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I guess Tennessee was getting back at Mizzou for beating them 50-17 in back to back years.
We didn't build one for Pinkel and he might be the greatest coach in Mizzou history. 5 division titles, (2 in the SEC) and pretty much brought Mizzou back from being a Kansas type team.
I don't mean to rain on Kentucky's parade, great win over Florida, but seriously???!!!! A statue for Mark Stoops?? He's 54-50 in the 9 years and 27-42 in conference. No division titles. Whatever.
What did we learn, that Mizzou's D-line is too small and couldn't stop a high school running game. I shudder to think what Georgia(a really run heavy offense) will do to the Tigers' D-line later this season. Georgia may run for 600 yards. Georgia could start the female head cheerleader at QB and it would not matter.
Kentucky would get destroyed by Iowa or Penn St. I'm an SEC homer myself, but only Georgia or Alabama would be able to beat either Iowa or Penn St.
Yes, some people sitting in a parking lot(out in the open air), drinking a few beers, is really going to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. Complete political BS.
I still remember when the SEC made Mizzou and Arkansas play the rivalry every year and Arky fans kept popping off at the mouths how they were gonna dominate Mizzou for years to come. Arky fans were insulted at making Arky play such an inferior team. Since then Mizzou is 5-1 against Arky. As a matter of fact, I do believe that Arky has a 19 game conference losing streak. Yikes.
While Faurot Field is not up to par with Bama or LSU, stadium, it is better than Vandy or Kentucky stadium.
I guess you would considering Mizzou has beaten the Vols by a combined score of 100-34 over the last two years.
Agreed, Arkansas and Louisville are both train wrecks. Auburn is usually a run first team. I'm sure Odom told Bryant that he would be the featured player on offense and Dooley is drawing up plays as we speak to showcase his talents.
I'm pretty sure if Fromm was injured, UGA fans would be talking about how they would have won had their starting QB not been injured.
I always find it hilarious that Bama and Georgia fans feel the need to weigh on every Mizzou article on SDS. Most Bama and UGA fans didn't go to either college and I would be surprised if they even had a HS diploma.
Only way Odom goes to Louisville is if they give him a Gus Malzahn type contract.
I'm sure Les Miles would take the Kansas job for the right amount of GUARANTEED money. What that dollar amount is, I am sure it would be WAY MORE than kU is willing to pay. Les should not take any less than Nick Saban money. One still wonders HOW ON EARTH kU beat Texas a couple of years ago. Was everyone on the team smoking crack the night before?
$425 a ticket is just freaking absurd. I guess rent at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is pretty high. I can't imagine how much tickets will be on the secondary market.
Another Alabama bandwagon fan, yay. We all know Alabama is good, but my goodness 90% of their "fans" are fans because the team is good. I wonder how many of these "fans" would be fans if Alabama was average?
Mizzou defense has been one of the BEST in the nation. While Florida did score 21 points, one of those TDs was a pick 6, hardly the fault of the defense. As of right now, Kentucky has scored the most points on a Mizzou defense with 21. SEMO - 3 ARK St. - 20 UCONN - 6 Kentucky - 21 South Carolina - 10 Florida - 14 Georgia - 9 Vanderbilt - 10 Mizzou defense has only given up 93 point all season, that's 11.6 per game. I call that stellar. The offense has put the defense in constant bad field position all season long and the defense still comes up big. Mizzou defense is top 10 in the FBS. Mizzou offense is 126 out of 127 in FBS. If Mizzou had an AVERAGE offense, they would be undefeated.
Wouldn't is be hilarious is Mizzou won the game 4-0?
The ball went through the uprights. No points for style, but style doesn't count in football.
I concur!!!!!! Hating Notre Dame is a must. ND fans root for ND because they are Catholic???!!!
I see the Mizzou - Kentucky game being like the Mizzou - Florida game from last year. Mizzou's offense is "struggling" right now, but Mizzou has a pretty good defense. I look for the defense to win this game for the Tigers. All Maty Mauk has to do is NOT turn the ball over.
I'm surprised that people aren't saying this is Mizzou's fault as they watered down the conference when they joined!!!!
I gather it is hard to schedule these games. Mizzou has home and home with WVU, BYU, Wyoming, and Purdue. I gather these things need to be done many years in advance. Instead of Mizzou travelling to these lousy locations, just PAY Arkansas St. and Middle Tennessee St. some money to come to Faurot. The Tigers will make it up on ticket sales and such. The Tigers had over 64K for the SEMO game Saturday and it had to be REALLY hot in that stadium.
Hey TigerWalk. Last season, Mizzou played AT Toledo and the game was televised on the SEC Network. I figure the MAC would have had TV rights. Let me get this straight, the Sun Belt owns the TV rights and would rather have their game NOT televised that televised. Rather absurd. I would think Arkansas St. would LOVE to have a home game televised for all to see.
Does my heart good to see Texas get stomped, too bad it was ND that did it. I was hoping BOTH teams lose, but that is not possible.
Then more SEC Network channels need to be allocated. I have DirecTV and the SECN has two channels (611 and 611-1). DirecTV also has the Big Ten Network and there are FIVE channels (610, 610-1, 610-2, 610-3, and 610-4). Is the SEC going to get upstaged by the B1G on TV? Looks that way. This is the SECN 2nd year so hopefully they improve.
Mizzou and Arkansas St. are on ESPN3?!!!!! What a crock. I thought the arrival of the SEC Network meant that ALL SEC football games are televised.
Mizzou's logos have been copied quite a bit from many high school teams.