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We have seen Missouri do well over the years with mid level prospects on the OL. From what I hear Armand takes care of business on and off the field. The staff will get him in that beautiful new weight room and hopefully he will be SEC ready after his 1st or 2nd year. Nice pick up! Congratulations to Armand and his family.
Way to go Tyree! Loved watching him and Jiggy Bled on the back end of the defense the past two years. Looks like he will be a Sunday Tiger after todays performance.
Ozarkian...Either get rid of that logo next to your name or start winning some football games down there before you start talking about mediocrity.
"Arkansas is coming off a season where the Razorbacks won three conference games for the first time since 2016." LOL
Yea and you better hope it stays that way or we might never see Arky beat Missouri again...what are we at now? 5 years in a row?... And I don't see Arkansas doing much better locking down the borders even though over the past 5-7 years the quality of the top MO players has been exponentially greater than whats coming out of the state of Arkansas. Missouri has already rode the coach Odom train to the definition of mediocrity. Don't get me wrong, I like Odom as a DC however Arkansas is going to have to beat Missouri at least once this decade before you all start talking all that mess down there.
The loss of Hilton and his whopping 31 tackles is irrelevant to the run defense. If anything the group of Gillespie, J Williams, Bledsoe, Oliver, & Ronell Perkins (who is a hybrid Safety/LB) is an upgrade in run support from the back end and might even be better in pass defense. Mizzou has the most talented CB duo that I can recall over the past 15-20 years with Acy and Holmes (both have a shot at contributing in the NFL after they move on from Mizzou). Cale Garret is wildly underrated as he has been nothing short of the most dependable defender on the team for the better part of the last two years. I feel the presence of Garret will greatly help Bolton and Gerarld Nathan Jr. (don't sleep on Aubrey Miller & Jamall Brooks for depth at the position. The aforementioned Ronell Perkins is a wild card this year and has a chance to make a big impact for this defense. As far as the D line is concerned Jordan Elliot has a chance to be what Terry Beckner showed flashes of early in his career before dealing with multiple knee surgeries. They have great depth with Byers, Whiteside, Daniels, Sci Martin, Chris Turner, Trajan Jeffcoat, Utsey, & Jeffcoat...all of whom should get reps and contribute. This team has a chance to cause some problems on both sides of the ball as I feel Odom has built them to compete in the SEC. The offense will ideally compliment the depth and talent on the defensive side of that ball. I'm calling this a 9 win season for the Tigers with a chance to get to 10. I love watching SEC football and hope a healthy season to all teams and players across CFB. One last note this Tigers O-Line is looking impressive. Cant wait for the season to begin!
"He appeared in 25 games last season, averaging 2.5 points and 1.5 rebounds per game." Uhhhhhhh...
Doyle is an absolute BEAST. Here's to hoping he sticks with his commitment. He would be fun to watch at Mizzou. original comment wasn't posted because I said crap? Is this real life. Aren't we talking about SEC Football here? lol
Beyond that Drew Lock doesn't seem to be bothered about the situation so why is this significant...
I would love to see a younger coach get a shot. The Sean McVay of College Football if you will. I understand hiring these Coaches with long standing recruiting ties (Mack, Miles, Kiffin to some extent) and see why that is something you would consider when hiring a CFB coach. However I feel like a younger coach might be able to relate better on a personal level with the players. This program needs a coach that these players will run through a wall for and I don't think that's the case right now with Odom. It seems like coaching is not just an older mans job anymore and I feel like Mizzou might benefit moving forward with a young and upcoming coach. The problem of course is if the younger coach did have success at Mizzou that phone would eventually ring with an offer they just couldn't refuse. Can anyone suggest a few realistic possibilities that might fit this mold?
Love it! Now start working on some of these skill position players from the area. St. Louis high school football is THRIVING.
This comment is the most high strung comment I have ever read on SDS. I'm not a doctor but you should probably take a vacation and reflect on life for a moment.
I really like his patience in run defense not over pursuing and letting the play develop a bit and come to him before delivering the final blow. He also seems to have good leverage coming off the ball. Add another 35-40 lbs and this guy is going to have a chance to make some noise. Welcome Arvell! 314 to MIZ!
