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Hahahahahahahahaha," dog I'm weak. You said, "Crackhead it's spelled 'douche.'"
lol the first 7 out of 8 comments on here are Florida fans talking trash about Georgia fans before a Georgia fan even commented lol. Who’s the d bags in this situation? I’m confused
When you say the Gators have plenty of talent, I’m just curious. Do you follow recruiting? No they don’t. Research your comments before posting my man. Of course talent is relevant to the teams they’re scheduled against on a weekly basis. But plenty of talent in comparison to LSU and Georgia? Nah homie. Try again.
The main take away I think UGAfisherman was trying to make was how far apart the programs have grown over the years. And that's Including Richt, Kirby, Dooley, Butch, and Pruitt all together silly gooses.
Whatever happened to Netori Johnson. I always liked that dude
SECcountry. The key words here in the dialogue is “most” and “minority.” Saying only educated voters is your words dumbass not mine. I suppose that’s Hilary Clinton’s fault though my b
imissSECcountry Hey umm. No. My comment implies that most uneducated southern voters actually do support Trump. Which is true. A certified fact. Which is why Cody would be a minority. But to your point SEC country, you’re right on one thing; I’m totally and completely saying that education probably has a lot to do with political common sense.
Kadarius Toney has the feel of an Alvin Kamara type situation. Where he’s super incredibly underused at their respective schools but then blows up in the NFL with a competent staff and run scheme. So much for Dan Mullen out coaching the universe.
Cody (the Alabama fan) either represents the extreme minority of uneducated southern voters in the south who oppose Trump or he most likely actually graduated from the university of Alabama. Either way, how surprising is it to see a deep south southern football fan have any sort of political integrity or common sense. Stereotypes are accurate but not bulletproof. I’m uhhh, impressed. Even if I get crucified for the comment.
Yo where's Florida at? Here's my bold prediction. Florida finishes unranked at the end of the season. They simply do not have the players or the depth and this Florida fan "belief" that Dan Mullen will always find a way to out game plan you is hilarious at best and embarrassing at worst. Heard it here first.
What everybody never ever really seems to understand is that, in some ways if not most, the Offensive Coordinator on almost every team in college football is essentially handcuffed to whatever offensive philosophy the head coach is partial to. That being which Chaney has ran spread offenses during his tenure in college football. He’s also been run oriented. Hell he’s been balanced and pro style. To say Chaney is inept and lacks creativity is a fallacy. One could argue Chaney was one of the more innovative coordinators in the past decade. Albeit he’s not the greatest, but he is consistent and dependable for whomever calls the big shots and overall identify of the football team. Look no further than Drew Brees and Purdue to Tyler Bray and Tennessee to Jacob Eason/Jake Fromm and Georgia. Play calling and the blame game can only go so far and the greatest team sport in the world. Think objectively. Not emotionally based on wins and losses.
The No. 102 offensive tackle in the class of 2020 and the No. 139 Overall recruit from from the state of Florida. LOL. Florida out here doing it big I see you
Lol. Most underrated comeback of the year.
Any running back leading the nation in number of carries isn’t necessarily a good thing but I feel you homie
Good Lord you're a negative Nancy. We had a real game last week by the way.
Look man. I pride myself on all things Georgia. But I swear to God on my life that I’ll give you a pass on this if by the second worst president ever you mean that ****** ****p comes in at #1 worst of all time.
Dog you have to the absolute dumbest dude on the website. Where tf are you even from? Be a fan of another team.
Why is this still a thing? A weeklong celebration of a 1998 National Championship? Tennessee is by far and away the most ridiculous fan base in the entire world.
Yo I don't know who Chris Marler is, but this dude is clever and funny as hell. Actually. SDS articles are just more entertaining period when your team is at the top of the totem pole (chill tf out Bama fans, we know who's king for now).
Do all SEC National Championship teams get a 20 year anniversary cover article or just Tennessee because they need a reason to smile a little bit after all the ridiculousness they've had to endure the past two decades? Either way, I have the utmost respect for fans who are proud of where they come from even through the ups, downs, and embarrassments. I'm a fan of all SEC teams vs non-conference opponents except Florida. Everybody hates Florida. Especially the Dawgs.
13. Will Natrez Patrick finally choose middle linebacker over mids? LMAOOOOOOOO
Well. Offenses do win games, and this isn't a championship. But you're calling for the upset? Then you say defenses win championships, but you then you say "Not to say USC will win the championship, but--" You're like the epitome of a walking contradiction.
Man is Georgia beats Bama to give them an 0-2 start in conference play....Lets just say I can't wait until that following Finebaum show