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Nice ! Keep advertising the program for the world to see.
The difference, Jimbo knew the violations were being committed & was apart of one his self.
Exactly ! It’s unbelievable how people refuse to understand the sentiments
Black Lives Matter is a statement. Period . Not saying no one life matters more than others . It’s unbelievable people like you refuse to understand that but I got an idea why you do .. No need to state your stats . Their irrelevant to the debate. This is about the alarming amount of black ppl that are unjustly killed in their apprehension. Blacks kill Blacks, they get indicted for it . Blacks kill whites, They get indicted for it . White kills White . They get indicted for it. White kills Blacks, they get indicted for it. So in your sentiment, if white lives mattered, whites wouldn’t kill whites. Correct? & yes, there is an org that picked up the moniker, BLM . But that group & the statement are different. Don’t feel threatened to support the statement because you feel as if it’s some kind of threat to your “liberties” . The ones we all share.
All those deer & other game ppl are prone to killing, Miss me with all the carp about you perfect ppl are talking about Vick.
If his & Ruggs versatility translates .. Raiders will have a really nice offense for years to come
Not even a slight, I say the same about UGA. But as history has shown us before, the most talented teams don’t always win. *see the Miami’s , OSUs & USCs
I promise! They only knock him for it. It’s crazy people have that stance even after SEEING the throw. How much have they mentioned Burrows supporting cast ?
Thanks , Booger ! That’s All I want people to acknowledge! Pretty much all of these QBs have missed significant game for injury . He’s not the only one but credit the guys mental toughness for bouncing back every time
You guys have had the best roster in football pretty much since 2018 . Prior to that , you’ve guys have had as top tier roster as any . Just can’t quite seem to win with all of that talent .
Blackmon - Jimbo built teams better than Alabama at FSU .. huh ? When ?! Marler - UGAy had the best defense last year & lost to USC , got drugged by LSU Bratton over at 2.5 ?! Get outta here ! Cooper - UGAy will be heavily favored against Bama at home ? Well you know what happened the last times they were favorites ... I’d give UGAy the best chance just because they got the best roster in football but then again, they’ve always had that . I like TN just because it’s a rivalry game . That hatred on top of 13 years.. that’s their Super Bowl . Lane will have his chance . Y’all were better off just saying anything can happen in the SEC . It’s a talented league . Alabama has just ran the league better than anyone y’all seen do it . Hedge for their defeat I suppose .
Ok .. so what about the all other QBs that don’t come in hurt & still get hurt in their playing career ?.. Its in the game . Next subject
Why type all of those stats ?.. I think I alluded to the fact that based off of this data , they are ranked #1 here because of the LAST 5 YEARS .. & That’s cute they’ve had that many 10+ win seasons but you’re saying that to say what ?
No stuff ! I swore in my comment I said “in the late 2000s, leading into...”
I said mostly under Dabo . He can have a better head to head record , he still counsel win when Jimbo was there . & that makes this even worse to hear he’s 5-4 against Jimbo but y’all want to rank them as Most Underrated . Yea right
Matter fact , Clemson being up there as Most Underrated “based off these calculations” is true bc of the last 5 years .. in the late 2000s, coming into the decade, they were looked at as a contender. Plenty Roster talent. They just couldn’t win . Top 10 & #24 Alabama blows them out on national TV . Voters started losing faith . Multiple loss seasons followed, keeping them out of preseason Top 10 projections . Couldn’t win when Jimbo was there .. & all of this is mostly under Dabo . So like I said, I can agree with them being this . Don’t forget there was a word used, I believe, called Clemson’ing ...
Funny how data can be used to mislead . This has lead you to rank Clemson as number 1 underrated team & they’ve had WAYY better talent than their listed counterparts . That’s cute. Maybe they just underachieved ..
Funny how data can be used to mislead . This has lead you to rank Clemson as number 1 underrated team & they’ve had WAYY better talent than their listed counterparts . That’s cute