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Fleck is a good coach. It would be interesting to see how he'd do in the SEC.
Typical Auburn. Y'all still claim we offered money. We're the ones that turned you smucks in. Most of you guys are delusional. I say most because fans in the know will admit the truth and say they're just glad that the punishment fell on daddy Newton and not the team. Can't believe I'm still smh at some of you.
Talk all you want because who knows what offense you'll get. There's a chance it'll be the team that played LSU. If they get KJs head right and light a fire under the olines tails then I like my chances. But KJ is rattled and bullet shy because he never faced defenses with the speed and aggression of the SEC.
Arky was robbed. Auburn should be 1-2 because y'all lost that game without the zebras. You guys aren't good by a long shot. As far as I'm concerned when we play y'all it'll be for the worst team in the West.