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Why is this even news? SDS is becoming like the National Enquirer.
John Currie is tone deaf. He may have been ok at his previous job, but he had no idea that cow-towing to the rich guys will not work at Tenneseess. Haslam told him to hire Schiano and the fans would have nothing of it! ( how many other head coaching jobs was Schiano offered?) Currie was a weak sister and we wish him the best and hope he learned his lesson! The Haslam dictatorship is over at UT. Let them go ruin the Browns.
Not amazing, this is click bait!
Conzo was not fired. He was treated poorly by the Administration and probably would have eventually been forced out. But he was not "kicked to the curb".
All those other schools are lined up to hire him though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It sounds like they are trying to protect his medical redshirt!
Cody, You do realize that Betonline is not Vegas right? This is offshore betting and the only reason the line moves is because of the money flow.
Mike Leach is just jockeying for a job. There is a reason he is not mentioned in any of the coaching searches.
This is not Vegas odds! this is an offshore betting site. Do you do any research at all???? This is the second straight article that is total BS. I am not saying who the coach will be, but this is extremely poor journalism.
Sorry, Cody, you are stretching. This article is just plain stupid.
This overlooks the SEC Championship and I think that GA will be a closer game than Auburn.
First, there is zero percent chance Gruden will be the next coach. They have asked before and he said no. Second, crazy Mike Leach showed up to his interview with Tennessee in shorts and flip-flops. I for one, do not want to see either him or "slim-ball" Petrino here.
John Adams is anything but a distinguished writer. He is a hack that just loves to stir the pot. He was one of the leaders of the fire Fulmer crowd. And we see where that got Tennessee. He will write anything just to get a few clicks!
Message to Travis, you put yourself out there and made stupid comments trying to get attention. This is on you my friend and no one else!
While some of the above are true, what does a Michigan based writer know about Tenn Football? So far we have one loss on a Hail Mary. If Jones goes 8-4 he will be on a warm seat next year but not hot!
Jones may well need to be canned. But he is right about the press. They have to write or speak about something, and they are known to stretch the truth and do a lot of speculation!
I just lost all respect for Bentley and what little I had for Muschamp. It is not ok to condone cheating. I think we now see the character of this coach and at least one of his players.
I don't think it was a "wise little bird". I think he meant a shark after pillow talk.
As unusual as it may seem, a Tennessee Fan and Alabama fan agree on this one! If Obama had done the things Trump has done, he would have already been impeached. We seem to forget that the biggest scandal the Obama's had was that he once wore a tan suit, Trump is an embarrassment to our country.
Florida had better be checking James McElwain's phone. Rumor is he makes a lot of calls to Sea World!
Or a coach pulling an offer (for no reason other than numbers) really late in the cycle.
As a Tennessee fan, I can't tell you how much this warms my heart! Thank you Miss. St. and go SEC
That loss bothers him the same as 95 and 97 bothers Fulmer! In the mid 90's the winner of the TN-FL game had the inside track to play for the National Championship!