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You can 100% tell it was intentional apparently only Tennessee fans cant see it or are to desperate for wins to care. He tackles the man, then 1 second later steps on his face. You think he forgot the other man was there? Are you a moron? I know you are but seriously you want to make that arguement? That 1 second after tackling a man, he completely lost track of that man? And he's a wide receiver? How does he keep track of a ball flying through the air? Tennessee has no class.
After him stepping on a vandy players face Tennessee needs to cut him. If they had any class...
100% intentional. How could he tackle a player then immediately forget where they were, then step on their face? Only a moron could believe that. Right oskie?
Again I dont need to know what he was thinking. I just need to use my eyes to see that he just tackled the man, then got up and stepped right where the man he just tackled was. It is impossible that Jennings forgot where the other player was. You moron.
Insults are not my arguement. They are insults, at you, which you deserve cause you are a moron. I did infact address your point, you are just too stupid to understand it apparently. Also insulting you does not negate my argument. Neither does you ignoring it.
It was definitely intentional how could it not be? Do you think he forgot where the player he just tackled was?
Only if you're a dumbass Tennessee fan. My arguement rests on the FACT that one second before he stomped, with cleats on, on the players face that he JUST tackled, he was holding the man down. Then just steps on his face. You are a moron if you think it was unintentional.
Man Kentucky must be really under these gay ass gators skin.
You're saying he didn't know where the vandy players face was after he tackled and held the dude on the ground? So when he stepped in the exact same space as the dude (who's face was just pretty close to his, as he tackled him) he didnt know where his face was? You really want to make that arguement?