Trystan Castillo is the best young Center in the SEC. Being that he started every game last season I would include him in the 5th "dream scenario...or better yet just write all 5 starting O Lineman are back with experienced depth at nearly every O Line position. In regards to the depth behind Beckner Jr. I suppose its fair to say they aren't "proven" however Missouri has at least 5 guys at DT that can play against any opponents 1's and produce. Keep an eye on Chris Turner & Tre Williams who is as talented and anyone on that line. Jatorian Hansford could see some snaps on passing downs as a true freshman. Additionally the LB's are the exact same as last year. I wouldn't go as far to say for the "first time in a few years the Tigers actually have some solid linebackers.
John Crist, obviously NFL scouts look at many things in the evaluation process. I see a lot of similarities in Lock and Jared Goff in regards to their respected college careers. Jared Goff, California, 14-23 (.378) - 977 (cmp) 1568 (att) 62.3 (pct) 12195 (yds) 7.8 (Y/A) 8.1 (AY/A) 96 (td) 30 (int) 144.0 (rate) Drew Lock, Missouri, 16-20 (.444) - 590 (cmp) 1082 (att) 54.5 (pct) 8426 (yds) 7.8 (Y/A) 7.8 (AY/A) 70 tds) 30 (ints) 135.7 (rate) I would have to think Goff being in the Pac-12 was playing against similar if not lesser competition than what Lock has gone up in the SEC. I know for a fact that Goff had the more talented/polished pass catchers. Obviously Goff went number 1 overall, so while a good win loss record in college certainly can't hurt a QB's stock it is in no way the end all be all in the evaluation process. I believe Goff also played in a similar offense to what you see from Lock at Missouri. A ton of 3-5 wide, single back, and almost always shotgun. Lock has improved every year and looks to be the best pure passer that Missouri has ever had. The record books say this and so does the eye test. If Lock comes back for his senior season I see no reason why Missouri should not be picked to finish 1st or 2nd in the SEC East next year.
Mizzou needs a QB BAD in this class. I don't see Micha Wilson or Taylor Powell as a difference maker at the SEC level. Heupel needs someone to deliver the ball through the air with accuracy and authority in his offense. Foster has the potential to be a serious weapon in a JH offense. Hopefully we can get him back on board. He could either RS his 1st year or if he wants.. come in and compete for the back up job (this assuming Lock is coming back). JF2 to Mizzou! It would be nice to see him paired up with Da'ron Davis and Larry Rountree in a few years.
Cam is a smart kid so I doubt this is about lack of intelligence. In regards to the complaints by the "roster" I don't think the coaches even had a clue what what going down on the defensive side of the ball until late in the year once Odom took over. Umler is apparently extremely physical and isn't afraid to use it. Like the LB's & the D-Line this years defense looks like it will be using the 2 & 3 deep on the depth chart in the rotation. I guess Blanton still has a lot to prove to the staff as RS Freshman Albert O is ahead of him on this depth chart. I really wish Nate Howard wouldn't have screwed up...I thought he had a chance to make some plays opposite side from Frazier this year. I really believe this team can pull off 8-9 wins this year which I think we would all be very happy with.
Yea...that's what I was getting at. As a Missouri fan I would personally just have the LB's rated higher than a 3/10. Thank you for making sure I was aware that SDS articles are not 100% accurate with the impending 2017-18 CFB season results.
I think the LB's should get a little more credit. I suppose they will have to earn it.
Right...toooo often I find these articles off base in regards to their statements vs. statistics.
That should tell us something about the kind of impression Jordan Ulmer (a true freshman) has made on the staff in his short amount of time with the team. I fully expect Hilton and Perkins for that matter to see quite a bit of playing time.
Love seeing the young guys earning playing time. Both Simms & Castillo have some NASTY in their game. The O Line looks to be one of the best units in the country from a depth perspective. I think Tyler Howell has the potential to be the first Missouri Tigers in my lifetime to hold down a LT spot in the NFL & Paul Adams is rock solid on the right side. Don't worry, we didn't forget about you KP!