True Son

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Race baiting? Hmmm...interesting, if not out of line.
Nope....the FSU chop claims that title. And, it's even more annoying now that it has leaked to the Atlanta Braves and KC Chiefs fan base.
Commentators that talk like they are rules experts.
Dismissed again....PURRRfect! #MIZ #WelcomeToTheSEC
That is a purely biased, subjective statement at this point. We are 3 full months from the season starting AND almost 6 months before Missouri and Arkansas play against each other. Time will tell who the favorite and underdog will be.
"The Tigers will return Russell Hansbrough, who’s amassed 970 yards this year, and Morgan Steward will finally be 100 percent healthy." Unless I've missed something, Ish Witter is also returning at the RB spot.