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Yeah I don't think Carlin would be down with cancel culture and safe spaces, but he would definitely be ripping Republicans a new one right now.
People don't believe in rehablitation in America. We'd rather see people locked in a cage. I was an idiot at 16, as most everybody was. This kid has been failed by his parents in some way. I would have never seen a car until I could buy one if I got in that accident. Yet here he was getting tickets after he got out. He's 16. He doesn't even have a full understanding of what he has done yet probably. Kid needs help, and jail doesn't help anybody.
Remind me the last time MSST won something significant. Does that make Mullen a bad coach? We could've been a much different team the last two years if we could score, and we know Leach is gonna get us some points. Hopefully he makes a good DC hire and the talent he has to work with allow him to assemble a complete football team.
One thing Mullen never did well was recruit and develop o-line. But I assumed that would end at Florida
If you refuse to evwn talk to people because they are liberal, you might be snowflake cuck
Shhhhh. Don't tell him. Maybe he'll say this out loud to a,person who knows what they are talking about lol
i respect your optimism from across the aisle, however i feel like youre a little generous on your evaluatuon of Thompson. He's young but he has a long way to go to be an average SEC QB.
Totally agree. If y a'll rushed the field against us I would laugh
Was just signing in to comment this. He was the GOAT of ESPN
Y'all are so pathetic. Backtrack and lie about everything, swear that it's only minor infractions, accuse Leo Lewis of lying, and now youre finally ready to admit wrongdoing, as long as MSU goes down? That's why yall are in this mess. Taking no responsibility. Immunity my friend. It's a great thing.
What the hell is wrong with SDS? I would love to hear how SCAR is going to score more points than Nick Fitzgerald and MSST?
Enjoy your sportscoats, slacks, coked up women, and being an irrelevant program of snobs again!!
I can't really blame Sirmon yet. You change out your entire defensive staff every year and eventually youre going to lose your players. They haven't been able to build trust wit all. It also doesnt help that Dan looks like the worst play caller in the nation and has the D right back on the field all the time.
You re assuming I was speaking directly to You? Elementary, my dear.
South Carolina fans awful cocky (get it?) On here. This guy is known for saying ridiculous things. What is your excuse? You guys cant score and Vandy hasn't scored for 10 years. There is a reason MSST is favored in this game.
That would be when we lost to FCS Maine awhile back. The next worse maybe your rebels losing to FCS Jacksonville State?
Lazy Magnolia. Get out of fruity Florida and you'll find better. I am astonished that an accomplished craft beerman such as yourself hasn't tried Mississippi'e best.
Paying player's bills and loaning them cars. But not pay for play. Not at all.....
Did you leave the MSST QB out(likely Fitzy but we dont know, just bc they wont put up the numbers Dak did? Because they could put of half of what dak did and easily be better than the last three on your list. Do you think our QB play will be that bad or is there just too much uncertainty there? Thanks
I graduated with Chris and Tyler Russell at MHS. Chris always had a smile on and lit up every room he walked into. This violence has to stop. Pray for his family, pray for our city. RIP #8
Man last time Ole Miss had this much hype Jevan Snead was the best qb in the country according to rebel fans. I look forward to seeing another epic meltdown
Yeah dude, if you're from Starkville and go to Ole Miss you're going to be the bad guy. Alabama offered you and is closer to your hometown, so why not go there? And if you score 4 touchdowns against MSST this year you think you'll be the toast of the town? Can't stand this guy's mouth can't wait until Peters blasts his a$$ one good time
In Mississippi they usually have gotten my social to check if my license was valid and in date. I've never gotten a citation any of the 3 times I was pulled over without it. But I'm also extremely polite and cooperative so that could have something to do with it. And the color of my skin......