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Agree, he and the Fox show are pretty good and to the point. Particularly the hour long variety. Game Day has gotten a little tiresome with some of the frills but still like it and McAfee and a little fun as well. Throw in SEC Nation and it's nice to have options.
Thoughtful and interesting comments NashGator. Now there was some perspective worth reading versus most of the "your school/coach sucks more" on SDS over and over again.
LOL Booches. Indeed. And don't forget the need for the "independent consultant"
I thought it was an entertaining read to sum up 2019 (in his one person opinion). Nice job Matt.
Funny as always Houston. Hope you continue to do these in the future. Among many others, a favorite. Nick Saban, however, is not quite as willing to overlook this. He ends the half with what can only be described as an anger fueled interpretive dance.
Wolfman, I have to say you get the award for oddest takes on SDS articles. Go on with your crazy self.
Is there a joke or point behind "It's E, It's always E" that I'm missing? Been in 3 or so articles.
I might flip the grades as Shoop and the defense (A+) won that game while the offense (B-) just can't seem to help put teams away but will certainly take the win. Studies show that winning is more fun than losing.
Wait a minute Connor, I think you're treading on Adam's turf here.
Every year we go through this and every year "we all" are happy that only 4 teams are in the dang Playoff. Why are "we" the only ones who see this? Sorry Henry, had to yank your chain a bit.
Wow, a long comment section with GA and FL banter that was interesting and insightful without degenerating into tough guy smack talk BS. Nice job guys, thanks for the good read.
A must read every week. Funny as always.
Funny as always. A must read every week.
Little mixed on this one. I lean to stop trying to make the Academies "football schools" but recognize the "front porch" thing too as they need to recruit students as well.
You got it MD. Been around long enough to see the "biased people polls" (including the "UPI") to we need to use data/computers polls to you can't let "computers" pick! and back to a "committee" of people again. This might suggest we now go back to data/computers. The cycle of "best ideas" is just funny to watch. Watching all of the fuss about Rob Mullen and the recusal thing, I always wondered why they just don't pick people from really bad football schools?
Funny, funny. Indeed, classic "headline" and bunch of words for ..... “I’ve talked to people down there and unless there’s some kind of setback within the game, I expect him to be very capable of being the Tua we expect.”
Hey, you boast when you get the chance, they have been few and far between this year.
Agree, big honor but man what a logistical mess this will create on top of what is normally already a logistical mess for the LSU game at BD. Glad I'll be watching from home.
One of the best things on the site. Really enjoy these each week Houston. Funny, funny. Keep them coming!
Strange they have a uniform reveal. Like a hand full of teams, think we have a pretty good idea what they will be wearing.
Sorry, yes recruiting benefits for the home and home, just wondered if the season ticket holders also complained given a "big game" is taken away from the package and do they get any preference for seats in JAX.
Curious if the fans (particularly season ticket holders) like the atmosphere and tradition of JAX or would prefer home and home? Read a lot about "recruiting benefits" but not much about ticket holders. Are the JAX tickets a separate deal?
Wonder what Taylor, Matt and Alyssa did to deserve that? Short straw I suppose.
Can you imagine what the ratings for this game will be? Guessing attendance will be the same. Family, friends (close friends) and us die hards. Over/Under 200M live and TV combined?
Well put LBM. Who would have ever thought.
Noticed the same thing. Game so bad I guess it wasn't even worth coming up with one. Surprised the whole section didn't simply say .... who cares. Man we are bad.