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Our RT is a swinging gate right now. He's been manhandled by both UM and UK. Neither guard is getting any push in the run game and both missing assignments. It's painful because we have a loaded WR corps who are getting open and a previous QB who doesn't trust his reads so we're not helping the young OL much either. We'll see because Trask for sure trusted his reads and delivered a few balls that I have never seen Frank's throw. 1 beauty over the middle with defender in his face and he throws a strike 25 yards to a breaking receiver. FF has always been indecisive. Trask "seems" to make a decision and go
Exactly. Enos didn't help his young QB out at all. Strange play calling. Frank's actually had the plays there he just missed the throws or made bad decisions. I think he'll get into a better rhythm as the season progresses.
Whoa.... You need a hobby Corch. Something you can do that you have control over and that is not tied to the highs and lows of a 19 year old kids making mistakes. You're WAY too much invested into something that you have nothing to do with the outcome.
I'll take that action. UF +40 for 10 grand? Are whatever you amount you feel comfortable with?
Some players transcend fandom... you can't dislike Herchel Walker or Peyton Manning or Warrick Dunn. Even if they played for your main rivals
Volbeef - Perhaps the article was specifically talking about football generated revenue and not entire athletic revenue? I can see that. But that doesn't account for donations and general licensing.
I wouldn't trust anything I read on this site. The data is public record -
UF has out recruited UT 8 of the last 10 years. And in 5 of those years UF has had a top 5 class or better and UT a top 5 only once per rivals. Wrong on that as well. Don't let facts get in the way of emotions volbeef.... UT is a good job, Florida is a destination job. Top 10 public university sitting smack in the middle of the best recruiting base in the country.
No they do not... it's called google... type in largest revenue producing athletic departments and UT is 4 or 5 in SEC behind Fla, bama and LSU...
Wrong... Florida has a much larger revenue number.. 150 mil to 125 mil
Wrong.... both Alabama and Florida bring in more revenue than UT... fairly easy to google.... both about 150/mil a year vs UT 125/mil
You know who their "first" choice was? His fist choice should have been Jeff Gundy who campaigned for the job. Who knows why they chose Mac.. but I have nothing to say he wasn't their first choice, so You? And dont trot out stoops. Who else was there at the time?
Plenty..... true competitors who are ultra competitive and want to win at the highest level will line up for that job. The expectation is SEC and national relevance and as a coach you are given the tools and recruiting base and support to accomplish those goals. And you also know the consequences. What coach worth his salt doesn't want that type of situation to prove themselves with the best?
What game were you watching dude? Kelly was clearly the best player on the field but neither team was in anyway dominating the other... Both teams looked shaky at best and both teams made critical errors. It was a fairly evenly(poorly) played game. I will say that UT had some momentum in the 4th quarter but to say they dominated the whole game is seeing things through orange colored glasses. Turnovers were even with both teams making critical ones that could have swung the game. YPC were even, YPR were about even, 40-50 total yards separated the teams. Both shot themselves in the foot a couple times in the redzone.. it was an ugly game where neither team looked like they dominated anything and Jones came out slightly more incompetent than Mac...
Nice headline.......... Really nothing close to being "controversial" about the call. It's a pretty straightforward textbook hold that affected the outcome of the play...
Good article! Can't wait! And thank you to the UT nation and administration for being understanding and working with us during a natural disaster... unlike a west team who drew a line in the sand and pouted until they got their way
There is a psychological component to what he's doing that you're missing because of who's involved in the competition. He can't call the competition over or you'll lose the other 2 QB's. You have a unique dynamic with a RSFR presumable starter from the spring. The returning starter coming off injury from last year and a 3rd player who transferred in to hopefully be the starter. In all honesty he probably knows or has a good idea just like he knew Will Grier was the eventual starter but had him and Treon Harris trading series the first few games. He wants all 3 players competing and ready to go and then he'll play by committee that first game and see who shines which also gives him an advantage by making UM prepare for all 3. He knows what he's doing at that QB position.
94 game was legend... Spurrier with 3 trick plays on the last drive including having Weurffel limp off the field with a fake injury and making Bama think they were running it only to throw it 50 yards downfield with the backup QB and Danny running back in to get the next play off in tempo. There you go Mac... go watch that game...
Meanwhile, somewhere in Florida Jeremy Foley let's out a small chuckle while sipping scotch.. LSU fans, maybe this one is not on him, but this guy is a clown. He's botched everything he's ever touched. I use to have a lot of respect for LSU as did most Florida fans. But the way you all blindly followed Alleva down some crazy narrative around Florida ducking a game is insane. Calling out the most respected AD in the league for the past 25 years and drawing a line in the sand. firing, not firing then firing miles.. not to mention the Duke fiasco. The guy is classless and it's starting to reflect on you... Get him out before he buries you further.
95% of fans of any team are good people. 5% are d****s... except for ohio state, 42% are d***s... I've run the numbers
I think we found our "safe space" LSUMC..... Tiger Stadium or better known as "Swamp West"
"A single drive where we lost our star LB." YES, let's talk about backups real quick... Florida was down their TWO star LB's who will be in the NFL next year. Both replaced by freshman.. Top 3 tacklers out also a workhorse d-lineman... just stop...
And IMO, I think he struggled in his inability to trust himself to make tough throws in the NFL. He never threw picks in college, rarely. If it wasn't open he'd tuck and run or throw away but he rarely threw balls that were questionable. Windows are so much smaller in NFL and running isn't going to be as productive and is potentially dangerous. You have to trust yourself to make tough throws to small windows and I don't think he trusted himself and hes hardwired not to turn the ball over. Some of those throws in the NFL that looked like he had no business being out there were him not trusting he could put the ball on target in a tight window so he'd short arm it or sail it. Then people got in his head around mechanics and it was over.. but he could throw it in college.. Doesn't hurt when you're throwing to Percy Harvin Aaron hernandez and a couple other future nfl players either
maybe... depends if florida can convert 3rd downs and run the ball a little.. if they leave the defense on the field all day they will get rolled in 2nd half because of depth issues at LB. would have loved to see Davis and Anzalone against Fournete and Guice. But it's going to be tough to replace 3 future NFL'rs on defense.
I think he was talking SEC champ not NC.
what I can't figure out in all of this is if LSU fans actually believe this narrative they've created or they're too stupid or too self absorbed and too selfish to think for themselves.... Here''s what LSU's response should have been to an uncertain and potentially dangerous event that impacted 2-5 million people in the state of florida including players and coaches. Here is what the LSU AD's response should have been: "Having been through this before we understand the uncertainty and potentially dangerous situation that comes with a hurricane and we will work with Florida to make up this game in the future. In fact, we both play out of conference opponents on November 19 and that's the date we will target to make this game up." END OF STORY.... I have friends and family that are STILL cleaning up from that hurricane that was 100 miles east of gainesville and I am SICK of these LSU fans talking about what we SHOULD have done to play a football game when half the state was bracing for the impact of what potentially could have been a catastrophic storm. There were more important things at stake that weekend than a football game so STFU... And don't even try to respond with your ridiculous notions about flying the team in and out or playing at a neutral site.. JUST STOP... The entire eastern seaboard was about to take a direct hit from a CAT 4 storm and millions of people were coming inland to places like G-ville and all LSU could talk about was a GD football game... STFU ALREADY!! You made yourselves look bad, nobody had to do it for you...
Love my Mizzou brothers but that is just a bad team right now. Gary Pinkle never got enough credit for how good of a coach he was. He had a good game plan and was prepared every week to execute. Program took a big hit when he retired. They haven't looked even decent in an SEC game this year. Wouldn't surprise me if USC put up 40