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How did Tennessee get any votes at all?
How is it possible that a website devoted to college football doesn't know this. It's like SDS doesn't even employ an editor.
Who says that cash is the only way to keep Hugh Freeze around?
It's not that simple at all. I think there are multiple scenarios where LSU goes undefeated but Bama is still left out. Remember there are 2 undefeated Big10 teams and Penn St has one loss. It's not unlikely that an undefeated Minnesota will play an undefeated Ohio State. If OSU wins (the safer bet) than they are in and Minnesota is out. But if Minnesota wins I'd say a 1-loss OSU is a lock over a 1-loss Alabama. Penn St & Ohio St still have a game to play, so there is even a scenario in which there are three 1-loss Big10 teams (all 3 of which would have - on paper - higher quality wins than Bama). Still a lot of football to be played, but I think Alabama is going to need multiple good football teams to lose in order to make it into the group of 4.
So what happens if Minnesota wins out along with Ohio St, and the Gophers beat OSU in the Big-10 CG? The champ makes it in, along with the 1 loss loser - to the detriment of a one loss SEC team? I know a lot of Midwest Big-10 homers that would love that scenario.
Because outrage = clicks, likes, retweets, and shares. Where there is no actual outrage, you can always find one idiot on Twitter who pretends that they are, and then manufacture a crisis.
"Cost us the game" is an absurd statement. A TD there puts us down by 9, requiring a PAT, another TD, and a 2-pt conversion in whatever order, with the addition of a stop on defense. All that would just get the game to overtime, in Tuscaloosa, against the #1 team in the country. Would loved to see that happen, but regardless this play did not "cost us the game." Rogers is also making a gigantic assumption that the LBs here didn't immediately read the sneak and adjust their penetration accordingly. There's a possibility UT scores, but certainly they don't "walk" into the endzone as he suggests. Given that we started with 1st & Goal on the 3, and Pruitt/Chaney had called 3 straight runs between the Guards that netted 1 yard, I highly doubt this play would have resulted in a TD.
I think he has a point. Recruits and their parents are watching. That was ESPN in prime time. He's getting paid $4M a year - he shoud have enough self control not to place hands on his players, and let Muschamp corner the market on douchey moves like that.
Incorrect - if we scored a TD it would have been 28-19. It's not a given that we would have converted the 2. And suggesting we would 1) stop Bama on the next possession and 2) score another TD + PAT and 3) win overtime in Tuscaloosa is quite a tall order, although I loved the momentum we had going into the play. JG's fumble was boneheaded. But the 7 OL penalties, 2 blown redzone appearences (one of which was JG's fault), and Taylor's idiotic personal foul in the 3rd were all just as boneheaded.
Remove "Pruitt" from this paragraph and replace with Kiffin/Dooley/Jones and I've read the exact same thing over and over again. Year after year UT fans want to make excuses for dogs**t coaching. Pruitt has proven to me that he is the worst one of the lot. Until we get a proven winner to agreee to take the reigns, this will continue, and we will remain irrelevant to the SEC conversation.
No, I don't think it will be competetive in the 2nd half. The Gator's front seven will dismantle our O-line, and after hitting the dirt a dozen times JG won't be making any threats downfield. After this past weekend's game I'm mildly confident we will win 2 or 3 conference games, but this won't be one of them.
A football game is too loud? Sounds like a Vandy fan.
Green-Beckham is a bully and a druggie, who apparently thinks it's cool to push 18 year old girls down a flight of stairs. Waste of talent. Only a real piece of crap program would want a looser like this on their roster.
How about this one: IF Duke and Michigan St. win next week, Bama will most likely play the winner of the SECCG for the BCS Championship. Improbable - sure, but crazy shit always happens in the last 2 weeks of the season. Remember #2 WVU loosing to 4-7 Pitt in the last week of the 2007 season?
To me that was the worst call of the night. Regardless of what your kicker did earlier, you have to give him the chance to make a 30 yarder - especially when it will make it a 2 score game. Bone-headed call that very likely cost him the game.
I guess a lot has changed in the last decade. I went there in 2000 and wasn't all that impressed. It was a nice stadium, but the atmosphere was not comparable at all to Knoxville, Gainesville, or Athens. I was surprised to see how long their home win streak was as well, since I remember them barely squeaking out wins against Navy in 2011 and Tennessee last year. I'll be doubly impressed if they can keep this streak alive much longer, with Clemson comming to town at the end of the month and A&M, Georgia, and Missouri all in the first month of the 2014 season.
