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I'm not a drinker but I am a child of the 60s - weed makes everything interesting!
I've been to Athens numerous times when Carolina played there years and years ago and remember seeing the railroad tracks from my seat in Sanford - long before they closed in that part of the stadium. Memory may fail me but I thought I remembered the students on the tracks would refuse to move during the game for trains so the trains started running at different times than the game. Those were fun times. Well, not totally fun as rarely did I see a Carolina win, but Athens is a great college town.
I'm with you, I-95. Beamer was my first choice as coach for Carolina and still is. I like the enthusiasm and recruiting so far but this season is one, so far, to forget. Fact is we are getting beat by better teams and programs than ours. My only complaint is that I was hoping we'd be a little more competitive than we've shown. But I'm optimistic. But look where we are and how far we have to go. It's rather daunting, don't you think? Hope springs eternal at Carolina.
Well, I guess my pre-season prognostication of Mizzou finishing 2nd in the East is out the door, huh? I could see this 41-17 prediction coming to fruition but I’m thinking (hoping) it will be closer. UT surprised me last week and I think they win against Carolina this weekend but maybe by 31-21? Our defense is playing decent but our offense is not what I was hoping (yet). We shall see.
I agree 100% with 9mmDave. And bama fan23 you got my chuckling out loud over here! And I'll add in a new rule. If refs take over 30 seconds to make a decision on a review then move on - keep it as it was ruled initially!
Native Gator, I agree 100%! I think it is past time for Corso to retire and his struggles are difficult to watch. But having Herbie jump in and help him out really warms my heart. You can tell the affection those two guys have for each other. I think Corso on game day is coming to an end soon. Was great fun while it lasted.
I think Clem loses to GA then runs the table on the rest of their schedule.
I agree with BlackandGold. This early it's just words. Wait until actual signing. I love these guys that talk commitment, how their chosen team feels like family and how God has really blessed them. Then, shazaam, God didn't really get it right, I misread those feelings and I'm decommitting! Trust nothing until game day.
Georgia will move UP after their first game!
I'll take GA and a 50.1% chance of winning their Sept 4 game. I hope it happens!
That was pretty good. Way to go, aTm - we got your back - hopefully!
GatorPhil - you got me chuckling out loud here in St Louis!!! Well played.
OK, so what happens if TX and OU give their notice to leave the Big 12 and they then have nowhere to go? What if the SEC does actually vote no? Then what - egg on their face or someone else picks them up? I'd have a hard time believing they leave and not already have something brewing elsewhere.
I agree with Bcreek - I pick Carolina around 6th. I could easily see us last or maybe 5th. I hope for better but just don't see it yet. But hope springs eternal for us Carolina fans. And can't argue too much with the other picks, but I'll go out on a limb here. I'm picking Mizzou 2nd in the East. And not just because I live in STL and am buying the Drink hype (or influenced by my Mizzou buds). I think he is recruiting well and will build a solid program at Mizzou. And I don't see how anyone but GA and Bama win their respective divisions. And for the title? Oh man, I'm back and forth, back and forth - but I'll pick Bama because I just have the mentality "don't pick against Saban or you'll be sorry." I just hope GA opens the season with a win! We shall see. Let the games begin.
Does sound like a good kid. But I have a question - and am probably showing my age here. He says he enjoys a "late-night snack, playing video games or making beats." What is "making beats???" And I'll admit I've never heard of Quavo! But I could name you all the hits of the 60s! The 1960s! :-)
I love that we hired Beamer but I'll give the edge here to Spurrier. Why, you might ask? Because Pepsi > Coke any day of the week!!! :-)
As long as people are allowed to vote Warnock will kick Walker's a$$! Suppress the vote and conservatives win. Go Warnock!
Well, thank you, AFan. Nice comments. Beamer was my first choice as a new head coach. No doubt he lacks the experience of others who might have been considered, but what I love about him is he WANTS to be at Carolina. I like his enthusiasm already. Here's hoping it pays off sooner than later. We Carolina fans are a loyal but long-suffering bunch of fanatics. I hope are at least competitive soon.
OK, I'll go out on a limb here, and I may be way off base, but I'm picking Mizzou 2nd in the East this year - next to, of course, GA. I think Drink's building a nice program at Mizzou. But I do agree with TDOWTheGreat - I'm thinking Mizzou, UK and UF are the three teams behind GA. Not necessarily in that order - except Mizzou as 2nd. We shall see.
I know FL fans try teasing GA fans about the Dawgs national title 41 years ago, but man, what I wouldn't give for a title 41 years ago!!!
Man, Congrats to the Dawgs on these latest pickups. UGA already has a hell of a team and building even better. Wow!
BLSINSC, go drink a cup of clorox and call your Dr Humpty Trumpty in the morning!