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Despite being a lifelong Gator fan, one of my favorite quotes is an old Bobby Bowden gem, when said something to the equivalent of “It’s not my job to keep my team from scoring. That’s the other guy’s job.”
Well said. Here’s to a great game. The winner will deserve the trip to Atlanta. This was a great article. The line from his grandma’s letter really got to me.
I wish Tua a speedy recovery. College football is better with gifted players like him playing their best. I’ll still be rooting (a little bit) for LSU when they play, but I hope Tua’s on the field.
Yes! This is the most rationale and evidence-based thread I’ve seen in ages. Apart from the game taking place in Death Valley (which is huge), it’s hard to discern an obvious edge for either team.
As a lifelong Gator fan, LSU has always occupied a funny place in the rivalry hierarchy for me. Sure, it’s always a huge win or a bitter defeat, but I’ve never felt the “hatred” that accompanies match-ups against Tennessee, UGA, FSU, or (occasionally) Miami. It’s mostly just respect for a great program that we have the misfortune of being slated against as permanent cross-conference opponents. And here we are again: another huge game under the lights. It’s going to be a good one.