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I don't think it was a "wise little bird". I think he meant a shark after pillow talk.
As unusual as it may seem, a Tennessee Fan and Alabama fan agree on this one! If Obama had done the things Trump has done, he would have already been impeached. We seem to forget that the biggest scandal the Obama's had was that he once wore a tan suit, Trump is an embarrassment to our country.
Florida had better be checking James McElwain's phone. Rumor is he makes a lot of calls to Sea World!
Or a coach pulling an offer (for no reason other than numbers) really late in the cycle.
As a Tennessee fan, I can't tell you how much this warms my heart! Thank you Miss. St. and go SEC
That loss bothers him the same as 95 and 97 bothers Fulmer! In the mid 90's the winner of the TN-FL game had the inside track to play for the National Championship!
2016 highest scoring offense in history of TN football.
Is the author of this article a freshman writer at The Crimson White?
It is not a Rule or Bylaw, but it is what is normally done. But my question is, if you graduate and still have eligibility aren't you essentially a free agent under the NCAA rules?
I think that the Dolphins Medical Staff determined he is allergic to microphones!
And people wonder why Layla is divorcing him?
Maybe the Gators will win, maybe they won't. But this kid is an really needs attention because he seems really insecure!
"The Clarion-Ledger reports that Walker was recently released from prison after serving 13 months for public corruption charges."That is sure who I want my players associating with!
It is funny how attitudes change about coaches. Tennessee fans were more than happy to see John Chavis go when he and Fulmer were fired. And look at him now. I still believe he is one of the best DC's in the Country. Tennessee almost hired Steele a few years ago but he got a lot of points hung on him in a bowl game and they changed directions fast. Fans are fickle. Give Steele a chance before you crucify him.
I think Harbaugh is going to use his time at IMG working on new trick plays for punts in the final seconds of the game.....
If you read the SI article, this woman lives on lawsuits. Her first mention, of anything other than mooning didn't happen until 7 years after this happened. I believe the woman is not stable mentally. The local paper had to call in the FBI because of all of her delusional and harassing phone calls over the years.