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I gave Adam Spencer a lot of criticism here last year for what I perceived as an anti UK bias, especially early in the season. This article proves that he is objective. I apologize for my previous statements. There is a lot of good basketball to be played in the SEC this year!
I'm not picking Kentucky to win, but these Tennessee fans are delusional in their overconfidence. They actually think they're better than Georgia lol. Tennessee has nearly lost 3 games this year and their defense stinks. Kentucky will keep it close.
Don't be surprised to see Kentucky in this game in the 4th quarter. I think Tennessee wins in a close one.
Oh come on now. I expect it to be close again but I definitely don't expect Kentucky to win. Between UT and UGA, Kentucky miiiigghht pull out 1. But probably not.
That's about as Mississippi as Mississippi can Mississippi.
SDS sure covers their bases. They write 2 articles previewing and predicting this game, and pick Kentucky in one and Ole Miss in the other.
Yeah because we have 2 better freshman WRs that have both earned SEC freshman of the week already. You can keep him.
Literally every scout says Levi's is a 1st rounder and a top 2 QB in the SEC. Most say he is a top 5 draft pick. So they're all wrong you're right??
Funny how people discredit Florida when Kentucky beats them at the swamp, but praise Tennessee when they beat Florida at home.
Should be a close, fun game. It seems like a toss-up to me, but somehow Ole Miss is a touchdown favorite. That disrespect might be what Kentucky needs to pull off the win. Stoops is known to feed off that.
Any team except for Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio St needs to be careful when playing Tennessee. Are they playoff worthy? Absolutely not.
Aw he gets mad when someone doesn't think his team will dominate. It will be a close game. Pitt is an ACC joke. Facts.
Tennessee hasn't beaten anyone. Pitt without their QB is a joke. If Florida finally decides to run Richardson, they likely win.
Don't worry, you'll get a good taste of it in October in Lexington when the SEC's best running back returns.
I will also admit that Jimbo is a poor man's football version of Calipari.
I used to be married to an FSU grad. We went to the FSU championship game against Auburn at the Rose Bowl. As the supportive husband, I was rooting for FSU and was happy to see them win. That being said, I told everyone that would listen that FSU was winning despite having the worst game coach in the country in Jimbo.
Correct. The run was taken away by Kentucky. If you want your QB to get 3 yards and then end up on his back, more power to you
Stoops knows he will eventually take Kentucky wherever he wants to go. He will not leave a much better situation in a MUCH better city to go sit in a corn field begging recruits to follow. Only 5 or 6 currently relevant powers have a shot of stealing Stoops, and Nebraska isn't close.
The author is clearly mad about Kentucky being ranked 9th lol.
Still dreading the UGA game. But it's nice to know UK can lose a game between now and then and still call it a game for the lead in the east.
Don't get me wrong, I think Florida is better than Utah. But maybe they are considering the fact that you played both games in the swamp.
Looks good to me. Is the east finally stronger than the west?
Tennessee is overrated. Beating Pitt in OT without their QB is no accomplishment for a good SEC team.
Finally some objective analysis. This game is a complete toss up in my opinion, but that's only because it's in the swamp. Kentucky is the SLIGHTLY better team based on talent on the field and in the coaching staff. Florida may well win, but it will be hard fought no matter who comes out on top. This game decides who has the early track on being #2 in the east, and only Tennessee has something to potentially say about that.
Overall, these predictions are drunk. Can't wait for the Tennessee vs Kentucky game. No idea who will win, but one of these 2 teams will be 2nd in the east. It might not even be the winner of the game.