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I hope we play well and not embarrass ourselves, but Bama and Tuigliaovioava are beyond talented. Tua is a pro level passer with 5 stars all around him. I don't see anyone stopping them this year.
Florida did not play that well. They were beatable. The Bulldogs just didn't come out to play.
Hogs win. You heard it here first!!! Okay, okay. It's a l o n g shot but if I'm wrong nobody remembers. If I'm right then I'm the smartest guy on the planet!
I'm not going that far, but the Moorhead honeymoon was over for me when we were getting penalty after penalty against Kentucky and he seemed only interested in serving up alley oops. I was all in but not any more. He has a ton of talent but they are playing undisciplined, uninspired football. And that is on the coach.
At least in Mississippi we know it's descent. Unless you are talking about a really good cellar. Then it is decent
This is gonna tick off Gator fans, but they didn't beat us tonight. We beat ourselves. Defense played good enough to win but our offense just sucks right now. The one pass Fitz did put on target was dropped and it would have been an easy 6. Nick has always had the run game that made defenses play honestly but he seems hesitant this year. And let's face it; the kid does not have the accuracy needed to play in the SEC. I Agee with an earlier poster. It's Time to give Keytaon reps. And if you feel that is unfair to Fitzgerald refer to Jalen Hurts
I remember being at the Egg Bowl and just getting the sense that Mullen wasn't all in. I don't know, just something about his demeanor. Then we find out right after the game that he had taken the Florida job. The Egg Bowl is such an important game to MSU and Ole Miss it just left a bad taste in my mouth.
I can make a legitimate argument that either team will win. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I finally pulled the trigger on StubHub and got tickets!
I'll weigh in as well. Didn't see this coming. Sometimes you win even though you got your tails kicked up and down the field. And sometimes you lose when you win in the trenches. That was not the case tonight. Kentucky was the better team by any measure. And especially on the line. Let's face it, that's what it comes down to. Kentucky out muscled the mighty MSU on offence and defense. They deserved the win. We seemed out of sync and undisciplined. Something I certainly didn't expect. I wasn't extremely worried about Kentucky or Florida, but after our beat down tonight and Florida's big win now I'm beginning to wonder.
Well THIS should be fun!
If Mississippi State is going to win the SEC championship — or the national title — it will likely have to perform well during the stretch in which it plays Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M and Alabama over a span of five games. Likely???
I think this will be a very entertaining game. Being on the road anything can happen. If State plays to their ability I believe they win no problem. The real question is........will they play to their ability.
It's always brought up, but as Bcreek said the best college team would look like high school compared to the worst pro team. Just watch the games! After a full diet of college football on Saturday I'll flip on a pro game Sunday and it looks like a completely different game.
Seems to work for them. Although I think the air attack may have gotten a shot in the arm with tuagavalaivouviealwsa
I was talking about your user name. Pretty cool!
I'm sick of the loonies who get all of the attention and everyone bowing down to them. Just tell them to stick it! So what if they have 35,000 signatures. I could get 35,000 signatures tomorrow to make breathing illegal! "What, breathing is bad? Yea, for sure we need to ban it"
Also, how do you change the generic SEC logo to a team logo?
New here. I'm a little concerned about Nick's accuracy as well. He has a very strong arm, as evident by the wide open downfield receiver that he overthrew by 15 yards. I hope it was first game jitters. He'll need to be sharp in all aspects of his game to beat some of the SEC powerhouses.