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Let's hope the SEC gets 2 teams in the CFP. Regardless of who joins Georgia there, that would be good for all of us.
I don't know if LSU could steal Stoops from Kentucky or not. But I do know this: you won't outbid Kentucky.
Why are we talking about Georgia vs the 3rd best team in the East?
Losing to Kentucky will get you fired in this league, even in a year that Kentucky is the 3rd best team lol. Or is it 2nd best?
Sounds like someone is bitter that Kentucky is better than Auburn this year.
I hope Georgia destroys Bama and brings the title back to the east.
Kentucky has just as good of a chance to make the CFP as Alabama does. Bama is going to get railed by Georgia, and Kentucky has a very winnable schedule left. A NY6 bowl is likely what awaits both Kentucky and Alabama.
How does UK drop 4 spots after covering the spread against the #1 team? This is a top 10 team.
Kentucky's realistic ceiling is absolutely 11-1. I'm not saying 10-2 isn't possible, but that's why we call it a ceiling. What a dumb take.
I think Ole Miss is overrated, because no matter how good their offense is, their defense is Swiss cheese. That being said, I don't know what to make of UT's resurgence in the last few games against some bad teams that have given up on their seasons. I agree this will be close, but I'd say Ole Miss 41 - 35.
Let's be real, Florida has luckily escaped Kentucky many times this decade. We're better than you for the time being.
Everything you said is correct, and yet UGA is the better team.
But they really don't take us serious yet. We're probably not beating Georgia, the best team in the country, but we were only a 3 point favorite at home against LSU. Give me a break. Also, we are an undefeated SEC team at mid season and we're only ranked 11th.
What we know for sure is that the 23 point spread is absolutely ridiculous. Georgia will know they were in a physical football game, and their sore bodies will remind them Sunday and Monday. Here's to no injuries for either squad and an SEC title for the winner.
I'm not picking to Kentucky to win, but rest assured that Georgia will know it was in a real football game. Both teams will be sore (hopefully uninjured) on Sunday. The 22 point line is absolutely ridiculous.
Can someone explain to me how Kentucky's resume isn't better than Oregon and every big ten team? The only 1 loss team that should be ahead of UK is Alabama. But, media bias against Kentucky continues. "They can't actually be good, can they?"
Thank you. Wishes of health and victory from Lexington.