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Ummm I'd have to check. Nero Nelson, Antonio Nelson, confusing.
Another player that was committed but not coming to MSU. Not enough spots in the class, adjustments have to be made. I wish him the best... should shine in Kiffin's offense.All these SDS articles about recruits stolen or flipped. Lol. Losing the kicker sort of expected but stinks. Has a lot of potential. Losing Bleich hurt but he was never committed. If we lose Carvin, Whop, Heath, Guidry... now that will be something to write about. Hoping they all stick.
Franklin isn't headed to TCU. He's headed to JUCO. Won't qualify academically this year.
Awesome opportunity for Bolar. Knew he'd get picked up somewhere and now has the chance to land a great education in the process.
Hate to see him go. Thought he did a great job getting our team ready for the SEC gauntlet. Florida is getting a good one.Him and Grantham are the two I wish we could have kept. I think we have or will have upgraded the other coaches that left or that we let go, but those two are harder to replace.
I think it's just a cumulative effect. Last year recruiting class not stellar. This year going to be rather pedestrian as well. Likely same next. Team was already mediocre with lame duck coach. Then several players decide to transfer and kids like Brixon assume that will all spell poor result on field.Given that most assume a waiver will be granted to play immediately, and the absensce of loyalty to a program that lied to recruits, is it any wonder some decide to transfer?
He didn't change his mind. The class is essentially full and a couple big targets are still on the board. I would love for everyone who wants to play in maroon to get that opportunity but sometimes it just doesn't work out. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he is successful wherever he goes, whether that is OM or USA.
Joe, man, what the heck are you smoking? MSU about the same as a decade ago?Look, you are way overthinking things. Mullen was at State 9 years. There is only one question that you have to answer: did he leave the program in better shape than when he took over? There isn't one person in the Western hemisphere short of a genetically challenged FSU fan or his twice related niece who would answer no.Coming out of the Croom years were the doormat of not just the SEC but surrounding lower division directional schools as well. Substandard and aging facilities. Pitiful game attendance. And a roster for which the term "developmental players" was about as optimistic as calling the Katrina flood a "growing season."Today? A roster that returns almost all of a top 10 defense and almost all of the offense, plus some key JUCO's that redshirted this year. A signing class likely to stay in the top 25. Seriously upgraded facilities across the board. Motivated, excited and supportive fans who have upped average attendance considerably. Name recognition that didn't exist a decade ago. And an administration fully committed to maintaining forward momentum.If you're just comparing incoming coach to incoming coach, sure, on the surface they seem "about the same." But you can't honestly be so shallow as to not see that the program as aa whole is a full lightyear ahead of where it was when Croon left.
Agree, with both. Aeris might be the man next year, but Kylin Hill who I think is most likely to become a star player in Moorhead's offense.
Not just hit with injuries at TN but an abysmal offense that went several games without a TD. Defense was on the field way to much. Looking at yards per play instead of yards per game, and especially considering the injuries and flames of the program engulfing him, he did a quite respectable job.Now, I'd have rather kept Grantham. Or hired Don Brown, or Bud Foster or another superstar but I feel better about this hire than JXN states DC or most other realistic candidates on the board.
Time will tell. Has a similar OC background as Mullen did when he took the job but players are already responding well to him and he has prior HC experience. I think he has the same or higher potential as Mullen, but then Mullens floor is much much higher because he's proven he could get it done in the SEC.Put it this way... I was worried before Mullen left that if he did we would slide back into the dark ages. After Moorhead's hire, I'm more excited abouts the possibility that he takes us to that next step.
Pruitt was on MSU's short list and interviewed. Then again, we passed over him for Moorhead for whatever thats worth. Oh yeah, but Les East thinks Pruitt was a better hire. Well, Let's just say I trust our AD to make the right choice more than I do Les East.
School under NCAA sanctions like OM that affect the students? Yeah, transfer without restriction or sitting out a year.Coach gets fired? Maybe.Coach leaves on his own or no change in the program? No. You want Bama kicking underperforming players off their roster yearly en masse (moreso than they already do) and cherrypicking the gems from other programs? Um, no. The "student athlete" designation may not mean what the NCAA pretends it means, but it still does mean something.Until you are ready to entertain the idea of a complete open market where college players are openly paid in recruitment and during their playing careers, then we dont need to entertain the idea of comoletely unrestricted transfer.
