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Almost on par with the Joe Adams punt return vs Tennessee. almost...
4-8 might be generous. CSU may be more than my Hogs can handle. But, what can one expect with 53 freshman on the roster.
The "SYSTEM" has produced nothing thus far... So scrap it already and taylor the offense cater to Nick Starkle's strengths. We've looked like a Div. 2 team offense playing a Bama level defense thus far, and it's becoming embarrassing. I know we are green roster wise and need time to grow, but 20 points vs an FCS squad and being manhandled by the Reb-bear-sharks is disgraceful...
I don't see Ol' Miss at 80%. I'm not insulted, Arkansas isn't exactly lovable at this point. But neither are the Reb-bear-sharks... I'd give Mississippi 55-65% for the home advantage. One thing that is 100% certain, Whoever loses this, the 2019 edition of the SEC Toilet Bowl, is in for a long season. (the winner may not fare much better). All the same, WPS...
Thanks.. And I will survive. I'm old enough to have survived Jack Crow and losing to The Citadel, plus The John L. Smith Comedy Hour. 2 AND 10 was tough, but even fate can't hold a hostage forever..
No surprise after the ineptitude our offense displayed last season that CCM chose experience and familiarity with the system over superior arm strength. Yes, we will see N.S play as well, but I don't buy into the "Nick will take over at some point" theories, not 100% anyways. I think if B.H beats Ol' Miss next week and runs the noncon table it will be hard to pull him. He better beat CSU though or he will be watching Nick play. That's my opinion, take that plus 50 cents and make a down payment on a frapacino...
Arkansas needs to win a few of these, because it hasn't been a rivalry at all. Just an end season cupcake for Zou to prep for bowling. And since Zou can't bowl this year that might be quite the motivator for leaving Fayetteville with that eyesore of a trophy (again)...
Probably correct on Starkle. But the Jones Legacy stole the show in Friday's scrimmage. Joe Craddock seemed really high on the young qb. Doesn't mean he wins the job, just means the door is still wide open.
Once we get it finished we should have Les Miles stop by and see if it tastes good or not.
Wow.. I mean, just ..... wow... I think this is the first time I've ever seen a writer on sds insinuate that a team should be booted from the league. Bad form....
Hazen is a very small school and plays in the ÀA division if I am not mistaken. Which does make one wonder how he would fare at a 5A school..
Wow. A DL who doubles as a wildcat QB, slot receiver, tight end, tailback and WR... Does he March with the band at halftime as well? WPS..
Hopefully we can sweep this series, it's embarrassing to have a losing record to Memphis.
Chanting overrated always struck me as an incredibly stupid act on the part of any given fanbase. Why would you want to remove the luster of a big victory by insinuating that the team you just defeated really wasn't as good as they were perceived to be??
If Bret Beilema can have a tv show, Will Muschamp can have a tv show. And just so you know, all of us fans of lower tier SEC teams would only have a mild interest in seeing a show about Alabama, LSU, Georgia, or any other of the blue blood programs, just as you would only have a mild interest in seeing a show about Mizzou, USC or Arkansas.
Yep. We will still suck in '19. Because CCM will have to start a bunch of kids less than a year removed from sleeping at Mama's house. '20 may be a different story however... Meanwhile, Saban is getting old...
Hate that for you Zou guys. Scholarship reductions, Ouch! Ol' Miss lived through their ban, you will too. But it would have been nice if they had waited until after Feb signing to drop this bomb on ya'll...
Arkansas leaving before the game started and LSU punching UCF in the face. LMAO!
There was a time when I actually enjoyed the comments section as much or more than the actual articles. We had pertinent discussions pertaining to the subject matter, bounced ideas off each other, argued a bit, but it had a coffee shop meeting vibe that reminded me of the days when we actually met in the coffee shop. Now it has deteriorated into a playground for trolls, and those of us who actually want to have a civil discussion are having to Wade through this nonsense. Sad that there are those who exist with no other purpose than to ruin stuff for others.
Just curious. Would you be as pi$$ed off had he referenced, Allah, Buddha, Hare Krishna, Oprah, or any AH besides Jehovah?? Tired of anti Christians DEMANDING we keep our faith a secret. What exactly did it hurt for him to mention his faith? NOTHING.. Shut up.
Will be interesting to see how rough the transition from the triple option to pro style offense goes for Tech. Hope it goes better than our transition from pro style to RPO..
Yep. You guys are at Bama level when it comes to the depth chart. And right now Saban would cut off his right arm to have a kicker of Blankenship's stature.
Good luck to the young man. He may well be a stud at that level. After getting his a$$ handed to him by SEC defenses for two years he SHOULD excel at a lower level school..
In this day and age fan bases should turn cartwheels when a running back decides to play out his fourth year of eligibility in the NCAA. Hope the kid has a great year, raises his stock and avoids injury..
Sporting events are now for rich people exclusively anyways. I LOVE CFB and have since I was a kid, but the average guy like me can't even afford to go to a home game anymore, much less travel across the country and pay 1/3 of my monthly wages to watch 22 kids chase an inflated leather bag around a cow pasture for 3 hours. I can't even afford the $126 get in on this down year. I stopped going to Hogs games when the ticket price hit $50 a pop. $1000 a head is ridiculous. I wouldn'the pay that if the Pope was there to say the openingame prayer and Elvis was fronting the Beatles at halftime.
Indeed he could. And contribute to our ailing defense as well as mentor the "young uns". Like your handle BTW..
It depends on your status. Nick (with Bama money) can afford to bust 5 headsets per game. I don't know what your HS coaches budget is, but I would wager that if he busts too many you'll eventually see him wearing one held together with duct tape and bailing wire... LOL
Yep. BA was among the best ever at the UofA in my opinion. He and his brother both reminded me a bit of Clint Stoerner in the respect that they were tough as a sack of 16 penny nails. You could have shot either of the Allen boys out of a cannon into a brick wall and they would have got up and said "Do that again.." Very handy quality to possess especially in AA's case since he didn't have anyone blocking for him...