that would never be built.
Finebaum is a celebrity only in the state of Alabama. The rest of the nation couldn't care less. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered, Paul.
Why is this even news? SDS is becoming like the National Enquirer.
John Currie is tone deaf. He may have been ok at his previous job, but he had no idea that cow-towing to the rich guys will not work at Tenneseess. Haslam told him to hire Schiano and the fans would have nothing of it! ( how many other head coaching jobs was Schiano offered?) Currie was a weak sister and we wish him the best and hope he learned his lesson! The Haslam dictatorship is over at UT. Let them go ruin the Browns.
Not amazing, this is click bait!