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Oh man. Pinkel's a classy guy. I wish him all the best.
Well, I'll add in my generational comments. Being a child of the 60s we had the greatest music ever - the British Invasion, all that great anti-war music and the best sound ever, the sound of Motown. That is all.
Well, I agree the playoff should be expanded but not because the B1G has been left out recently. I do like the idea of each conference champion making it and then 3 at-larges. Expand to 8 – perfect.
I've lived in St Louis long enough to have seen a few helmet changes at Mizzou. I'm more old school but I have always loved when Mizzou had just the block M. The black helmet here with bold stripe and M in the paw I think looks sweet!
Oh boy - another Manziel story. What? The Tebow storylines running thin?
We're still arresting people for a little weed? Move on - nothing to see here.
I’m with you, Cola. I have actually grown to where I like Martin, but the results are way less than satisfactory for my liking. A couple of years ago was pure magic, but before then it had been 40+ years since we won an NCAA Tourney game! And I remember the glorious ACC days. We shall see. I’m like you, stay or go, I’m cool either way. I hear we have a decent class coming in but isn’t it that way all the time with us? Always next year!
Well deserved. Congratulations to the UT faithful.
Maybe Trump could serve them peaches for dessert - as in Impeach.
Hey - it was alright, not too bad at all. At least it wasn't country - that all sounds the same!!!
Oh yea – you gotta hate a guy like Kaepernick that silently protests police brutality while you hear crickets from the right when kids are separated from their parents and kept in cages. Welcome to Trump's America.
I'd stand with left coast hippies, socialists and greenpeacing tree huggers any day of the week! My kind of people.
All players, wherever they end up, say the atmosphere feels like home. They feel welcomed. Nobody ever says, "geez this place sucks but I really want to play for Ohio State." Having said that, and having been to both Athens and Columbus, if I'm a player choosing between OSU and GA I'd rather play in Athens instead of Columbus - hands down. My humble opinion only.
This surprises me. I live here in St Louis and not heard even an inkling of wrongdoing by Mizzou. I'm feeling for my Tiger buds.
How about a nice peach dessert for the Prez - as in IMPEACH!!!
Maybe as Dabo goes to shake Trump's hand he can serve him with a subpoena. LOCK HIM UP!
"Reeling" Georgia? Really? A lot of us would like programs "reeling" like Georgia's!
JC, I'd like to see your Dawgs play UCF! Put an end to their smack talking once and for all!
We don't need another creep on the Supreme Court. We've already got Blackout Brett!
Manchin should catch hell for voting for Blackout Brett!
I liked Spurrier when he was at Carolina (really disliked him before that). He took us to heights never achieved before – except, of course, when he left us high and dry. But I’ll admit the jabbing is getting rather annoying. I never liked the off-handed comments even when he was at SC. Note to Spurrier – enjoy your successes, of which there are many, and quit the silly barbs.
That was a nice synopsis, Mizzou-Fan. I’ve lived through a lot of what you’ve mentioned since I moved to STL after grad school at Carolina in 1992. I think Chase Daniel was the most exciting QB you guys have had since my time here. If memory serves me correctly, wasn’t Daniel on the cover of SI when Mizzou hit #1? No matter, there was a time I said this game coming up could have been for second place in the SEC East - behind the Dawgs. Not so much now – for Carolina anyway! But we will part ways on your last sentence. Here’s hoping for one more off day for Lock this coming Saturday. You can have him back slinging the ball the next weekend!
I agree, Fisherman. I had been pointing to this game for a while because I wanted to see how my up-and-coming Gamecocks performed against a stellar team like Georgia. I found out we have a way to go! But I love Champ as our coach. I think we are building a program that was, as you say, bare after Spurrier left. I was disappointed we lost so bad to Georgia but I have zero complaints with our coaches. I like the direction of the program. Hope springs eternal.