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Mullen should definitely improve Florida's passing offense if for no other reason than because it has been putrid recently and has nowhere to go but up. Mullen isn't an air it out kinda guy if he can help it... prefers a balanced offense but will use the tools available and favor run or passing depending on players. But tight end isn't something he will utilize much in the passing game. We recruited and signed about 100 TE in his time in starkville, and rarely used them in the passing game outside of the occasional redzone target.
True. Though I think Fitz is a more capable thrower than last year showed. Not having targets who could get open nor contest for 50/50 balls made it tough to tell. But you're likely to be right in that he won't be a master gunslinger this year.
Auburn is a home game for MSU next year. That's a big part of it. MSU has played really well at home, and Auburn struggled mightily on the road last year. That change of venue would about level the playing field vs the 2017 game, but MSU return essentially all of the good parts of last years team with the notable addition of some actual SEC caliber receivers.
Best class in a decade or two, easily. Definitely good, though will be battling with Bama, AU, LSU for a lot this year instead of Southern Miss, UAB, Ole Miss.
Is this what real recruiting feels like? But Don said he ways gave us relentless effort??
Yep. And ESPN is a fail outside the top 100 or so and a few big city areas. 247 is the only reasonable one left and even they struggle at times.
Hate to see him go. Had a rough sophomore year after losing his dad. Pulled it together a bit last year. Definitely a freak of an athlete, has a lot to look forward to. Seems his academics were severe enough to put his last year of eligibility in real jeapordy at state. He will probably drop down a division so he can play right away both because of different academic standards and because he doesn't have a year to sit out for transfer. Good luck Brandon!
Keep in mind LSUMC, there are plenty of players on the boards of LSU, MSU and other programs that would commit right now if the program took it. Some of those guys have offers but with the understanding they aren't being pushed for a commitment now, have to wait to see how a few other targets on the board shake out first. Some don't have offers yet of course. If LSU just offered everyone on their board or that was interested in the program and accepted their commit now, LSU's ranking would skyrocket. But you aren't getting the best players at each position you can nor filling needs that way.That's why I say this is all perception. If Luke and company are really great recruiters they know this, and know the tactic is actually hurting them a bit in the longrun for a little good pub now. If they don't know that, well...As for Diwun, this won't be the last flip. He may eventually sign with OM if he figures out how to qualify, but it won't be before another decommitment or three.
They are taking commitments from anyone who will give them one to drive their rating up. In April. Its all about perception, this is simply a marketing campaign trying to drive the message "NCAA didn't hurt us, we are back!". Look at their average recruit ranking... if they keep up this pace they will finish with a class in the 30‘s just like last year, but it sure gets people talking in April.If everything was so great, they would have had more than a few dozen people at their spring game. :)
Lol. This won't stick. OM trying hard to grab headlines by getting as many "commits" as they can to climb in overall points. Clarion Ledger writing articles about #2 ranked class as we speak I bet. OM mouthpieces went from "absolutely zero chance he can qualify, stupid to sign a JUCO player with the new rules" to "he tells me he's taking classes and tutoring round the clock and has a good chance to qualify" within an hour of the "commitment".All for show. They're planning to have a dozen more committments than they can sign. Some of the better players have already noticed. Will probably just bite them in the end.
"We love it!"OM translation: 'I'm dissapointed.'Yep. I think I see the problem.
I suppose basketball is sometimes played on Saturday??
I dunno... better to win a make believe championship, or piss away the real one?
I just read the sbnation concensus article. Has Auburn at 7. Clown.
Can you verbally decommit in writing?In all seriousness, hope he makes his final choice for the right reasons. Taking a redshirt year at state to get better and wait for his turn as a starter before becoming yet another in a long line of DL from MSU playing in the NFL seems like a pretty solid option. Hope he has done his homework and is sure his other options are better.
Coach JoMo has some nice pieces to work with next year. Good QBs, solid o-line, stable of good backs, trio of tall 4* receivers coming in to finally add some talent there, almost the whole defense back plus some key additions coming off redshirts. Barring injuries or some other disasters, no reason not to equal this season or better.
So you're predicting MSU gives up 260+ yards rushing? I doubt it but that's why we watch the games!
I guess that means facing Heisman winners after they have won the Heisman? Otherwise, I can think of 4 we have faced the past decade as has most other SEC teams.Manziel in that group would have been after he won it next season as well.Ricky Williams ran all over us 20 years ago after winning the Heisman.Not sure who the third would be.
This isn't a "miss" by former or current coaches. Williams was never coming to MSU. This is just standard OM recruiting, try to donut every year. Convince one of their recruits to commit to state and "flip" last minute. I guess to prove LSU is their true rival? Don't really understand the logic. Too much risk of negative trickle down effects on recruiting for the little perception bump.
MSU did not offer the job to Day. Not sure he even had a face to face interview. Moorhead was the first to receive an offer and accepted it.
I don't care if that was an Ole Miss receiver to win the egg bowl on last play of the game. A catch is a catch, and that is a catch.
AJ is a heck of an athlete and an elite WR. But Ealy is an elite baseball player. His signing bonus could well top 1mil out of high-school. Completely different class than AJ.That being said, I've seen Ealy play football and he is legit there too. Not the same league as baseball, but his 4* rating is appropriate. If for some unimaginable reason he decides to go to college he will make someone a solid tailback.
Now we know you're just trolling. No one being even half honest can deny that Hill is going to be a really good player. Hell, he was really good as a true freshman. Unless some thigh breaks his ankle or something.