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Our doesn't seem that long since Thursday when Ole Miss fans were throwing things on the field.
It's just the way things go. No coach that wants to build their own legacy and has the confidence in their ability to do it wants to follow someone of Saban's caliber. You'll always be in the shadow being the immediate successor. They will get someone that thinks of it as a job and they will have some down years. It's just the way it goes.
I'm hoping they don't. Let us play the disrespected bit for this game. If we win it's ours and if we don't it was never belonged to us anyway.
Why? They have the worst offensive line which means Levis going to have to learn to play from his back negating our secondary problems. They won't be able to run their way out of it either against our defensive front. Points will be hard to come by for Kentucky. They will need to become the best secondary in the country by Saturday night to be able to stop us from scoring. That's not going to happen. Look for the score to get ugly fast and Kentucky forced to abandon the run to play catch up with that horrendous offensive line.
Right Diesel. Maybe he gets catch number 7 and TD number 6 for 75 yards. His SECOND longest of the day.
Which may explain why his leash is very short right now. If that is the downfield attack they throw at the Vols, I don't think there will be much to worry about with our thin secondary.
Just stick with those fake southern accents and coach twerking on recruits videos
Good thing Eastern Michigan won the game and avoided losing to him.
You still may end up with Oklahoma. This is obviously preparation for Oklahoma possibly joining next year.
Honestly that would be the only reason I could see the conference directing them to do this. Might as well do it now and lock in a nonconference game in the event they are playing in the SEC next season.
Not really. West Virginia was only 6 spots better than Ball St offensively last year (88 and 94). We were 7th. Pitt allowed that offense to score that much so we shouldn't have any issue scoring. We aren't expected to stop them much as the over/under is 65.5. We are expected to trade scores and only win by a TD.
Your not invited to this party just yet. The Big 12 party is down the hall.
It's done. ESPN is losing $50 million a year on it. Texas really doesn't have an option on it I would assume. I'm guessing there are clauses regarding conferences and the existing SEC media rights contracts that give ESPN the option to shut it down. Not to fret though, because their consolation prize is almost $90 million per year (the estimated revenue share after ESPN takes over first tier rights from CBS and renegotiates the other contracts.
So Oklahoma and Texas should have stayed put because it would have been charitable?
They won't be playing in the spring. Logistically it just won't work. Any draft eligible player will opt to prepare for the draft. It would interrupt football operations preparing for the next season. Then there is the issue of media rights. No one is going to pay the same money for low quality spring football as they would for high quality fall football.
We gave up the Liberty, Birmingham, and Independence bowls.
Bamadad, as is started previously that isn't a penalty. Teams run full empty sets and they are completely legal. It was a normal punt formation. It doesn't matter the name of the player lined up in a certain place as far as the rules go.
Where are all the Tennessee fans going to sit during home-away-from-home game?
They can but there has to be a game they feel can bring in the ratings for the 3:30 time slot.
Alabama told him he has a chance to compete. Even if it's not true, it still spoke to him.
Are you really saying Alabama is wrong for this? Until a LOI is signed, it's fair game.
False. Anyone giving testimony to a grand jury must be under oath or their testimony cannot be used.
Is this a serious question? I quick glance at the conference list that Arkansas resides in still show them sitting at 6 and 4. I would assume that you know considering you registered for a site covering this particular conference.
No it wasn't. You don't have the right to use a paid entry event as a political platform. If they had come out and confiscated the signs in the parking lot and arrested them, then their rights would have been violated. Don't like the rules, don't buy a ticket.
General Admission tickets, which are basically standing room only. I don't think UT has done it much lately, but I know they have done it in the past. In 2004, when we played Florida, and last beat them, we set the attendance record at over 109,000. That was a little over 5,000 SR only tickets. I had to get a SR ticket last year for the Ole Miss game in Oxford.
Someone is still bitter about their performance in Nashville.