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Arkansas beat A&M and has identical w/l. Beat MSU and has better w/l. Yet these two are ranked and the Hogs left out? Not saying TAMU and State don't deserve to be ranked. But I just hope we don't get hosed when the real polls come out.
Is this an SDS crystal ball article? We don't lose to Bama for another couple of weeks. But Odom better dial up some heat because with Catalon out the Sultan of Dink and Dunk may suddenly find some open targets in the 25 plus range. MSU 38 AR 20.
LOL.. 5. Getting Lame Kiffin to kick field goals. 6. Finding a competent officiating crew in the SEC. 7. Finding a rap song without mf Or n in it. 8. Getting a flipped coin to land on its edge. 9. Gaining valuable insight into the female of the species. 10. Convincing Kirby Smart to ditch the Moe Howard hairdo. Your number one point is way legit. Until the playoff is expanded it still is being settled by opinion and not on the field. It's better than the BCS, but not by much.
I'll say it again. without Catalon back there Rogers doesn't drink and dunk his way to 300 yards, he will hit some big 'uns deep. State by 17 or more.
Without Catalon back there I'm afraid Rogers will carve us up. To win we will have to out score ya and I don't see it. State takes this one by 3 scores
Fans throwing debris on the field. Officiating crews incredibly inept. And a multi-million dollar a year coach who makes no bones about the fact he is willing to cheat. No one has any class anymore. No one is held to any kind of standard.
Auburn outplayed us. Even if the Refs got all those calls right, Auburn still outplayed us. All the cockiness from 3 weeks ago is gone now. I think we just caught Tex and Tex AM at the right time. Calzada was still trying to learn to spell football (he can spell it now for sure) and Tex didn't have the right man taking 1st string snaps yet. Make no mistake, we are still in a WAY better place than we were under Chad the Sad, But these last three games proved we aren't top 25 yet. Congrats Aubie and I think you guys actually have a staff that can develop a QB now. WPS
Oh, I think so. MSU is a strong possibility. LSU is just mediocre. And Auburn ain't exactly stellar this season. If we get 3 more wins (or even 2) and go bowling I will be shickled titless considering where we were 2 years ago. But your point is valid. DEPTH always hurts us as the season wears on. You guys and Georgia don't have to worry about that as the kid at Bama that picks up the dirty jock straps in the locker room after the game is a 4* athlete... LOL
Congrats to Ol' Miss on the W, but those were neither funny nor creative. You beat us 52-51, not 52-0. Ok.. the yessir one was a "little" funny... Ok, maybe it was a lot funny. Guess you can consider this one payback for the Hunter Heave... Matt for Heisman, the lad can play...
And if the play had succeeded everyone would be heralding the call as the most brilliant ever made. I am really not that disappointed. Going for 2 showed BAWLZ. Maybe that wasn't the best play call, but unless you are Georgia (or likely Bama) you better be prepped when the Hogs come to town. Couldn't say that two years ago as Chad the Sad was losing to middle school teams. WPS
I expected Sam to go for the win and I admire the bawlz. I HATE overtime. This was the best ballgame I've seen thus far this season, unless of course you like a defensive struggle. This was more like a basketball game. Of course I'd be happier if we'd won, but I am delighted about what Coach Sam has accomplished with these young men...WPS
Can't argue. AR - TN would have been a football game this year, or even AR-USC east.
Arkansas needs this game worse than Ol'Miss. We, like Florida, Auburn, and Tennessee have to play both Bama and Georgia.
Agree. I can see Bama and GA in both the SEC championship and the Natty. No other teams measure up at this point.
Determining factors: #1: 40-21 #2: Arkansas plays in the SEC West Tex plays in the 12. Ark will play more ranked teams this season than Tex has in the past decade, so comparing final records means nothing. #3: 40-21 #4: Considering #2, who gets the better bowl means little or nothing as Ark has to wade through hell to even win 6 and Tex plays in the 12. #5: 40-21
Any rational Hog fan knows this. Manhandling an over rated Texas and an A&M with qb and O Line issues showed Coach Sam has the boys believing in themselves and are now no longer an in conference cupcake. But Saturday at 12 we play big boy football.
KJ is a force to be reckoned with without a doubt. IF he ever develops touch and accuracy to go along with the rocket launcher hanging from his right shoulder, then we can start the Cam Newton comparisons and talk of awards. But for now he is a qb nobody wants to have to prepare for, and he fits our smash mouth style perfectly.
Hey... What happened to that journalist that wrote that Arkansas should be removed from the conference ???
That would be a huge testament to the kind of man and coach Sam P is. We found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and you Bulldog guys have been so gracious about it.
and this article has exactly WHAT to do with the SEC ?
I agree. In this day and age of the multi million dollar buyout, feel free to leave me at the airport and owe me $10 million to NOT coach your team. I can afford an Uber.
Florida–42, Tennessee–17 Miss St–31,LSU–28 Alabama–51, Southern Miss–7 Georgia–56, Vandy–7 Kentucky–27, S. Carolina–17 Missouri–38, BC–26 Auburn–49, Ga State–10 IF Arkansas is the team the beatdown of the orange steers suggests: Arkansas–38, Texas A&M–28 If the W vs Horns Down U was a fluke: A&M -21, Arkansas - 17
I was thinking the same thing. At least we swap Georgia for South Carolina.
I feel more confident about this game than I have about the Southwest Classic in 10 years. Why? Sam Pittman has our boys BELIEVING in themselves, something that we haven't seen in Fayetteville since, oh, about mid-Beilema. That in and of itself is worth about 10 points. If your D can prevent The Hogs from establishing the run I don't think KJ will beat you with his arm. His accuracy and consistency is still questionable (but he can throw the long ball fer sure). If we rush for 250 or more and keep Calzada a bit uncomfortable I think this is the year we break the losing streak. Y'all stop our stable of backs and we add one more L to the what, 10 in a row? This one may be quite the nail biter. Hogs, 28 Ags 27...
Beating Texas was quite the treat for us older Arkansas fans who harbor a healthy hatred for the Horns dating back to the SWC (you Aggies no doubt know the feeling). But this game next week carries a lot more weight for me owing to the current win streak you guys have, the heartbreakers the Hogs have dropped over the past decade to the Ags, and the fact that we are all battling to be Bama's little brother right now. We get past You guys and I'll begin to buy into the current "Razorhype" the W over the Orange Steers has created. You Ags throttle us again and I'll still be a believer in the Pittman experience, but a lot more reserved about how far the program has come to date. At any rate we all seem to realize this game is gonna be a huge factor in determining the early season pecking order for the SEC West. Looking forward to this one even moreso considering the Hogs early success this season. May the best team win and WPS..