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Sooo does this mean for non-con and regular season Ole Miss can no longer play in Jackson? Alabama can no longer play in Birmingham or Mobile? Auburn can longer play in Birmingham? Georgia can no longer play in Atlanta? Florida can no longer play in Jacksonville? NO!?!???? Sorry when the Home Office dictates where 1 team can play but does bot enforce that to the rest of the SEC Teams that also play in stadiums that are not on campus I say but the F Out and let the teams play where the hell they want to! To the one who said something about “this isnt 1850” tell ya what when NWA Fans stop sitting on their hands and finally fond a way to be louder than 54,000 in War Memorial talk to me then and ill listen. Arkansas’s most epic wins have been in War Memorial match that and shut up
And London you are obviously 12 and have 0 clue of Razorback history. Try looking it up before spouting off nonsense.
And London you are obviously 12 and have 0 clue of Razorback history. Try looking it up before spouting off nonsense.
Well Go as you like to spew on HogVillage of Idiots your hero is Gus and Ill ask you the same What has he done at Auburn? Thats right same success as Fuentes can get almost there then implode. Keep your arm chair warm Go and let the Adults run the show for once. Put your banners and signs back in your shack and hesh Fair Weather Fans go root for someone else we dont need you
Tad bit contradictory here are you not. How in your own words here “Arkansas kept the ball for 41 minutes” in the “TOP” section of your blithering nonsense then turn around and say exactly the opposite in things you dont like It become painfully obvious you guys are paid by the word and not quality or content
1) Family not moving because Son wanted to Graduate from the School he attended for 12 years and didnt want to come to a new school in the last 6 months is not a issue except for you banner flying nitwits who cant seem to comprehend Morris has had to LITERALLY REBUILD this team from the ground up 2) Promises hummm lets see he never said it would be over night or this year he said “It will be” meaning EVENTUALLY SEE LAST PART OF 1 Nitwits 3) Ok Nitwits REPEAT AFTER ME “REBUILDING THE ENTIRE TEAM 4) REALLY?!?!? Pulled in all but 3 of the top talent from Texas including Ben Hicks and Nick Starkel - See 1 again Nitwits 5) Losing well lets see Hohn L Smith, Adulter Petrino who could score 100 but couldnt stop opponent from scoring 101, CBB No Recruiting and alienated Arkansa from its Recruiting Base wel go FN figure couple that with the most Childish Fan Base in the Country and well there ya go. Take this list and shove it!!!!!!