Solid hire. Don't know much about all the rumors of his stint in Athens. But has learned from some of the best coaches. Seems he was MSU's next choice had Moorhead said no, and plenty of our fans would have been happy to see him in Starkville. With a solid OC, I expect him to right the ship at UT.
That's understandable. Deep stupidity often leads to deep hatred.
Just ran across the original article and comment of mine that got your panties all in a wad. You said"Where in the HELL are you getting your information from? The man is ranked as the #150 recruiter in the country as per 247Sports. The page was updated 11/27/17 so it’s CURRENT" (emphasis mine).Right... because being current to the day has any relevance to the 2017 class ranking, as that was final and hasn't changed IN 9 MONTHS!Current is relevant to, you know, the CURRENT recruiting cycle, the 2018 class, the cycle you say has barely began even though it started 9 months ago and will be largely over in a matter of days.You knew current mattered and have been doing anything you could to save face after looking so foolish. You get your cues from OM administration it seems.Sad part is I don't care if he is the #4 or #150 recruiter, seems like a solid hire. But you just couldn't stand it and had to try and discredit anything positive said about MSU. True little brother syndrome. Go play by yourself, no one wants to be around you.
AaaaahahahahahJust ran across this comment, must have been what you were making such a fuss about in the other comment section. So being "current" to the day is important to you but so much as it applies to the 2017 class, for which that ranking hasn't changed in about 9 MONTHS! "Current" is only relevant to, you know, the current class. 2018. The one about to sign in a matter of days. He's ranked #4. Dumbass.
It could be as simple as (1) Ole Miss was already well under way under investigation and (2) told recruits they were completely innocent and nothing would come from any of it.Or it could be more complicated and nuanced.
Cause you've never, ever made a comment like "we have a top x recruiting class coming in" before signing day actually happened? Right. Stop making it worse.Slobbering? I made a comment in passing. If he's not a great recruiter fine. Still will be an upgrade in that department. You're the one slobbering over some meaningless tidbit you think you found to pounce over. But you didn't.As for recognition, I'm pleased with how our program is growing. Ole Miss has had plenty of recognition over the past couple of years... lol, y'all can keep that.
Boy you're a special kind of idiot. Bouncing around? It was a simple comment in passing.You looked at the wrong year and made a fool of yourself. I'm sure you're used to it now though.
Whatever. If you want to consider him the #1,253 recruiter fine by me. I read in passing he was currently the #4 recruiter. Seems he is. You want to go by 2017 and say I'm wrong? OK. Seems bizarre to say the 2018 recruiting process has barely begun when 75% of recruits will sign in just two weeks. Seems like something a spice riddled brain would come up with. But knock yourself out. I'm wrong. He was just good not great a year ago. Happy?
BTW, out of curiosity just looked huff up on 247. He's sitting right at... #4.Rather have my head buried in the sand than up my @ss.
What are you talking about? What does this article, Cowherd or my post have to do with Huff? Did I not sit and hit refresh over and over for days hoping you'd respond to one of my comments or something? Man, you are bat$h|t crazy.Is he not #4? I read that somewhere or thought I did. Oh well. Sue me.
Probably because Mullen instantantly offered all three of MSU's top WR committs/recruits. Sends a bad message to the guys who have been courted by UF for a while. No loyalty rewarded with no loyalty.
Is this true or just a satire piece? Was looking for the disclaimer. Cowherd... really?
Was 4 star until recently, seems because 247 dropped the old scout rating from its composite. Check out his resume this year at the 6A level in TX. Kid can play.
I know one thing... had Miss State played FSU this year we would have run them out of the stadium.
Only mental midgets masturbate over correcting someone's spelling online.
And what proof is there that he told the NCAA? Point to a transcript of that. So far we have more vague statements and OM "sources" filling in the details.Besides, how do you idiots think this is going to go down?Leo to mom: "Hey ma, you know the bulldogs, my team and my brothers? And that tape Ole Miss has? You got this, right?"NCAA "Ms. Henderson, there is a tape of you claiming MSU and LSU offered large sums of money for your son to sign with them. Did that happen?""No sir. Ole Miss had already offered some money for him to sign but I made up the offers from MSU and LSU to try and get them to increase their offer. We needed the money. I know now that was wrong. But it didn't matter anyway... he never like Ole Miss and always said he dreamed of being a bulldog.""Thank you ma'am."