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This article was indeed a porterhouse steak amidst the usual fare of off season hors d'oeuvres. Technology advances whether we want it to or not. weeagle nailed it. The cable providers will adapt. AT&T was my LANDLINE provider before wireless existed. They're still here. CFB existed before TV. It will continue in the era of live streaming. But it will evolve. Question is, to what degree, and will I still be interested when it does?
It's all hypothetical at this point of course. And we all remember the hype train derailment the last time Aubie sounded the Heisman horn for an untested qb. So your points are indeed valid. Another potential upset looms as well, if LSU's new OC resolves their issues under center they could be a threat. But the end of the season could just as likely see the current status quo perpetuated and the SEC yet again prove to be the "Bama and them" conference.
I pull for LSU all season long, except of course during the battle for The Boot. Everyone knows they are a qb away from being a bully to rival Bama. If Canada can get his qb to believe in himself, and the offense to believe in the qb....... In other words, I think the Tigers issue in the past wasn't so much the young man under center, but the staff in charge of his development. Obviously that's what the powers that be thought as well, hence we have new staff. Etling (or whomever) May not set the world aflame this year, but I think we will see strides, not baby steps in 17.
Of course Bama is a good bet. But. Not so fast my friends. Although it's highly unlikely, this could be the year Bama is outside looking in. If the Stidham hype proves true, and Florida State puts on a show week one, a two loss Bama squad might find itself in an upper tier bowl and the SEC not represented in the CFP. Hey, monkeys do fly out of people's butts every so often.
let's just stop keeping score, give everyone a participation trophy and go sniff unicorn farts and fairy dust.
Try as I might, I just can't find six wins on Arkansas' schedule. Hope I'm wrong.
I didn't expect to see AA on this list since I don't expect The Hogs to have an impact on the "Division Race", as per the title of the article. But then I see others listed from teams that probably won't have anymore impact than Arkansas, so, yeah, you got a legitimate point. No, AR won't win the Division, I fear we may not Bowl this year. BUT.. AA is certainly capable of gutting out an unlikely win and ruining it for someone else. That would qualify as an "impact", would it not?
How many teams do we already have in the SEC that bailed on a conference to escape the influence of the spoiled brat in burnt orange? I count 3, my Hogs being the first. The Sooners, The Frogs, The Bears or The Cowboys would be my top picks. The Egomaniacal Orange needs to be an independent, because they have basically been HIV to the last two conferences they were members of.
No disrespect intended to the outstanding RWIII, he is indeed a natural leader and his contributions to the team went beyond the 1300+ yards, but I personally am more concerned about that sieve we called a defense we fielded last season. How quickly will the personnel adjust to the new scheme? Do we have the depth at the lb position to run the 3-4? Even if Devwah and associates step up and cover the 2000 yards rushing produced by last years tandem of backs (and I think they stand a good chance) we still won't fare well in conference play if we allow 35 pts per game.
I really like this rating system. Yes, yes, we all understand that at this juncture all attempts to rank anyone or anything is no more than educated speculation, and that no human being on the planet can be truly objective and free of bias. Not to mention that a football, that oblong blimp shaped leather pouch which looks so elegant when spiraling through the air toward the outstretched hands of an open receiver, also looks like a one legged duck chasing a beached carp when it hits the turf, and nobody knows which way it will bounce, or which team's destiny that bounce may alter. Momentum was one of the categories evaluated, and said evaluation was fairly accurate for the most part, but we all know momentum is fleeting, best analogy I can think of would be a pre-menstrual female (sorry ladies),in that it can swing for reasons unseen by any man on earth. Other intangibles exist of course, up to and including pure dumb luck, which render any ranking system substandard. But, as I stated, I like this system. As we walk headlong into the post spring purgatory each year, educated speculation is all we have to provide the conversational fodder we SEC junkies must have to stave off the effects of our off season withdrawal. This post spring mathematical ranking should become a yearly tradition at SDS. And Mr Crist should do it every year. Because we hate him and he keeps us pi$$ed off. And we SEC fans are only truly happy when we are pi$$ed.
Hard to argue with the rationale, since the Hogs in reality had no spring game. That snoozefest last Saturday was only slightly more interesting than watching snails f#@k, produced no stats or any other real basis for comparison.
