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You clicked on the article, so I don’t think they care.
I wanna know how you can say exactly how many yards Franks will pass for and call it a prediction... No, that’s a guess.
I get not being able to put us above Kentucky, but we literally just beat LSU pretty well, despite the score...
wow i haven’t ever heard that one before
It was the ten year anniversary of the greatest speech in Gator football history. It has nothing to do with how the team is doing at this moment. Maybe if your players would have as much fight as this guy you would have won a championship since 1980
Obviously you do because to you clicked on the article...
I would love any bowl in a Florida I just want to be there!
Y’all havent won the National Championship since 1980 foh
Yea... for ticket sales. I’ve seen him play in person and tbh he’s pretty good.
It’s not like Gator fans don’t eat gator tail... it’s very tasty.
I think the decision to not bench Franks over poor play is smart. Most experienced guy out there, backed up by a first year guy, and a second year guy that hasn’t started a game since middle school. Groom Franks for next season, because we won’t do anything this year.
Ok you’re almost as annoying and stupid as Gatorboy14...
Preach. Still probably the most childish thing I’ve seen in a while.
I wouldn’t even go so far as to say Franks is terrible. Yes he isn’t great but he did not have a bad first half, even with the offensive line crapping themselves. If you put last years McCoy, an unhurt Brett Heggie, and we get Nick Petit-Frere instead of Ohio State, we win the Kentucky game and possibly 7 more games.
We should definitely be 13 or 14. It’s gonna be a rough road back, and a lot tougher than most of us including me thought. Mullen is a great coach, but he came into an absolute dumpster fire. I see us winning 4 or 5 this year, 7 or 8 next year, and who knows from then. Go Gators!
We as sec fans don’t claim “Wolfman” or “ILoveMyDawgs” because they’re cancerous tumors
You’re just mad we stole your coach foh
You’ll be surprised what an entire new coaching staff can do... you’re crazy if you are basing anything on last season. 9 players suspended indefinitely, injuries everywhere, and a terrible coach. UF over Mizzou by 31.
I may be crazy but I see a 20+ point beat down. I think Feleipe will come into the game feeling good, ready to perform.