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"We love it!"OM translation: 'I'm dissapointed.'Yep. I think I see the problem.
I suppose basketball is sometimes played on Saturday??
I dunno... better to win a make believe championship, or piss away the real one?
I just read the sbnation concensus article. Has Auburn at 7. Clown.
Can you verbally decommit in writing?In all seriousness, hope he makes his final choice for the right reasons. Taking a redshirt year at state to get better and wait for his turn as a starter before becoming yet another in a long line of DL from MSU playing in the NFL seems like a pretty solid option. Hope he has done his homework and is sure his other options are better.
Coach JoMo has some nice pieces to work with next year. Good QBs, solid o-line, stable of good backs, trio of tall 4* receivers coming in to finally add some talent there, almost the whole defense back plus some key additions coming off redshirts. Barring injuries or some other disasters, no reason not to equal this season or better.
So you're predicting MSU gives up 260+ yards rushing? I doubt it but that's why we watch the games!
I guess that means facing Heisman winners after they have won the Heisman? Otherwise, I can think of 4 we have faced the past decade as has most other SEC teams.Manziel in that group would have been after he won it next season as well.Ricky Williams ran all over us 20 years ago after winning the Heisman.Not sure who the third would be.
This isn't a "miss" by former or current coaches. Williams was never coming to MSU. This is just standard OM recruiting, try to donut every year. Convince one of their recruits to commit to state and "flip" last minute. I guess to prove LSU is their true rival? Don't really understand the logic. Too much risk of negative trickle down effects on recruiting for the little perception bump.
MSU did not offer the job to Day. Not sure he even had a face to face interview. Moorhead was the first to receive an offer and accepted it.
I don't care if that was an Ole Miss receiver to win the egg bowl on last play of the game. A catch is a catch, and that is a catch.
AJ is a heck of an athlete and an elite WR. But Ealy is an elite baseball player. His signing bonus could well top 1mil out of high-school. Completely different class than AJ.That being said, I've seen Ealy play football and he is legit there too. Not the same league as baseball, but his 4* rating is appropriate. If for some unimaginable reason he decides to go to college he will make someone a solid tailback.
Now we know you're just trolling. No one being even half honest can deny that Hill is going to be a really good player. Hell, he was really good as a true freshman. Unless some thigh breaks his ankle or something.
Ealy will never see a college field at Ole Miss or elsewhere. He's an elite baseball talent, early draft pick, and unthinkable that he doesn't go pro.But the commitment is weird. Been a state fan for a long time.
Glad my phone at least autocorrect Dak into his actual name, not Yak or something. :)
Mullen did well with Alex Smith. He had successful offenses in starkville with Tyler Russel who couldn't outrun my grandmother. In 2015 Dakota ran the ball less and our RB production wasn't even mediocre, but man did Dak sling the ball!Yeah, Dan likes a mobile QB. But his track record proves he can do good things with a pass first or pass heavy offense too.UF not being committed to Corral had much more to do with off the field issues than on the field concerns. Sure, if Corral sets records at OM, maybe that makes Dan look bad especially if UF is floundering. If Corral flames out, or transfers, or whatever else so many teams have obviously been concerned about, will that make Dan look bad?
Ole Miss didn't need to pay him. That's silly.As I said in the other thread, I certainly don't have all the facts but man have there been rumors circulating about this guy the whole year. The Gretzky fight and transfer, maybe something that went down at a Rivals qb competition, rumors about drug and alcohol problems, his USC offer (lifelong USC fan) may well have been pulled. Bama seems to have backed off pursuing him. He reached out to Miami while he was still a high 5* guy (0.99) and they said no thanks. And Mullen didn't even pay the guy a visit for over a week and offered 3 other QB's instead.None of that diminishes the talent the kid has or his potential to do really well at OM. None of that changes the fact that he does for the OM system better than what Merlins prefers to run. But if you think Matt Luke somehow pulled a coup on one of the country's most highly sought after recruits you're kidding yourself.
I agree... and maybe he was afraid of Don running him every other play. He's a passer... throwing to NFL receivers at OM makes sense.Then again, Don adapted his system to Tyler Russel and was more pass heavy, and successful. 2014 was balanced but 2015 was all about Dak's passing, and man did he. Don was more pass oriented with Alex Smith and didn't use him as a human battering ram. So Don has shown the ability to develop and scheme to most any type of quarterback and get the most out of their talent.Still seems a pretty solid argument for playing in UF. But if UF stops recruiting you, you don't have options back home, no other programs are making a big push for you...
So you had never heard about it and accused me of lying and now are the expert on what happened? I believe you though... you don't seem to care much about who it is Ole Miss is recruiting.I don't have the full story and all the facts either. But forced to transfer seems highly likely given the way the situation unfolded aand commentary back when it all went down. I'm sure Matt says he was the victim. But given the other accusations swirling out there about him - not the first forced school transfer, repeated problems with drugs/alcohol including rehab - I'm guessing he isn't COMPLETELY the victim.In any case, it only matters to me so far as it relates to the storyline of the 'great OM recruiting machine steals one from UF' when the truth is he wasnt being recruited by his home schools in Cali and UF had stopped recruiting him as well.He may turn out to be a gem for OM. He certainly has shown the arm skills in high-school. And maybe OM is the perfect place for him anyway. Do they still offer Haiti rehab trips now that the reverend is gone?
That and his lifelong love for USC and long term commitment to them, then after the transfer suddenly "decommits" and decides to play on the other side of the country. Not hard to use Google and check before accusing someone of lying.
Really? You don't even do a cursory glance at the kids being recruited by or committed to Ole Miss? He got into a fight with Wayne Gretzky's son in public and was forced to transfer schools. Yeah, that Gretzky. But sure, I'm making it up and decided to throw in mention of the great one just for dramatic flair.
Both, and neither. Mullen didn't visit him at all the first week or so he was on the job and offered 3 other QB's immediately even with Corral committed. Hard to steal something being given away.On the other side, seems most Cali scholarship offers have been pulled and was kicked out of his highschool? May be a talented player but comes with some baggage.OM is taking a risk. It may pay off. They need QB's and this may be a decent gamble?
Because going further from home to join a program that has turned into a landfill inferno so long as you get to dress like a pushpop is what every kid dreams of, right?
Wasn't there a rule change that explicitly prohibited this? Or did it not go through?
From all actual MSU fans I know: expecting a blowout loss to Louisville and excited about the future of the program.Before losing Mullen the thought of losing Mullen was a fear of returning to the dark ages. But once he was gone, no more fear. I like everyone I know am optimistic about being able to sustain the growth we've seen.