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This is a nice game for the Vols. I actually like Pac-12 schools, especially Washington, Oregon and Cal. And I've been to Seattle, seen Washington's stadium and hung out around their campus. If you can make the trip to Seattle I highly encourage it - great part of the country!
I'd cancel him if he worked at Chic fil A but I love me some Waffle House! Better woke than asleep at the wheel!
I agree with all comments here. I don't think Swinney has anything to prove. He's a pretty darn good coach.
And that is the only thing I don't miss about living in Columbia - the blasted heat!!! Tailgating in Oct and Nov and sweating? No thanks! Well, not anymore. Sure, it gets hot everywhere these days, but I love winter here in St Louis. The colder the better!
And I grew up on James Island! I use to hang at Folly Beach almost every weekend as a kid. Been in St Louis since grad school (1992) and actually love it here - maybe because I like cold so much! But thanks, AFan, for your support! You always have kind words for us Carolina fans.
I'm a tad concerned about my mental health - I actually agree with Negan!!! Pittman is a good coach and Arkansas seems to be a solid up-and-coming program, a feared opponent these days - and getting better. Maybe there is something going on we don't know, but I'm not thinking so. Maybe it's just the world of college football we live in today?
Thanks, Red and Black - kind words, indeed. I'm impressed, too, with Year 1. We shall see what the future holds, but for us Carolina fans, hope springs eternal.
"I am not interested in the Notre Dame head coaching job right now!" . . . "OK, 'right now' has passed!"
BEFORE last Saturday I thought it was Georgia and Ohio State that were the two teams playing the best football right now. It seemed they were on a collision course with each other. AFTER last Saturday it appears it's Georgia and everybody else. This year's Georgia team kind of reminds me of 2019 LSU and last year's Bama - I'm just not seeing any weaknesses. Sure, the sports media may try and point out a "feigned" weakness by Georgia but I'm not seeing it. I won't go as far as to say this championship is Georgia's to lose - after all that's why the games are played - but the Dawgs seem strong top to bottom! We shall see. Oh, and a shout out and huge THANK YOU to Michigan! Always nice to see Ohio State go down!
And Liberty should have an influx of cash. They appear to be of the same ilk as the Grahams, the Bakkers and the Robertsons of the world. They give their brethren a hug while picking their pockets!
And I'll bet the "working guys" are getting some former employees all excited again!
I think Stoops is a good fit at UK. Just look at how he's building the program and the excitement of the fans normally reserved for all things basketball! When you're making good money, when you're enjoying being where you are and the fans like having you as their own, sometimes, just sometimes, that's enough. I believe this is the case for Stoops. A coach doesn't always have to be ladder-climbing seeking "seemingly" better opportunities elsewhere. Sometimes your opportunity is right where you are.
I wish these were our current unis. I love the SOUTH and CAROLINA on the jersey!
When there’s an article every few days feigning “concern” for #1 Georgia, it really means they’re a pretty darn good football team!
I'd love to have an "off season" and be "vulnerable" like Bama supposedly is this year!
So, my two cents for what it's worth! I see only three possibilities - Georgia, Kentucky or Arkansas. The team over a few years that Smart has been building at GA is like a rumbling volcano. This year it blows its top! This team for GA has been so overwhelming I could easily see Smart winning the award. But the jobs at Kentucky and Arkansas are rather remarkable, too. What Stoops and Pittman have done is pretty darn solid. But if GA keeps winning, including the SEC title game, I'd say it goes to Smart - and deservedly so. St Louis has spoken!
Well, if the rapture comes, at least I'll still be around to watch the game!
I sure hope this is the year Michigan finally beats OSU!
Well, I don't think our last four games are winnable. I wish they were, especially that last one, but I think we'll most likely go 0-4 down the stretch. I hope I'm wrong, though. What gets me is that in several of our games we have not even been competitive. Sure, the other teams had superior talent, no doubt, but many of those games were over fairly early. I was on board the Shane Train when he was hired at Carolina and still am 100%. I like him and the recruiting so far. But here's hoping for a brighter future than we've experienced recently. Hope seems to spring eternal for us Carolina fans but all this losing does get old after a while. Be competitive, win some games we aren't supposed to, get recruits. Building blocks, right?
zoucat, you got me laughing here. Well played.
adyle5, that, too, made me chuckle. But don't be too hard on your Gators. Some of us would like a bowl game now and again! Like me!
I see Mizzou winning vs Vandy and Carolina. Not seeing that 6th win, tho. But that's why the games are played, right?
I'm not a drinker but I am a child of the 60s - weed makes everything interesting!