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Do these kids not know what commitment means?*My Recruiting Process Is Still Open*
You really have your head in the sand don't you? Freeze is already gone as a direct result of what this lawsuit uncovered. The retribution IS ALREADY DONE. All that's left is the payday.
Nutt's contract is available for you to read. There is a clearly written statement that prohibits OM from making statements harmful to his reputation as a head coach. Any statement, whether true or not. That the statements and leaks made were false at face value only adds support to the claim that they were harmful to his reputation. And, that it was done intentionally and knowingly and potentially maliciously isn't going to buy OM many favors in court, aside from what OM law grads can scrape up without being disbarred.BTW, "most" isn't an opinion when used in the context of number.
You really think that's all he's after? A little retribution and a lot of money go a long long way.
What?It isn't hard to prove Ole Miss knowingly lied. They had the NOA in hand. They either explicitly said or leaked statements factually inaccurate according to the NOA. They lied. They were literally holding the truth in hand, thus they knowingly lied. This part is as simple as it gets.As for intent, doesn't matter. If there is a disparagement clause, then it matters not the motive behind false and potentially disparaging statements being made. This is simply a matter of fact, not intent. Were disparaging statements made or not? If there was no disparagement clause then it gets tougher, see below.Your third point is the only tricky one in court. Really depends on the specifics of the contract wording. If there is a disparagement clause it may not matter whether Nutt can prove financial harm or not. If there is no clause I presume he will, which I agree would be difficult.I agree with above... he and mars are probably looking for a settlement. And knowing the dirt that has still yet to be uncovered, OM would be wise to comply.
Doesn't matter where MSU actually is, and an "anything can happen" team seems about right. But having LSU two slots ahead of them? Someone gonna have to splain that one to me.
Simultaneous catch goes to receiver, always. Easy call.
And IIRC, not a single 2018 commit is a 5 star player. We have one committed for the 2019 class though I think. This "#17" class has been built through the vast majority of in state talent, a big signing class, a few 4 stars and high 3 stars.Nothing like what OM did getting several 5 star guys at once, best in the country at their positions, mostly all out of state, one not even taking a visit to OM before committing.If you can't see the difference between those two situations, and why people found one fishy and don't bat an eye at the other, then pull your head out of the sand or wherever you've stuck it before you suffocate.
I'm not a fan of cut blocks either. Way too high risk of injury. With all the other changes made to improve player safety I'm surprised this one hasn't come under fire already.Some teams like GT survive on cut blocks.
Not good. We play better, and his record is a bit better, when we are unranked playing ranked. I think DM has taken this program in the right direction by beating the teams we should beat, something State used to not do quite often. But the next step is to improve how we play against ggood teams. That has to get better. Recruiting is a part of that.
Nothing like tonight. Only a couple through 4 games.Fan noise definitely contributed. Band didn't help. Martinas was out (most of the night?), not sure how many his backup was responsible for. Are snap counts a thing anymore? I know that used to be something defensive players would occasionally donehen crowd noise covered it up so refs couldn't hear. I assume most teams now use no count, head bobs or something.
Dang right they do. How many balls in and out of hands? A lot of those were good defensive plays/strips though. But we need strong big guys that can hold on no matter what.Couch shows a little promise.
Agree, I think Fitz just is what he is as a passer. Would certainly look a lot better if he had open receivers and/or receivers that could come down with just one of the well thrown balls into tight coverage he made tonight. But he isn't throwing receivers open like Dak either.He's a great runner, but as Dak showed you don't need to be THAT good at running as long as you are a great passer and still legitimate running threat.
Honestly didn't look that closely. I thought the only question was whether he controlled the ball before he placed it down. I thought he was just close to the goal line but didn't look that close at his feet.Didn't matter. I think the next play was a 50 yard pass or something!
1. Good game Auburn. Played really on both sides.2. Refs were BS. All night. A few big plays that are missed can be momentum killers. That blowing the whistle on a TD 1st quarter was BS, PI was BS, never calling AU PI was BS.3. I'm sick of seeing DB's all over our receivers, legal or not, and seeing other teams receivers open by 10 yards. Scheme, coaching, talent, or whatever. I think we are sorely missing talent at WR. DB too. New talent will have an opportunity to play early and often next year. You listening Heath, Guidry?4. Hated to see our defense give up like that. No fight at the eend of the game.5. I heard the AU band playing loudly during the snap on more than one of those false start calls and many other occasions. Not cool at all. See #2.6. Good game AU.
I had guessed that the MSU/LaTech game might have been the first punt on 4th and goal, but now we have two in the first few games of this season. Maybe it happens more often than I thought.
A couple of steps behind, or a misses assignment or hole, every time, according to him.That's the difference between an elite defense and a below average defense.
Agreed. The rules are there for a reason. Elementary kids are taught this is not the way to tackle, dangerous for them and dangerous for the other player.He knows better. Stiff fine and suspension will help him remember next time.
Does he have a true mental disorder? No, seriously. Is he OK?
You have freedom of expression, even if you choose to use it to Capitalize random Words.
I'm expecting a loss but I hope they play much cleaner and with more effort than they did against Georgia. Tough to win on the road against a great defense. But I still expect State to have a good season, 8-4 is what I felt before the season and that hasn't really changed, just playing a little better defense than I anticipated. A win here wpould put them on track for a great season relative to MSU average and I thought we'd have to wait a year to have a shot at a great season.
If aliens are indeed visiting Earth, John Crist may not be entirely human.
Hats off to the Dawgs. Life can be hard on the road in the SEC.Mullen has established himself as a solid coach at MSU doing more there than most anyone before him, but we still lack talent in a few key positions to be able to take down top ranked teams with any consistency. WR and OL mostly.Couldn't get separation from the Georgia DB's all night, and we lack the guy who can come down with that ball whether the DB is all over him or not. Thought Fitz actually made some good throws down the field. And I thought Georgia taking the passing game away was the key to their defensive success at least as much as their outsting line play.