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shut up so many fans on the iowa and LSU game when LSU won the game its always am excuse from yall when you lose
HAHA your funny what conference is actually leading the bowl games right now the SEC so quit hating don't hate until after the BCS i guarente if auburn wins you wont be back on here talking just like i shut us so many fans on the iowa and LSU game
lol are you serious are you really hating on the SEC don't you remember last year when they thought Notre Dame was going to beat Bama and do you even remember how dominating Alabama put on the Irish 42-14 don't even talk about FSU winning don't forget its a lot harder to go undefeated and win a lot of games in the SEC
Im just happy LSU beat Auburn :P i just wish they would of not slack off when they went up against teams they should of beat nut oh well who ready for the playoffs next year :P