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You're the idiot. You absolutely can spread the virus even if you are asymptomatic. The only thing you got right is that a positive test doesn't necessarily mean you have the virus. Nearly all medical tests have some level of uncertainty, and with the rush to develop these tests, the current ones have a high false positive/false negative rate.
That response is the college football equivalent to Lou Brown's answer to if he wanted to manage the Cleveland Indians
I say "strain" as that is the term most people would understand, but did add "type" to make it more technically correct. But, yes, you are correct about virus vs disease. Once again, was going with the KISS explanation (Keep It Simple Stupid)!
Well, technically, COVID-19 is a strain/type of coronavirus, one that is new to humans (at least that we know of). The name COVID-19 comes from "Co"rona"vi"rus "D"isease discovered in 20"19". That concludes your infectious disease lesson for the day. ;)
What I don't understand is why does it matter if the ball hit the returner or not? If it was a kickoff, it's a live ball until downed, so it's essentially a 60+ yard onside kick.
Sorry, you are incorrect. That "study" is just internet falsehoods. Any legit epidemiologist or virologist will tell you masks are critical for stopping the spread of covid and other airborne diseases. As for the masks not helping in the wildfires, it's because smoke particles have orders of magnitude more parts per million than covid (or any other virus). It's not that the masks can't block it (they can), it's just there are too many particles in the air for it to do any good.
I think they have more important things to be mad about...
I agree (it really is a crazy year when I agree with an Auburn fan!) The rule should be changed to allow play to continue (assuming no safety issue), then sort everything out after the whistle. The ruling makes no sense. The explanation was a fumble (as explained in the SEC press release), but because the whistle was blown early, no possession could be determined. However, the penalty assessed was intentional grounding. How can there be a fumble if it was intentional grounding (and vice versa?) Are dealing with quantum football where all possibilities can exist and the same time? Maybe Schrodinger's cat is really a tiger
Fair enough. Based on that criteria, I would agree. That being said, other articles of similar types usually categorize the school based on what conference it is in today, not then. Guess that's what I get for assuming...
That's being nit-picky. I know math at Alabama is of lesser priority than football, but it wasn't 95%, it was 88%, and that's including the 4 years he played during which the AFL was part of the NFL, but didn't play each other in the regular season. As for NFL HoF vs Pro Football HoF, I was well are of that, but shortened it for brevity.
LA/SD Chargers: Wes Chandler? Really? Ever heard of Lance Alworth(NFL and College Hall of Fame member, Arkansas Razorback)? Or Kellen Winslow (Also NFL and College Hall of Famer, and best player ever from Mizzou)? Either one of those are worthy. Not Wes Chandler.