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But Jordan had the baseball skills of an average at best college player. Tebow has one valuable weapon half of all major league players don't. Continuing with the "its all publicity and undeserved" angle is stupid. Shocking, I know.
Bag your Tebow hatred, Crist. As a journalistic laughing stock, you're actually hurting your message.
Of course they can if they feel so inclined. But they aren't helping him by doing so.
Just stop. Freeze flat out lied to the media/public. Why should we believe he didn't do the same in front of assistants? He has a long history with OM and knows all too well what goes on. "Plausible denianility" is no longer plausible, and the NCAA knows it. Staying this course will do nothing but ensure the NCAA levies the stiffest penalties they feel are justifiable.
Oh, btw, my previous comment "not exactly title contenders" was meant to continue the boxing reference. I can see how that didn't read that way. OM was in sec west title contention - IMO that's still just a boxing punch, not contending for the boxing title, ie taking down Bama as the premiere program in the league. Sheesh. Now the metaphor just seems stupid.
I'm not arguing that. What I'm saying is that even if OM HAD won an sec west or even conference title one of those years, that would still just be landing a punch. Auburn snuck in there for a conference title. No one is saying they challenged Bama for superiority. What Bama has done is string together contention and usually the title in the conference year after year after year. Unless some other team does the same, they haven't at all threatened or matched what Bama has accomplished. Give Saban fits, sure. But the opening sentence "It looked like Ole Miss was poised to make a run at Alabama for SEC supremacy" is a joke. No they weren't. Neither has any other team in recent memory either. State threatened in 2014. I feel like we may have actually had the better team that year. Like OM vs Auburn that year, our two regular season losses came down to either bad execution or a bad break on a play or two. Hell, they reversed a Yeldon goal line fumble and gave him the TD on review when the video couldn't even tell where the ball was. But that's the game. EVEN IF we had won out and claimed an sec title that year, we wouldn't have replaced Bama at the top of the sec. We would have just gotten the best of them for one year. Maybe we can get them this year. Wouldn't change what Saban has done or what Bama is. You can go back to putting your balls in guys mouths now.
I don't even know what you're trying to say. Hand in the cookie jar? You like your balls in guys' faces? To each his own.
My first thought reading this was "whew, we dodged one there." We didn't need the bad publicity after Simmons. Having two recruits have issues back to back years before getting on campus wouldn't have looked good at all. Could have easily been us. But he threw his hat. Thank goodness.
They've finished ahead of state in the sec once this decade. Not exactly title contenders.
OM holds the series lead 63-44 almost exclusively due to Vaught's 19-2 record against MSU. State holds the advantage over the last decade, and a slight edge over the past 25 years. I never claimed state had achieved any sort of "year after year superiority" over OM. Looks pretty even to me. I was talking about OM and Bama, directly responding to comments in the article. Your attempt to distract with a strawman does nothing to invalidate my statements.
Woowee, that originality took some brains right there, woowee!
Exactly. All schools have to deal with this. It isn't a reflection on OM. But when you pull a hat throwing stunt like that, expect everything you do to generate a response.
No one. Dominance like this is exceedingly rare, and its highly unlikely another such team will emerge while Saban is still in town. A win against bama here and there, sure. But not challenge for year after year superiority. And OM wasn't really close either. Despite paying for those highly rated recruits, it took quite some good fortune on the field to beat them back to back, and OM still wasn't even able to win a division championship. Not even one, much less stringing together several in a row. You make it sound like OM was a heavyweight contender who nearly took down the champ. No. They managed to simply land a punch or two before getting knocked to the mat just like everyone else.
I posted one word. Someone piss in your frosted flakes this morning? Lol.
Sure, if you want to label it that, fine by me. I agree with comments below... all schools have to deal with the rreality that many good ball players happen to be thugs. Just having a little fun due to the whole hat throwing incident.
Freeze as much as anyone else at OM has no credibility. He has flat out lied to media more times now than I can remember. There is no reason to believe anything he says publicly is any more likely to be the truth as what he doesn't say.
I agree. The whole "commitment" process has gotten ridiculous. Kids making big spectacles of their commitment, big spectacles of their decommitment, riping off several sweaters on signing day, and apparently now "committing" to one school while staying uncommitted as far as every other school is concerned. Why? You'll get your chance for fame on the playing field. Either commit to a school, or don't.