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Holgerson also has ties to Texas having been OC at Texas Tech, Houston, and Ok st. He is also a free agent next season after WVU's AD didn't sign Holgerson to an extension this past off season.
LSU isn't the same level of behind the scenes drama? LSU needs to throw about $6 million at Chip Kelly. Kelly has to have had his fill of NFL divas by now. His philosophy is a better fit for college
I hope it doesn't happen but I would think Dana Holgerson should be high on Baylor's list. The job he has done at WVU is very underappreciated. WVU is not an easy place to recruit but he has them playing well and he and Briles come from the same coaching tree.
A group of underachievers .... A Tennessee fan should be comfortable with that
Tavon Austin scored 4 touchdowns on the same play. Clemson had no answers for the tavon Austin Jet sweep! They made no adjustment as the game went on. Now Clemson quit in that game like I've never seen a top talent team quit. Clemson had momentum and was about to tie the game but fumbled on the 1 yard line and WVU took it 99 yds and Clemson quit
Dawson wasn't the play caller at WVU Holgerson has called the plays for 4 years.
TCU one loss 3 points at Baylor better than missSt one loss But Ohio st in playoffs stinks of TV ratings... Ohio st 14 point loss at home to a 6-6 VA Tech team who loss to (3-9) Wake Forest 6-3 neither team scored in regulation! That's the worst loss in the top 20 !! TCU, Baylor, missSt all had better losses than Ohio state but none are TV ratings machines like Ohio state
Bama, Mizzou, TCU Baylor .... 9 conference games The rest of the big 12 ... 9 conference games The rest of the SEC..... 8 conference games
Ohio state lost at home to 6-6 VA tech!! That's terrible! TCU lost by 3 at Baylor! Baylor lost at WVU! WVU much more impressive than VaTech this year! TCU 31-WVU 30 ; K St 26 WVU 20 ; Bama 33 WVU 23. TCU and Baylor deserve over Ohio st.
Baylor & TCU and the entire big 12 play 9 conference games !! Every year ! Bama & Mizzou each played 9 conference games! Stop scheduling cream puffs in November!
Baylor's one loss on the road to 7 -5 WVU (TCU 31 WVU 30 ; KSU 26-20; Bama 33-23) better than Ohio state' s one loss at home to 6 loss VA tech team. Baylor should be at least 5th if not 4th over Florida state
The SEC with the exception of LSU. and Bama is overrated so top heavy Dolly Parton would be envious.