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Learned 3 things today 1- there is college fishing 2- it has a history 3- Auburn is storied in said history
Fully agree with this take and I suspect a few more will emerge next year across the SEC.
Fully agree, good for her and that's about the end of it. But ... pretty sure we are now on to the "significance" of it all and endless platitudes of the so called milestone for the next week or more. Nice little fun story that has been beaten into the ground and now it's really going to get beaten in the ground. That's the issue for me. Again, good for her.
I can never understand this line of thinking that is made endlessly by a bunch of the "media". I root for a specific team and hope for the best. Thrilled when we have a good year, disappointed when we don't. I watch CFB in general for entertainment and think it is the best sport going. So what if only 10 to 15 teams can make the CFP and win (just like it has always been). I don't watch CFB for "who's in". I watch State play, other SEC teams because we play them and then other random games of interest, most with no CFP "implications". While State (and the other 115-120 like us outside the 10-15 if we are being honest) might have a better "chance" than UCF, Cincinnati, etc. (oh so close in 2014) realistically it ain't happening. Does nothing to the "fandom" for my team and CFB in general. Curious what other fellow 115'ers think.
No need to kid, gets discussed all of the time here. Ridiculous this state has 2 but makes it fun to speculate how good only 1 might be/would have been over the years.
"its confidence was shattered by Mississippi State of all people." Jeez Les, that's not very nice. A period after State would have completed your point.
That was an interesting read and recap of recent history. Well done Neil.
Enjoy these Chris. #5 - Good call on Chip Kelly and surprised State's offense didn't make the cut. Yikes.
That was my thought as well. I guess it depends on your definition of struggle but it's not mine. Dominate might be a little strong too but you close with just the right term, convincing.
Always enjoy these Chris. #8 is a bit of an over reaction 150 years down the road, Oh wait a minute .......
OK, it makes sense now, forgot we had dem headset rules “Rule 1-4-11-b is very specific and allows only voice communications between the press box and the team area, therefore in (a) the coach could not call into the press box or the sideline for anything related to coaching purposes,”
Agree as well. Thought it was odd the first time hearing it with Norvell.
LH61, you're forgiven but you're not a Jeopardy purist and snob are you?
Z-O-U. Here we go boys and girls! Still not there yet but real real close now. Good luck all and let's have some fun.
Hey Kevin. As has been said many times in the comments, a well written summary of what have been my thoughts through all of this. Sankey never once said "we are playing!" but consistently said that we are going to keep trying until the "science" (God I hate that word now)says otherwise. Never once heard that emphasized, only "reckless". And Corch, I usually cringe when I see your comments but you nailed it with your ranking. I still enjoy The Athletic but man did it get really bad there for awhile as did XM84. Nueheisel about the only one supporting "trying".
Always think these quick summaries are a fun and interesting read.
Fun read, the TN one jumped out at me as the biggest wow.
For those complaining about the comment section being locked on some articles and preventing "debate and opinion" here is your reason. 2 dudes take over with their slap fest and make the section pointless.
Really enjoy your comments/takes on things. Well thought out and void of snark and certainly any trolling. I might not agree with everything but at least there is a rational versus "the author/talking head has always hated my team". If there were only more like you, thanks.
Encouraging to see the comments here as I thought I was the only one it seemed in the world that thought the whole czar thing was ridiculous. Why do we all need to be the "same"? The messiness of it all is what makes CFB unique and crazy. Seems the assumption is always they would do things I agree with like not letting the B10/P12 cancel. What if the czar was in that PAC12 meeting and decided that everyone would cancel as they did?
Hey BSR, there you are! You are missed on STM. Had the original schedule held, I had OM taking down FL as one of my "bold picks".
Don't you love The Twitters world we live in? Somebody Tweets something, somebody re-tweets it, the "Twitters searchers" pick it up and make "news stories" out of it with twitter screen shots and we all get to make comments on it. Anybody on here have a clue what was really said and the context it was said in? I sure don't with this random group of screen shots of 60'ish character "information".
I cringe every time I hear "fair" in just about any context. Agree we should just roll up the next 2 but that would be too simple, gotta add some complexity. I did hear the interesting idea of having a televised lottery draw for your 2 extras on the SEC Network. Now that could be some fun and would guess the rating would be pretty good as well.
Hard to believe they didn't keep the plus one (and thought they would go 8). Seemed perfect for the standing rivalries and the rest of us already with ACC/Big 12 games ex AL and A&M. That said, we'll see just how far into the season we actually get.
That was bad for how it went down. How about your mind going to South Alabama ..... at home.