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You insinuated it, then got heaps of backlash, so now you're backtracking. Just be careful what you say man. Hmmmmmm.
Lol dude if, by this point, you still think it’s a hoax bro, then god bless you. I don’t ever really comment on here but you are just too stupid to not poke fun at I’m sorry
Man LSU must have LOTS of trouble headed there way. Joe Brady and Dave Aranda? No you goof, you don’t know anything about football. The more off season attrition you have, generally speaking, the more success the team is having.
How many times year after year do we have to say the freshman wide receivers need to step up? We hear it every offseason.
Well. One could almost say it might actually be beneficial for LSU to play its back up quarterback.
Or the time Florida won the game but called a timeout with the ball with one second left to keep the teams on the field that much longer just to prove a point. We are all the same
Remember that time all you idiot Georgia fans hated Mike Bobo and Jim Chaney?
Remember that time all you idiot Georgia fans hated Mike Bobo and Jim Chaney
So...hopefully you guys are terrible on 1st and 2nd downs? Hahahahaha. Game plan baby game plan y’all got this
If those aren’t the most cherry picked stats I’ve ever read then I don’t know what is. “94th in blitz success and 98th in 3rd and long” lol. Yeah that may be true, but they’re 29th overall in 3rd down efficiency defense which is ultimately the 3rd down percentage stat that matters here.
Hey TheDawgsofWar, you may not realize this, but you are a stupid person.
As far as easy or impossible games to predict goes, this one seems a little more straightforward actually. Auburns D-line is incredible and Florida's O-line is just straight awful. Aren't football games won in the trenches? Look, I'm not just some Georgia fan trolling a Gator fan or whatever. I'm just saying, this one seems like it could go pretty close to what we're all already thinking. Auburn 31 Florida 17
As a matter of fact, every year Chaney coached under Georgia, the offense improved statistically until peaking at the #14 overall best offense in College Football the year he left. I’m not the biggest fan of the guy, but your take is just wrong.
He wasn’t on the hot seat. What source did you hear that from. Not credible. Dumb thing to say just because he left.
Thank God. No distractions. Just play physical football and win the game.
Hahahahahahahahaha," dog I'm weak. You said, "Crackhead it's spelled 'douche.'"
lol the first 7 out of 8 comments on here are Florida fans talking trash about Georgia fans before a Georgia fan even commented lol. Who’s the d bags in this situation? I’m confused
When you say the Gators have plenty of talent, I’m just curious. Do you follow recruiting? No they don’t. Research your comments before posting my man. Of course talent is relevant to the teams they’re scheduled against on a weekly basis. But plenty of talent in comparison to LSU and Georgia? Nah homie. Try again.
The main take away I think UGAfisherman was trying to make was how far apart the programs have grown over the years. And that's Including Richt, Kirby, Dooley, Butch, and Pruitt all together silly gooses.
Whatever happened to Netori Johnson. I always liked that dude
SECcountry. The key words here in the dialogue is “most” and “minority.” Saying only educated voters is your words dumbass not mine. I suppose that’s Hilary Clinton’s fault though my b
imissSECcountry Hey umm. No. My comment implies that most uneducated southern voters actually do support Trump. Which is true. A certified fact. Which is why Cody would be a minority. But to your point SEC country, you’re right on one thing; I’m totally and completely saying that education probably has a lot to do with political common sense.
Kadarius Toney has the feel of an Alvin Kamara type situation. Where he’s super incredibly underused at their respective schools but then blows up in the NFL with a competent staff and run scheme. So much for Dan Mullen out coaching the universe.
Cody (the Alabama fan) either represents the extreme minority of uneducated southern voters in the south who oppose Trump or he most likely actually graduated from the university of Alabama. Either way, how surprising is it to see a deep south southern football fan have any sort of political integrity or common sense. Stereotypes are accurate but not bulletproof. I’m uhhh, impressed. Even if I get crucified for the comment.
Yo where's Florida at? Here's my bold prediction. Florida finishes unranked at the end of the season. They simply do not have the players or the depth and this Florida fan "belief" that Dan Mullen will always find a way to out game plan you is hilarious at best and embarrassing at worst. Heard it here first.