I've been surprised at the line against Tennessee the last two weeks, and both times we have been obliterated. Should I be bracing for another blowout, or hold out hope that since the Vols have played very well at home in the big games this year, we have a shot at the upset?
Resurgence? That implies that at some point in their past they were good. ZERO conference championships in 80 years of SEC play, ZERO divisional titles, a total of SIX bowl appearances, and SIX winning seasons in the last 50 years.......I could go on but I think we all get the point. Franklin appears to be a good coach, but I agree that he's out of Nashville the second a better job is offered. And to answer your question Jon, it's painful to admit that over the last 5 years it's a valid argument to say that Vandy is the better team in TN. But there is a tradition of winning in Knoxville, a bunch of hardware, we still dominate the series (Vandy would have to win every game between now and 2057 to make it even), and we're finally gaining lost ground in-sate recruiting. Are they the best team in TN?....I'll listen to arguments. Are they the best program?.....Not by a long shot.
Polish that turd all you want......Vandy still sucks - always have and probably always will.
Settle down guys. You're losing sight of the fact that this entire study is moronic and deeply flawed. Using Twitter as your data mine doesn't prove anything. Aside from celebrities, athletes, promoters, business owners, PR reps, etc. (i.e. - people who have a need to quickly disseminate information and people that have a fan base) you're average Twitter user is a narcissist with too much free time and an overinflated opinion of himself. They're only tweeting because they want to hear themselves talk, therefore most of what they say is meaningless.
Jones didn't announce Worley as the starter until pretty close to the start of the season, so apparently Dobbs didn't impress enough over the summer. I like the way he looked last week though, and for a team that has been running the read option all year it was incredibly refreshing to see a QB that is actually a threat to run the ball.
Alabama beats the spread, really? I don't think UT will be able to keep it very close into the 2nd half, but I'm still thinking it's more like 31-13.
The odor in Tuscaloosa would improve significantly too.
I think it's bacause they don't want ANY call from a Ref subject to overturn. If targeting could be overturned, the next logical argument is why not overturn a pass interference or holding call that the replay proves didn't happen. I'm not arguing on behalf of this assanine rule, just what I assume is the NCAA's reasoning for keeping the penalty while overturning the ejection.
The introduction of the targeting-even-when-it's-proven-it-wasn't rule is easily the worst decision made in any off season in recent memory. I think the bogus calls have directly impacted the outcome of more than one game. From the video the Umpire appears to be no more than 5 yds from the hit when he signals the incomplete pass and DOES NOT throw a flag. Did he throw it late or was it another ref? If so, why is a ref much further away calling a penalty when the Umpire was practically on top of the hit? Sucks for Georgia - this was 4th down, right?
I still don't think Alabama or Mizzou makes it through December undefeated, and unlike years past, a 1 loss SEC Champ isn't going to make it to the title. Oregon would have to totally implode to not win out and make it. Ohio St has a weak schedule and doesn't need a lot of help to get there. FSU may loose to Miami or Va Tech, but based on this year's strength or schedule I think a 1 loss FSU is more likely to play for the NC than a 1 loss 'Bama or Mizzou.
Last four games I went to were in the 2007-2010 time frame. They were all conference games in Knoxville, Oxford, and Starkville (so yes, I have no recent experience with trying to watch a top 5 team play at home). Again, never paid more than $15 over face. Perhaps this has changed in the last few years, but I have a suspicion people are letting themselves get gouged by using stuhub & craigslist.
Two thoughts: 1 – I have lived out West for the last 3 years and this certainly IS NOT the case out here. I can go see Wyoming, Colorado St, or Air Force go play for less than $30 a ticket, and their stadiums are small enough that there aren’t many bad seats. If they are having trouble meeting their historical seating numbers, it has nothing to do with ticket prices. 2 – For every SEC game I have been to in the last decade I bought my tickets outside the stadium less than 30 min before kickoff, and I have never paid more than $15 over face value. It’s been a few years, so is this not the case anymore? Tickets are always gouged way over their value 2 weeks before an event.
It's not that I have a poor grasp of English, it's that I was trying to fire off a response before my boss walked in and saw me wasting time on SDS! Yes, I meant to say that South Carolina better bring it strong against the Vols, and that I don't regard Columbia, MO as a tough place to win. But incidentally, I don't consider Columbia, SC to be all that scary a place to play - certainly not in league with Death Valley or Bryant-Denney. For every chest pounding win they can claim like last year's thumping of UGA, they have a shiny turd like losing to unranked Auburn or letting Navy take them to the wire.