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More money, more money, did i mention more money?
I think Odom should aim higher for an oc. Take one from Baylor or TCU. They score in bunches and that's what Mizzou needs.
There is no excuse to be this bad on offense. Time for a new O Coordinator. They need to hire an offensive coach from Baylor or TCU. This is unacceptable and Henson has to go. If next season is like this, Pinkel has to go as well
I think Mizzou has the better d line too
Mizzou would be undefeated had Drew Lock started from game 1
Every school tailors their scheme to fit their defensive coaching.
As a Mizzou fan I've believed he's the best for a while now. It's a blessing and a curse that everybody else knows now. I believe he will be a head coach or leave for more money in the very near future
This is great and all but why hasn't Mizzou been able to get higher recruiting classes? I'm not saying we should have top 5, but being in the SEC for 4 years and having more wins than most of the conference in that time should at least result in top 15-20 recruiting classes every year. Maybe the coaches don't know how to consistantly recruit those 4-5 star players.
Hopefully the receivers have big games
Wish Gary Pinkel had the guts to do this at Mizzou. Start Drew Lock.
Chase Abbington should get more reps. Been saying this the whole time. He was out of shape coming into camp which was why he performed subpar during camp. Now he's finally in game shape at 215 pounds and it showed on his only 2 carries in the UConn game. He had a 10+ yard run and a first down on his 2nd carry, and then they never went back to him. What the heck is up with that?
Mizzou has only played one FCS opponent this year
Mizzou has arguably the best defense in the SEC this year, combined with arguably the worst offense in the SEC.
I think Mizzou will play a lot better on offense in this game. The rookie receivers have 2 live games under their belt including a tough road game. Being at home I think they will be a lot more comfortable and relaxed. I think this is the game where a Mizzou received goes for over 100 yards receiving.
Meh it looks to me like he was just trying to throw the helmet and the other dudes head was right there. Bad timing is all.
Shout out to Nate Brown getting some love.
A lot of offenses look prolific until they play Bama.
Mizzou will be fine. Brothers is a beast.
Meh he pushed him. Is that wrong? Yes. Should he be locked up in jail for it? No. He should be suspended that's it.
I'm fine with the yelling, but not with him dropping all the r bombs. There's a way to still get your point across without all that.
Ugh I wish Matt would stop the Bret Favre-esque gunslinger attitude towards playing QB. sometimes it's best to throw the ball away. He almost threw us out of the game. Yes sure he did throw 2 TD's for Mizzou to take the lead, but had he not thrown the interceptions in the first place we would have never been playing from behind.
Missouri is this year's Missouri. Gonna win a 3rd straight East title
ND can't beat Mizzou on the field. Overrated every year.
Tried harder? It wasn't about the money to keep Dave Steckel. In fact, he's making way less now than he was at Mizzou. $600,000 as DC at Mizzou compared to $270,000 he's making as a head coach. He wanted to be a head coach, period. Only way he would have stayed at Mizzou is if GP retired and he was offered the job.