I hope I'm wrong, but I see the Hogs wining 4 or 5 this go round. Since A&M joined our status of being the team that won't win championships, but will ruin your chances if you don't take us seriously, has slipped to the team that won't beat the least of the east. With all the ? this season, (switch to 3-4, new left tackle, unproven receiving corps, new DC, I just don't see much to cheer about in 17.
Does anyone in Connecticut even know what a football is?
Good observation. Not to mention the turmoil that occurred during that period, and abrupt change of OC.
AA got some love! Will be interesting to see if he excels after losing 80% of the receiving corps he threw to last year. We have talent at the position(s). will it develop into the machine it was last year? we will see. I personally will be surprised if the Hogs bowl this season. But hey, what do I know?
Auburns inept offense ruined the Sugar Bowl. (Yeah, I know, Arkansas refusal to play after halftime ruined the Belk). Joe Mixon is just one of many thugs playing on Saturdays in this wonderful era in which we live. Remove all the thugs, no body has a two deep anymore. That being said, as far as Mixon himself, I sure as hell don't want him dating my daughter. I doubt he will ever change. Should he get a second chance? Not up to me. Or Brent, or John C. If it were up to me? Bastid woulda been watching the game from home. Perhaps Brent should have watched the Rose and like the team who called that game, never actually mentioned the atrocities themselves, and skirt the issue as is popular in our PC society. But Mixon didn't ruin the Sugar. He played football. He played it quite well. The question isn't his ability to play the game, it's does he deserve to play it. I'd say no, but my opinion doesn't count.
Fat boy will be back for 17. No way he gets the ax after 3 straight bowl appearances. Mediocrity is acceptable under Jeff Long. Unless we can get him to poke an intern then have a wreck he may be here for quite a while.
How to beat Bama... Score at least one more point than they do.... Not an easy task, considering that the person who picks up dirty jock straps in the locker room after the game was 5-stars in high school, or their scout team could beat a mid major teams starters. How do you run the ball against a front seven who eats raw horse flesh laced with gun powder and glass shards as a pregame meal? How do you throw the ball with a rush end drooling in your face after pounding you two inches deep into the turf?
4-3 or 3-4, our D is a joke. I don't see that changing by Thursday. Dan Skipper will probably commit a dumb penalty which costs us big, AA will get picked on 3rd and goal, Coach B will go on 4th down (and get stuffed) when a fg could keep momentum flowing, AA will pass for 300 and RWIII will rush for 150, yet we will still lose, for we are Arkansas, it's what we do.
is it just me, or does she sound like a less exaggerated Pat from the old SNL sketches? That being said, if you can get past the voice, she does call a good game imho.
Just a thought, but college ball and the coaching carosel there-in is such a fickle, what have you done for me lately endevour anymore. An hour prior to kick off Coach O was the greatest thing out of Louisiana since Jerry Lee Lewis, but since he couldn't beat a team that the last 20 teams said team has played couldn't beat, he's no longer a candidate. I'm not saying LSU shouldn't consider anyone else, but don't eliminate Coach O from the running just because he couldn't beat Bama. If beating Bama is the sole criteria used to determine who the next head coach should be then the only candidates that meet it are Hugh Freeze or Urban Meyer...... Kiffin??? Hmmmmm. It would be worth a shot. I'd have a back up plan though.
Gene, Peter, Ace and Paul all hate you now.......
Me too, but my wife would take issue, she's a ****cough cough***** Bama fan. Is an Elephant and a Hog considered a mixed marraige?
Must admit Coozmiester, after watching young Mr Fitzgerald mature into the type of QB the Hogs D HATES to try and deal with, I have erased the W I had penciled in for State and replaced it with a question mark. This game could well be a shoot out with 60 to 100 points combined and may come down to whoever has the ball last... After saying that, watch it be a 13-10 game.
I dunno. I think Aubie would have handed us our a$$es today even if lane kiffin was calling O and John chafis was calling D. they killed us at both lines. we caused no negative yardage plays on D and our O line couldn't have kept my grandma out or our backfield.
my thoughts exactly. but also have to ackno