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So when Ole Miss beats LSU off the field in Baton Rouge , you still Have the Rebels in the Liberty Bowl??
You guys played a good game, wanted it more... no idea what happened, our D finally plays Halfway decent and the O doeant show up. You guys D played great but at least 4 of those picks were ALL Corral, all him on those , it was like he forvot what color uniform to throw to?? Lol. Hope he recovers for next week, has played to dam good so far to choke away the rest of the season
Corral couldn't let you guys have all the fun, he teiwd to catch yours...what was the record picks last week 8? 10?
Wasnt really out D that was the problem today, looked bwttwr than all year today. No excuse for the O to play like that
If Plumlee leaves it will be to the MLB. He is a 5 star Baseball player if I remember right. Was shocked he didnt see the field. Do not like this side of Kiffen,
Here we go, bet Bama 42 TN 27, Ga 20 Vandy 13 , Fla 23 Mizzou 10, MSU 31 BYU 42, LSU 38 USM 23, My Rebels 62 Ark 54 4 OT( JK but prob not) Rebels 47 Ark 31
Would it be cool if you could take the all-sec team and play against the other conferences it would put to rest who has the best conference overall forever
Exactly !! And again another weak schedule, they should win a minimum of 8 or 9 with that,. Their are 4 good teams in the west that could go 8-4 or 11-1 ole miss, bama, lsu, Auburn Maybe A&M, in the East 2 Florida or Tenn, Tenn only because they should with that schedule, Maybe Georgia. , just my humble opinion
Not all Rebel fans feel the same way, wouldnt wish any of this BS on any team. I do believe Freeze is clean, boosters are a different story. .lol. I am very dumbfounded over Simmons and Jones going to State , must have been some dam good smooth talking by Mullens...
McCaffery was good, but not Henry good. COMPETITION matters ,look what happened Leonard fournette, And he is good also, Henry is the deserved his trophey. 2016 will go to the QB that goes 15-0 , Chad could happen
I can get with Tunsil, he did miss a lot of play time, but Dak this year over Kelly, no way! Yes Dak is a beast, but he was out played by Kelly, screw the picks. And either Robert or Haynes should been 1st round
You are correct sir, TN has been a good bit better to our 6 SEC titles and 3 NCs. I would like to see my Rebels circle back around to how good they were in the 50s and 60s. Next couple years we will see. Next year starts with Fla State and one hell of a schedule thru the 1st 6 games! If we make it 6-0 we will be in the playoffs next year, barring a screw up from our sometimes brain dead overly conservative play calling coach!
Not saying it will, but "IF" Ole Miss wins out and beats Florida in a rematch , could a 11-2 SEC champ make the final 4? I say yes. Very attractive wins over Bama, A&M, LSU and State, along with the rest of the West teams. Like I said very big long shot, but very doable.
Vanderbilt 17 South Carolina 24 Alabama 41 Texas A&M 38 Mizzou 10 Georgia 24 Florida 34 LSU 24 Louisiana Tech 20 Mississippi State 35 Ole Miss 52 Memphis 24
Memphis gave up over a 1000 yards passing in 2 games to Bowling Green and Cinn!!! Ole Miss has some of the best WR in the NCAA , ( one of the best period in Treadwell) and a pretty good QB, Ole Miss will score at ease the whole game. Now this is a based on Freeze letting his QB do tis instead of trying desperately to run the ball. Memphis is undefeated against teams that are at the bottom of the NCAA well. Id like to think they havet seen a D yet like that of a SEC caliber team. We are beat up on D, but I think Memphis throws their 1st couple of picks of the year here, one for a TD. Rebels in a close one, 52-24
ECU torched Floridas secondary for 335 yards, 2 TD for more than 25 yds. They have no OLine to stop #5 and his brother, anything can happen of course, I just cant see on paper or the field how Fla can score enough to keep up. You cover Treadwell, Core and maybe 3 or 4 others burn you deep. And I can see a lot of yards after the catch, especially from the backfield(screens). Elston gets a pick 6 and #5 scores from the goalline atleast once lol, should be a good game
Missouri 17 South Carolina 20 Alabama 31 Georgia 28 Auburn 35 San Jose State 10 Florida 10 Ole Miss 38 Tennessee 17 Arkansas 20 L S U 45 Eastern Michigan 14 Middle Tennessee State 13 Vanderbilt 31 Miss State 24 Texas A&M 35 Kentucky 42 Eastern Kentucky 10
My Rebels 56 Vandy 10 State 27 Auburn 24 Bama 42 whoever 0 Kentucky 38 Mizzou 24 Tenn 17 Fla 7 TXAM 38 Ark 35
If we are gonna cry about missed calls, what about the batted ball by Bama on the onside kick??? Cant do that Bama, shoulda been a flag, let it go its over, That's not the play that beat you, it was the 5 turnovers that beat you Saban!
Was gonna say the same thing, 4-5 weeks makes you rusty, but knowing Conor, he will be ready! That 4 game stretch, only team that worry me is Memphis
You are right, it was a great game , you guys have one he. K of a Dline, Coker threw us off also, lose than I wanted but still a win. Good luck to you guys
Yeah They killed yall tonight!, I say you guys are still a top 10 team and are not out by NO means, Great D line, Coker running killed us also. Great Game! Good luck rest of season
Our D looked so good, thru 95% of the game, of course they have to scare me to death lol. Bama is a better team then people are saying, Clean up the turnovers and this was a different game. Then again most of those turnovers were earned by the #1 D in the Nation!!!
Whatever Ole Miss by two touchdowns or more , Alabama by nine points whatever
This is all a joke, watch they will drop everything and allow him to play again after the Fing Alabama game!!!
It will be a great game win or lose, although it will be better seeing the score Rebels 41 Bama 27
100% correct there sir, 100%.
I see the future I see Ole Miss Vs Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl then Ole Miss Vs Clemson/USC for the NC
Well Maybe you should read it again, I could be wrong, but Ole Miss is in the SEC