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this is what a good coach does, he worked the Alabama linebackers all night. The play where the tight end scored if you look at that play it forced the safety out and had the wide out man on man and also had a safety valve with the running back on a swing route to the same side.
this was a game that showed just how good Lane Kiffin is as a play-caller. I think he saw something on film, had Alabama out of sync the whole game.
You got to be kidding , what do you need have him burn a building down or shoot a cop!
gundy should have stood his ground let Hubbard do his thing and let gundy do his.
Oh i"ve said all year i thought Auburn was a great team,biggest problem was a young QB!
Oh i"ve said all year i thought Auburn was a great team,biggest problem was a young QB!
I"m not a SEC or Bama guy just like football and if watching bama vs good teams does not do it then I question your knowledge of football!
maybe 8-9 12 is way off for this team, your losses are lsu and auburn and could have won both games.
Never understood this,Aurburn is good program and so is Bama I have a ton of respect for both teams!
Wow this stuff on Bama,you lose to the #1 team 46-41 and your QB is coming of surgery before the game.The team has the best wr group in the nation, good running backs.If they beat a great Auburn team how do you say they don't belong remember Oregon lost to Auburn.
first LSU is a great team,second tua the trigger man was not 100% and third if you had to put money on a game ya like real money which team are you betting on vs Bama!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bama if you see how they played with a qb @90% and they are not top 6 team in nation is crazy!
This is a reaction of a team and coach that's been smacked not the reaction of a team that's been winning. The pain bama had on them reveling this reaction, poor coach O god bless him.
ND was a good team and the game was a lot closer than the score,the fact is clemson has a great team and their Strength of Schedule was 12th in the nation and undefeated going into the game.The question is why not, they checked all the boxes as it was laid out for getting in.
well look at the replay and see if he did any of these things, ncaa rule book, i say he did and it was the correct call--------A crouch followed by an upward and forward thrust to attack with forcible contact at the head or neck area, even though one or both feet are still on the ground Leading with helmet, shoulder, forearm, fist, hand or elbow to attack with forcible contact at the head or neck area
This is why Saban should have put him in last year,he is and was what Bama needed to open their offence so it was not so run heavy.
The truth is Hurts was never a true OB and never will be, the idea that Saban don't make mistakes is a joke he almost cost Bama a national title by letting Hurts play and not getting tua tagovailoa in the line up anyone could see he was light years ahead of Hurts.This is a dad seeing his kid outclassed and can't take it move on the truth was told in the title game nuff said.
Look Hurts was never a true OB, all you had to do was play a safety over the top of Calvin Ridley and spy hurts and take the bubble screens away and Bama passing game was done.The idea that Hurts has pro QB is a JOKE dad better wake up!!!!
I FOR ONE THOUGHT THIS ALL ALONG,IT WAS apparent Tua was just better anyone could see it.
Wow if there is bama is crazy tua is head and shoulders better than Hurts , this is not even close.
i've said this from week one why bama let hurts run the show when you had tua to replace him.I for one was hammered by bama FANS for saying this on week 1 well bama fans who was right, this is what i got hurts can't be benched he's to good,well we seen what a good defence can do to him.
Saban had this answer all year, tua should have been starting since game 3 or 4 so he would have been in a groove by this game.The fact is Hurts should have been pulled long before this game.
Ok i don't know why lane needs Saban to like him, if you give lane that talent and played tua he would have hung 50 on clemson. The fact is Saban is very bad when it comes to offence Lane on the other hand is a master, Saban was fearful the let him loose.I don't get the offence great wide outs great running game and you let Hurts drive that bus pathetic is all you can call it.
all you need to look at is that last drive Fromm made vs OU this is the difference Fromm can do it with his arm Hurts can't it's that simple.
If you look at that game and think in any way that was a good offence, then your standards for a QB must be very low!!!!
hURTS is a rb playing QB, bad throw bad reads all the time you leave on the bench a kid( Tua Tagovailoa ) that is lights it very sad!!!!!!!
Saban would have him on the bench while playing hurts who cant hit anything down the feild beyond 15 yards.