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Agree, not for the reason's the author stated anyways. I do expect we will see Tua today, as the game will likely be over before halftime. We may even see your third string guy at some point. Hell, Y'all could start the head cheerleader at QB and beat us by four scores......
Yeah, I'm afraid to even tune in. Bama's scout team could beat the Hogs this year.... By four TD's... Drunk and naked...
Agree. Things look as bleak as they did in BB's first year.
The Tide's sacks/game average should rise substantially come saturday, as the razorback o-line doesn't seem interested in blocking anyone. Should Austin Allen overcome his sore shoulder and start against the Tide, he will be wearing a turf green jersey by halftime.
LOL... yeah, maybe we do. we ARE the Mizzou of the West...
Scratch that, we will either miss the FG attempt, or CBB will opt to go on 4th and get stuffed.... 42-7 Aubie
Arkansas ain't going bowling this year. I've been saying that since well before the season started. When you're Arkansas, You don't loose your entire receiving corps to graduation/draft/injury, install a new defense/coordinator, loose your #1 back to injury, and only have one SEC caliber O-lineman and expect 6 wins. We just don't have the talent. period. We will beat our other cupcake and maybe MO and MS. Maybe.... but That would still only makes 5 wins. I have every faith that we will figure out how to lose to SC on Saturday, Aub and AL will MURDER us, Fitz will rush for 200 yards and beat us by at least 2 scores, and LSU will beat us in spite of coach O. No, I'm not screaming for CBB's head on a platter. I would of course prefer a hot coaching commodity in Fayettville, but, we thought CBB WAS a hot commodity... Would anyone mind if I lived vicariously through GA for the remainder of this season? Kidding of course..... About the GA thing anyways....
It may not be as bad as last year, but Auburn will still run through us like crap through a duck. 42-10 Auburn.....
Please stop with the "Saban is ruining the SEC" narrative. You have five other high profile teams in the league who have consistently brought in top ranked recruiting classes, but have not consistently produced double digit seasons. Saban can only cause one loss per season on any of those teams schedule. Yet his success is the reason for their failure? NOT!
Maybe if we hire him a slew of sexy young female grad assistants and buy him a fleet of Harleys Bobby P might be lured back. Aside from him, who we gunna get? And what wealthy alumnus is gunna write the check for CBB's buyout? We're kinda stuck I guess. Danny Ford 2.0...
Butch sux. He's in good company in the current day SEC, because Bret sux, Boom sux, Kevin sux, Mac sux, Gus sux, Ed may end up sucking (he did at MS) Barry looks to suck, and what's his name at MS will probably suck. There aren't many coaches in the SEC right now that are earning their pay. Nick of course, then you got Dan who can build a team around a two star diamond in the rough, and Derrick (no, Vandy won't win a title, but Derrick has them relevent, that's BIG), and that Stoops boy has a basketball school winning some football games. Kinda sad that 3 out of the 4 coaches who are meeting/exceeding expectations are at schools that wont ever win the SEC. (Kirby gets an out, we will see if he is Mark 2.0 or if he can take the Dawgs somewhere). Reckon what Dan could do if he had the recruiting chutzpah of a Florida, or a Tennessee, or an Auburn? But, Butch sux. Along with the rest of the so called upper echelon coaches in the league right now. pity...............
Arkansas may well be the Missouri of the west this year. I'll take aTm at -3, hell, I'll take aTm at -23.
I had the same thought, at first, then I thought about it for a minute. If I am carrying a shotgun and a glock, and I shoot a rat with the glock and don't use the shotgun, is the shotgun not still a weapon?
I had the same thought, at first, then I thought about it for a minute. If I am carrying a shotgun and a glock, and I shoot a rat with the glock and don't use the shotgun, is the shotgun not still a weapon?
Fresno will score two safeties? OK.. Long snapper sails one 25 yards over punters head out the back of the end zone. TWICE?
I like Coozie's pick for Bama Fresno, 38-7 TideLosing our top cover man coupled with our inexperienced receiver Corp stifles our ability to out score Kenny and crew. 45-24 FrogsFitz runs amok. 42-17 DogsNobody stops anybody Saturday in Columbia. Regulation ends 42-42. Bently overthrows open man on 2pt play in 3rd OT. Lock hits his guy. 64-62 TigersStidham puts on solid show to supplement run game. Defense IS for real. 31-21 AuburnFromm not quite ready, but Michel and Chubb make up for it. Still not enough. 31-27 Irish
This comment has little to do with the article...... Over the last two days EVERY article I pull up on SDS, EVERY ONE OF THEM, regardless of which school's page said article is on, features the video concerning aTm's meltdown vs UCLA last Saturday. It makes one wonder if SDS has not commenced a campaign to have Coach Sumlin removed from his position at College Station. Not to mention one of the articles posted immediately following the game featured a pic with "#firesumlin" emblazened across the coaches photo. Am I imagining things here, or does it appear this way to anyone else? I'm not defending Coach Sumlin, nor condemning him, it may well be time for a change at aTm, but am I way off base in speculating that SDS is, like the rest of the mainstream media, becoming more interested in molding public opinion than in reporting facts?
Congrats Chase Hayden. Well done young sir!
The author was distracted as he wrote that sentence, he was watching "Game of Thorns".
Hard to get any real impression of what the Hogs may be able to achieve from this game.. D did look good, but.... Against a Jr High offense who opted to rest their starting qb and play their back up. The passing game was pedestrian at best, but.... I don't think Enos flipped to deeply into the playbook, seeming more concerned with development of a screen game which has been lacking during BB's tenure, and finding out how deep we are at rb. I do echo your sentiments in that this game didn't exactly raise my expectations for 17, but it didn't lower them either. But then again, I wasn't expecting 9 wins this year either. Next Saturday in Fayetteville will likely be more telling, as TCU won't be there to be a six figure sparring partner.:
This game was the poster child for proponents of doing away with cupcake games. They benched their starting qb, he never took a snap, collected their six figure paycheck and boarded the bus back to FL. And this glorified scrimmage should count towards bowl eligibility for the Hogs? I understand these schools depend on income from these games, but I myself would not schedule ANY team who REFUSES to give their best effort.
One could straddle the fence all day long on this particular subject. Weagle's point is valid of course. Those who garner 7 figure salaries have to know results are expected behind that lofty pay outlay. But 5 star heart and boru have legitimate points as well. Expecting ANYONE to turn the sh@t sandwich Petrino left into a 5 - star dining experience over night is not well grounded in reality, especially considering that Arkansas doesn't have the pedigree many SEC members can boast of. And even though Coach B is at the point chronologically where recruiting should have the players in place to implement his system, and expectations concerning the W-L column should be high, circumstance must also be taken into consideration. Losing RWIII hurt, as did the decimation of the receiving corps, not to mention the switch to the 3-4 defense, which might take a while to gel. Due to all this uncertainty surrounding the program this year, I think we grit our teeth and accept the fact that we may take a step backward. As Boru said, Coach B seems to be trying to do this the right way, a respectable trait these days. Personally, I don't expect the Hogs to bowl this season, and should that be the case, I WON'T be calling for Coach B's head come January.
Yeah.. Bama's scout team would win 7 or 8 games and the kid that picks up dirty jocks in the locker room after practice is a 4 star recruit.
I'd like to see that game too. Fitzgerald vs GT's blast from the past offense. Gotta be good tv!
ROFLMAO..... Damn, nine seasons. How long has Nick been at Bama now?
Define dynasty... If Nick Saban's tenure at Bama doesn't constitute a dynasty, what does?