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LH61, you're forgiven but you're not a Jeopardy purist and snob are you?
Z-O-U. Here we go boys and girls! Still not there yet but real real close now. Good luck all and let's have some fun.
Hey Kevin. As has been said many times in the comments, a well written summary of what have been my thoughts through all of this. Sankey never once said "we are playing!" but consistently said that we are going to keep trying until the "science" (God I hate that word now)says otherwise. Never once heard that emphasized, only "reckless". And Corch, I usually cringe when I see your comments but you nailed it with your ranking. I still enjoy The Athletic but man did it get really bad there for awhile as did XM84. Nueheisel about the only one supporting "trying".
Always think these quick summaries are a fun and interesting read.
Fun read, the TN one jumped out at me as the biggest wow.
For those complaining about the comment section being locked on some articles and preventing "debate and opinion" here is your reason. 2 dudes take over with their slap fest and make the section pointless.
Really enjoy your comments/takes on things. Well thought out and void of snark and certainly any trolling. I might not agree with everything but at least there is a rational versus "the author/talking head has always hated my team". If there were only more like you, thanks.
Encouraging to see the comments here as I thought I was the only one it seemed in the world that thought the whole czar thing was ridiculous. Why do we all need to be the "same"? The messiness of it all is what makes CFB unique and crazy. Seems the assumption is always they would do things I agree with like not letting the B10/P12 cancel. What if the czar was in that PAC12 meeting and decided that everyone would cancel as they did?
Hey BSR, there you are! You are missed on STM. Had the original schedule held, I had OM taking down FL as one of my "bold picks".
Don't you love The Twitters world we live in? Somebody Tweets something, somebody re-tweets it, the "Twitters searchers" pick it up and make "news stories" out of it with twitter screen shots and we all get to make comments on it. Anybody on here have a clue what was really said and the context it was said in? I sure don't with this random group of screen shots of 60'ish character "information".
I cringe every time I hear "fair" in just about any context. Agree we should just roll up the next 2 but that would be too simple, gotta add some complexity. I did hear the interesting idea of having a televised lottery draw for your 2 extras on the SEC Network. Now that could be some fun and would guess the rating would be pretty good as well.
Hard to believe they didn't keep the plus one (and thought they would go 8). Seemed perfect for the standing rivalries and the rest of us already with ACC/Big 12 games ex AL and A&M. That said, we'll see just how far into the season we actually get.
That was bad for how it went down. How about your mind going to South Alabama ..... at home.
Now don't go pointing out the double speak that seems to involve every subject know to man these days. I prefer the concept of "courtesy calls" but in this day of leaks, SM and being first ... well you know how that goes. Ark St had to have suspected that was coming but I can appreciate when reality hit and they just saw 1.5 mil fly out the window.
The takes on this whole thing have gotten ridiculous (sports web sites, XM84, etc.). Why exactly is it "important" to get on the same page and stop selling "false hope" on playing football games? Seems you are either a negative Nellie or want to kill unpaid and exploited young athletes. To your point, those in charge begin with the "normal", make plans for the abnormal and adjust and execute based on the situation. Seems a lot out there getting ready for their I told you so! moment.
Might have jumped the gun a bit on this. The alumni association hosts a "tailgate" inside the alumni center before home games and at away games at some spot locally and guessing that is what they are cancelling. No word on usual tailgating around campus/the stadium. That said, wouldn't be surprised if that came down too at some point.
Funny to watch the rise of TV folks. Anyone remember him coming out for those short sit downs with Finebaum for what seemed only a couple of weeks to start? The feedback was so positive then it was whole segments, then all the time, then Nation, then national stuff and now the NFL. Good for the Big Swagu.
I hear you my friend and Mossyman and on some level I agree but I was told many many years ago as a young manager .... manage or be managed. Well the SEC, NCAA, businesses looking to set up operations and now the players are now "managing". This thing has been festering since 2001 and should have been dealt with in "calmer times" because it was simply the right thing to do on a number of levels.
Yep came down in 2016 and has at most if not all universities and a lot of cities/counties, businesses, etc. Seems it is now not "officially" displayed in more places than where it is but if all goes well tomorrow or Saturday it will not be "officially" displayed any where in the state. We'll see.
Agree, nicely done Kevin. I've nearly given up reading or watching any coverage of Covid as it always seems to end up a wall of noise and spin.
Enjoy NashvilleGator and your takes on here as usually measured and thoughtful. I appreciate the optimism but seems we are now in a race to "declare" things versus "planning to but we don't know". Guess I prefer to expect the worst and be excited when it happens versus getting too "optimistic" and have the rug pulled out. June 1 data should be interesting with a lot of states having "opened up" recently to provide for the incubation period and see if this things blows up on us. I asked my wife last night if there was a "no fans" game at Davis Wade, how many people would show up any way and "tail gate" some where/some how? Why do I think there is a good chance of that happening around Tiger Stadium or any of the SEC schools? All that said, I'll go "hopeful" with you. Should be interesting.
Never understood why this point is completely glossed over every time the NCAA bashing starts. I've never read any article as to why the schools (our schools) don't shut it down if it is so bad. I'm certainly not defending them as I think they do some pretty crazy things but apparently my school and yours think they are doing an OK job.
Not at this point and you still have to wonder what the "all clear" signal is going to look like. No new cases locally?, nationally? for a day?, month?, 3 months? ......?
It was certainly a good one. For all of the ESPN bashing (some of it justified) I don't think I've seen a bad 30 for 30 and O.J. Made in America could be the most mesmerizing thing I've ever watched. Incredibly well done.
Still not sure what "penance" folks are looking for and for what? He cheated on his wife (not for us to judge)and what the NCAA reported seemed no worse than what we all likely do, certainly no "death penalty" stuff as was predicted. Say what you want, the guy can coach and I say all of that as a State fan.
Thought that was an odd "record" as well. That said, I have enjoyed this series on each team.