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The Big12 is well on it's way to being the new Big East (before the all the Catholic schools took the name). It will be a borderline P5 conference, but adding mid majors won't increase the SOS enough for it to be on par with the ACC, B10 and SEC. Make no mistake, this is a pure money grab by the existing members to try to stay close to the other conferences before the B12 disintegrates once the GOR is done. After that time, Texas and OU will jump to whichever conference will have them and the remaining schools will do as the Big East (now AAC) did, and just reform without the power teams as a mid major.
It's now very clear who got the better DC this past offseason. A&M gave up 291 total yards and 2 TDs to the #15 ranked team in the country and won by 3 TDs in regulation Auburn gave up 438 yards and 2 TDs to an FCS team and won in OT.
Yeah... it's the one team with a winning record you beat. Congrats. And they also beat your "one true co-champion" by 2 touchdowns. That same "one true co-champion" who crushed you by 3 touchdowns. And the tu fans may have wanted to play A&M, but your administration and coaches certainly didn't. They made that abundantly clear.
So A&M "dodged" a 6-6 team whose beaten ONE (1) team with a winning record to take on a better 7-5 team in a different bowl game? Is that the narrative you sure you want go with? And where was the outrage in 2012 when A&M was itching to continue playing Texas in the Cotton bowl when both teams had good records and Texas told the Cotton Bowl committee they wanted NOTHING to do with a 10-2 A&M squad and it's Heisman winning QB? Where was the outrage and ridicule then? At least in 2012 it would have been a game worth something, instead of just pitting a barely bowl eligable Big 12 so desperate to get some recruiting momentum they spin out fantasy tales of A&M being "scared" through a website moderator whose proven time and again he has no clue or insight into ANYTHING having to do with A&M.