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Well, now, we have come full circle. Not only is the Manning "look at me" tour finally over but we have Herbstreit's opinion. We can all rest again.
The band, The The, might have something to say about that! :-)
I've always wondered why so many high-dollar buyouts? Would a coach really turn down a program if there was not a buyout clause in his contract? I mean if he's making $4-6M a year if I'm a school why would I offer a buyout when he's making buyout money already? The dollars we paid Muschamp were ridiculous but those dollars for Fisher are staggering. What if A&M had just offered a nice compensation package and you actually earn your pay? That goes for any of our schools.
I get upgrades and as time marches on upgrades are needed. But I remember the days of heading to Athens when Carolina played there when Sanford Stadium was not yet enclosed and you could see the railroad tracks where the students would camp out - hundreds of students on the tracks! Rumor is trains would have to stop if running during game time because the students refused to move. I never actually saw that but rumor has it . . . Maybe nobody wants to go back to those days but I remember them fondly. Those were fun times, but alas, I rarely saw a Carolina win in Athens but always a fun trip when I lived in Columbia.
Amen, smashmouth! Was Walker ever a boxer? Man, he is one dumb $hit - perfect for the Con Party! Go Warnock!
Well thought out, leghumper! I kind of agree with your assessment. However, I could easily see all three teams going undefeated in the regular season.
Not a country music fan at all, but man, ol Garth can still pack 'em in after all these years entertaining!
Fuzzyvol, you got me chuckling out loud over here! Well played!
Quite impressive, Dawgs! Quite an elite group of guys, no doubt!
Man, it's kind of nice to be in the mix for some of these good players. Every time I see a headline where it mentions 'SEC schools in the mix' I try guessing which schools before reading the article. The ones that always come to mind are Bama, A&M and GA. And I agree. It appears Beamer has changed the culture at SC and the road is tough going but I am excited about possibilities. We shall see. Hope springs eternal for us Carolina fans!
This was my top two for the nation's best rivalry. Not for how long they've been around. Oh, and definitely mayo on a hot dog - no doubt Duke's!
I agree, Tiger TD. There are really good rivalries nationwide but I think OSU/Michigan tops them all. I'd put Bama/AU second.
I'll officially go on record. I actually like Beth Mowins! Yes I do!
I agree, GP. Boone is a great college town. Been there numerous times and once for a playoff game. And the mountains of NC are spectacular!
Yea, TW - we know what you meant. But watch for pitchforks anyway! :-)
I've lived in St Louis for a while now and remember Daniel well from his days at Mizzou. He was a fun QB to watch. And Mizzou had some really good teams back then. Wasn't Mizzou #1 at one time during the Daniel reign? Seems I remember him on the cover of Sports Illustrated when Mizzou hit #1? Seems like a good guy.
I like Frank Martin - just not as our basketball coach. He's been at Carolina 10 years and we've had pretty much nothing except that magical Final Four run. We've been mediocre (at best) for far too long. I was actually hoping he'd resign and stay on as some kind of ambassador for SC. But I wish him well.
From ACC tourney titles to national titles to that glorious Laettner shot to beat Kentucky Coach K and his Dukies have provided years of excitement. At least for me anyway. Here’s hoping Coach K goes out with another national title this year!
In my humble opinion I happen to think Bennett was a heck of a QB! He led his team well with a maturity focused on his teammates instead of some rumblings on social media. And week in and week out he performed when it seemed some were hoping he'd fail just so they could say "told you so!" And he has a natty under his belt. What’s not to like? He has nothing to prove to anyone. I’d say to some – give the guy a break. A good QB and seems a decent guy, too.
Maybe they can put a likeness of Falwell Jr on the sleeve and leave the top button of their pants unbuttoned? You know, the Liberty way!
Michigan was simply reliving a nightmare from their own timeout with less than 15 seconds left in a certain game back in 1993!
I saw Williams going to USC and I thought - we got Rattler and Williams??? I read more. Oh yea - that USC! :-)
This is a nice game for the Vols. I actually like Pac-12 schools, especially Washington, Oregon and Cal. And I've been to Seattle, seen Washington's stadium and hung out around their campus. If you can make the trip to Seattle I highly encourage it - great part of the country!
I'd cancel him if he worked at Chic fil A but I love me some Waffle House! Better woke than asleep at the wheel!
I agree with all comments here. I don't think Swinney has anything to prove. He's a pretty darn good coach.
And that is the only thing I don't miss about living in Columbia - the blasted heat!!! Tailgating in Oct and Nov and sweating? No thanks! Well, not anymore. Sure, it gets hot everywhere these days, but I love winter here in St Louis. The colder the better!
And I grew up on James Island! I use to hang at Folly Beach almost every weekend as a kid. Been in St Louis since grad school (1992) and actually love it here - maybe because I like cold so much! But thanks, AFan, for your support! You always have kind words for us Carolina fans.
I'm a tad concerned about my mental health - I actually agree with Negan!!! Pittman is a good coach and Arkansas seems to be a solid up-and-coming program, a feared opponent these days - and getting better. Maybe there is something going on we don't know, but I'm not thinking so. Maybe it's just the world of college football we live in today?
Thanks, Red and Black - kind words, indeed. I'm impressed, too, with Year 1. We shall see what the future holds, but for us Carolina fans, hope springs eternal.