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We gave em hell just came up short . Was a Good game, had my corn hole so tight I couldn't break a breeze
No doubt the opportunity was there, y'all just missed a few and we got lucky a time or 2
Dam ole Bama just don't turn the ball over, figured if we could get 1 or 2 we could find a way to win it. Hard fought win right there, we just couldn't keep em out the end zone in the last minutes
so does this mean you ain't allowed a response to me, eh 37-7?
Seems I struck a nerve
You bout spot on with yur prediction there nostradamus, you work in Vegas dont ya
How's that "dial adjusted machine operatin? Think you need to call a technician, hope ya got a warranty
So your comment above is football talk? Interesting logical process you got Bunks. Look to me yur down in the mud slingin dung with the physical threats there keyboard warrior
I thought you said you was gonna leave me to my own devices and let me wallow in my own filth. callin me out for commenting on Saturday night, yet here YOU are Bunks...too funny
Total meltdown by this jabroni, olerebs if yur life is as unhappy as you project the whole sds family is here for you
Fantasy is Troy over any SEC team, oh wait...
Well we gave up 21 to Lousy state and 23 to umass, is it really that bold to say bama could do better or even win by 30, I don't think they win by 30 if they do win but it ain't that farfetched or bold to think they can Bold would be hailstate winnin by 2 scores, sending saban into full rage mode throwin coke bottles at reporter and sending gump back to the bayou on a real shrimp boat
I like it, bold would be hailstate winning by 14 and nick saban gettin suspended for form tackling Mullen at midfield at the post game handshake
Predicting bama to win is the bold?? My goodness its like we been graced by a modern day sport prophet, musta been some serious critical deep thought an vision on that one , Joe the baptist
Ah old preacher man rubbed on you didnt he Bunks, come out slingin mud in the trenches with the swine an whispering thin veiled attacks ,then the other side the mouth shouts innocently high and mighty
I just think its funny yall posers was puffin out and pounding yur chests like your world beaters after a few decent years just to find out the load y'all was open throat swallowing from yur philanderin & bible thumpin coach was all a lie and cheat, heck he was cheating on the crootin trail,on the team, and on his family
Bragging about the good guzzle of jelly yall took from old thunder dong, eh 66-3
Here come the gumps off the shrimpin boat, thats right i forget y'all only give up those kinda yards to titans like Colorado State
Oh here come the old piss rebel shark land bears, y'all may want to roll up the weed with the meth and start nummin the pain the ncaa fixin to put on yur pooper
Lookin like a team America is proud of, like I died and went to the perly gate
Fitz gonna run like Gump on the red elephants
Don't need a dispensary or dealer for truth uga, y'all gonna actually not fall flat on your jowl this year
Fitz gonna run like Gump out the stadium, I think 3 TDs and 120 yards, throws for 200 yard 1 td with a pick or 2
Not bad but tsun gonna get a hammer from the NCAA soon, they may be trying to get some pity point with these lids, hailstate
Top 5 is 1 uga 2 bama 3 whisky 4 ou, guess who ain't here again old miss, they never be in the top 25 for years. Expect hailstate to climb this week if we get a turnover or two, if not we don't fall far at all