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Yep, heard that, Grantham and Shannon and all have said no. So still curious who is a "big time" D coordinator we could get?
I see that a lot. Curious who a "splash hire" would be as a D coordinator?
Agree and who knows. Like comparing players across eras. Not enough to say they had a really good year/team. Thought it humorous .... GOAT thrown around too much, writes GOAT article within hours of the game. Congrats and nicely done LSU. Thought Clemson might do their "NCG thing" and get you going into the game. Started that way but did "your thing" from this season and pulled away.
Thank you Dawg44 .... time will tell MidwestVol
Thank you, my thoughts as well. Only time will tell.
Took me about 24 hours to think about it and have to say now that this could be fun. Certainly more so than the last 2 years. That was painful to watch. Time will tell just how great this hire was or wasn't.
Cha-ching. This will be interesting.
Agree, think we just tried that route and didn't work out too well (Fordham aside)
Big win in 2010 and a really big win my freshman year in 74 (game actually played in Jackson as were all of our SEC games). It helped us go to the Sun Bowl back when there were about 10 bowls. Obviously haven't played much over that time span but certainly a long list of L's when we did. Funny the complaints about schedules these days (that I agree with) but in my 4 years we never played TN or Vandy, played AL, AU, LSU & OM in that same order to finish the season and FL on the 3rd Sat of Sept every year and KY and GA twice in a H&H. All of that in a 10 team league.
Bit of a strange article. I couldn't tell if it was their recruiting summary or a Lane sympathy piece. Good grief, he won some and lost some like every other program.
Always one of my favorite articles of the year. Can't imagine how much money is spent on "the committee" to come up with what is essentially the same thing for free. God bless America.
Agree, he and the Fox show are pretty good and to the point. Particularly the hour long variety. Game Day has gotten a little tiresome with some of the frills but still like it and McAfee and a little fun as well. Throw in SEC Nation and it's nice to have options.
Thoughtful and interesting comments NashGator. Now there was some perspective worth reading versus most of the "your school/coach sucks more" on SDS over and over again.
LOL Booches. Indeed. And don't forget the need for the "independent consultant"
I thought it was an entertaining read to sum up 2019 (in his one person opinion). Nice job Matt.
Funny as always Houston. Hope you continue to do these in the future. Among many others, a favorite. Nick Saban, however, is not quite as willing to overlook this. He ends the half with what can only be described as an anger fueled interpretive dance.
Wolfman, I have to say you get the award for oddest takes on SDS articles. Go on with your crazy self.
Is there a joke or point behind "It's E, It's always E" that I'm missing? Been in 3 or so articles.
I might flip the grades as Shoop and the defense (A+) won that game while the offense (B-) just can't seem to help put teams away but will certainly take the win. Studies show that winning is more fun than losing.
Wait a minute Connor, I think you're treading on Adam's turf here.
Every year we go through this and every year "we all" are happy that only 4 teams are in the dang Playoff. Why are "we" the only ones who see this? Sorry Henry, had to yank your chain a bit.
Wow, a long comment section with GA and FL banter that was interesting and insightful without degenerating into tough guy smack talk BS. Nice job guys, thanks for the good read.
A must read every week. Funny as always.
Funny as always. A must read every week.
Little mixed on this one. I lean to stop trying to make the Academies "football schools" but recognize the "front porch" thing too as they need to recruit students as well.