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Sorry, article says 11. I think they have 17, maybe 18 now?
Ole Miss has 17 commits? I think maybe you should check that number.
Not just last pitch of the game, but last lurch of their season. As much as I was happy for the win, I feel bad for FSU. Have no love for them as a school but that is a heartbreaking way to exit the tournament and end your season.
I personally think #17 is just a bit high for Aeris. I really like him and he's a complete back in running, receiving, pass block but he's more of a workehorse type back and for some reason I value that just a bit less. Sort of like Derick Henry... great back, just didn't think he was Heisman type talent (flame suit on). But #17 looks good on paper! In any case, Aeris may well be surprassed as the feature back by mid season. We will see.
Not sure about the rest of this list, but MSU will not be in the music city bowl.
The UF coaches know deficiencies of MSU players under a different scheme. The MSU players and some coaches know the deficiencies of UF coaching staff with different players. Its a two way street. Mullen knows a lot about MSU. MSU also knows a lot about Mullen. How about giving the edge to the team with talent and depth and a ton of returning production and experience? Or how about home field advantage? Can't dock MSU for having a first year coach without doing the same for UF. That being said... it probably won't be a Cakewalk. But it should be a W.
When Mullen was at MSU and Dak and Fitz were rolling the media constantly talked about him being quarterback whisperer for Alex Smith Tebow, Dak, and that was fine. And Florida should do the same now. But if I had seen a PR graphic from MSU with Mullen on it and pics of Tebow and Smith advertising for State, my stomach would have turned. Those guys weren't in maroon and white then and and shouldn't be now. If its the media talking about it, great. Fantastic PR for the program. When its the program doing it as you can see it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. No way in hell I should see Saquon Barkley's name or God forbid his picture on an MSU poster. I really hope I never do, even if the guys that coached him are here now. Just don't do it.
TC, simple question: do you believe Rebel Rags gave free merchandise to prospects?
Cause, you know, no OM player ever accepted money and lied about it. Or told lies about a rival school. Hypocrites are pathetic.
When the cops tell you to turn your car around, just do it. The disrespect people - especially young people - show cops will continue to cost them. Leo included.
I get it, ruff, you can't admit when you've put your foot in your mouth.
In case you weren't counting, that's at least one post spring game breakdown for every single SEC teams, most with more than one. Except MSU. Its unusual for someone to call out another so confidently for being wrong, as you did, without bothering to even look amd see if that is the case.
www www And 2 others for Auburn www And 5 others for Florida www And 4 others for Georgia www And 3 others for Kentucky www And 2 others for LSU www No QB drama for Mizzou, but SDS covered their spring game www QB drama at Ole Miss? Nope www QB competition at USC? For backup maybe www And 4 others for TN www And 2 others for TAMU www Even Vandy Alabama had about a dozen, no need to show those
You missed the point ruff. Whether you think they are meaningless or not, SDS wrote some type of coverage for EVERY SINGLE SEC SPRING GAME except MSU. It's disrespectful and why this continues to be an ad ridden pos site.
Is SDS really not going to do any dedicated coverage of MSU spring game? Really? What a joke of a site.
Came to SDS curious to see what comments, analysis the writers had concerning MSU's spring game. Typical, the asshats haven't written a single word I can find several hours after its over. LSU, Georgia, Bama, TN... but not a single word about MSU? Didn't bother checking SDS for months. I think will go back to that. Nothing here to miss.
Ole Miss didn't have to release official numbers, I counted them. There were 11.
I agree. State is in a great position this year roster wise compared to where they typically are. But they aren't bama.
Mullen should definitely improve Florida's passing offense if for no other reason than because it has been putrid recently and has nowhere to go but up. Mullen isn't an air it out kinda guy if he can help it... prefers a balanced offense but will use the tools available and favor run or passing depending on players. But tight end isn't something he will utilize much in the passing game. We recruited and signed about 100 TE in his time in starkville, and rarely used them in the passing game outside of the occasional redzone target.
True. Though I think Fitz is a more capable thrower than last year showed. Not having targets who could get open nor contest for 50/50 balls made it tough to tell. But you're likely to be right in that he won't be a master gunslinger this year.
Auburn is a home game for MSU next year. That's a big part of it. MSU has played really well at home, and Auburn struggled mightily on the road last year. That change of venue would about level the playing field vs the 2017 game, but MSU return essentially all of the good parts of last years team with the notable addition of some actual SEC caliber receivers.
Best class in a decade or two, easily. Definitely good, though will be battling with Bama, AU, LSU for a lot this year instead of Southern Miss, UAB, Ole Miss.
Is this what real recruiting feels like? But Don said he ways gave us relentless effort??