Peter Stoddard

Peter Stoddard has been writing and speaking his entire career in the fields of corporate events and real estate. Only recently did he begin to write and speak to groups for a living. Peter has a BBA Marketing degree from University of Georgia. In 2017 Peter began a Public Relations writing business. In 2019 he published, "Lewis Grizzard: The Dawg That Did Not Hunt." In 2021 he published, "Lewis Grizzard: The Dawg Who Loved to Prowl." Peter is thus far the only single author to have written books about a man many consider to be the greatest humorist America ever produced. Peter is the author of four books and will soon complete a fifth.

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Texas UGA Fan, thank you for your kind comments. Much to my regret, I had "personal friendship" with Lewis. I never met him or to the best of my knowledge ever saw him face to face despite being at the same Sanford games, Sugar Bowls and GA-FL games Lewis attended. He likely had better seats and lodging than I did. I just wrote two books about Lewis, as I deem him to be the finest humorist America ever produced. "Lewis Grizzard: The Dawg That Did Not Hunt" and "Lewis Grizzard: The Dawg Who Loved to Prowl"
Thank you Unclenutz. Have I told you what an excellent person you are? I am the Eddie Haskell of arse kissing writers.
VTBaseballDawg, indeed it was all "different back then". That is why we must remind folks of how excellent "back then" was. Thank you.
Dawglb, Michael Adams would demand that we not call him Binky. Binky Adams it is for as long as Binky Adams lives. Thank you.
Neil Blackmon, you can HEAR Munson’s call ... Not "you can HERE Munson’s call ... "
Neil Blackmon, you can here Munson's call if you click the link in the column: After the play Grizzard’s friend Larry Munson even said on the air: “We were done. I gave up. You did too.”
See AU Tville, I said settings twice in one sentence and can not fix that. My bad.
Gotha AU Tville. I have no control over settings for Saturday Down South comment settings. Even if one writes a comment full of typos, once one hits "Publish Comment" it is there for as long as a column is online.
Thank you darthA. It is a journalism technique used by some to not write in the first person.
AU Tville, can you please explain what you mean by this? "*even though. Peter can you pull some strings about the no edit deal?"
Foots, that is a topic of hot debate. Kirby Smart says another Athens game would be a great recruiting opportunity he does not have in Jacksonville. I gather both schools want to squeeze more money out of Jacksonville to offset home field losses in recruiting, ticket sales, lodging and entertainment revenue for the home city and more.
Lewis was sometimes guilty of writing stuff without fact checking, yet he had no internet to make fact checking so easy. Lewis was never lazy, but I confess to a moment of laziness by not confirming when the SEC split into two divisions: 1992. I really shoulda known. I was a UGA student in the late 1970s.
Thank you GatorPhil. Funny, even a few of my closest UGA friends fault Mark Stoops for scoring the late touchdown two weeks ago vs the Dawgs. Kirby Smart had no problem with it, and I have no problem with it. Football is a 4 quarter game, and I admire a team that wants to score as many points as they can even in a losing effort. That did not make some gamblers happy, as Kentucky beat the spread.
Thank you Class of 98. I stand corrected. I kinda doubted the SEC was split yet in 1966 but neglected to confirm it.
Hello Go Cocks. Yes, John Akacki is in the Witness Protection Program. The FBI changed his name to Juan Ahcockee so no one can find him at the safe house address of 723 Possum Toss Road, Zebulon, Georgia 30295. Oops, I was not supposed to reveal that. Truth be told, the FBI does not really mind if the Mob finds John Akacki or Juan Ahcockee.
Thank you Damn Good Dawg Akacki or Ah-Cock-Ee. Why does everyone call me Paul? I have been called Paul since I was a kid. Yep, like Lewis did, I enjoy the haters. Your story is remarkable and more of it needs to be told. But if you tell too much you could end up like Jimmy Hoffa, deeper in some end zone that any player wants to end up. Did they chop up any guys who interviewed Jimmy Hoffa?
Thank you KirkMPrice_UGA76. You are one Dang Good Dawg!!!
Thank you again wdsmkc. You wrote: “There’s also a reason that you got quite a lot of bad reviews on Amazon.” You like to cherry pick your small facts and ignore the larger facts. Do you work for CNN or the Washington Post? Of all 89 Amazon reviews or ratings on my first Grizzard book 58% are 5 Star, 12% are 4 Star, 12% are 3 Star, 4% are 2 Star and 12% are 1 Star. One 2019 1 Star review is by the publisher of the once proud Newnan Georgia newspaper where Lewis once wrote. She inherited the paper from her talented parents and grandparents and is doing her untalented best to put that paper out of business. She ran off her former editor, who was a rare talented staff member and is a chapter in my first book. I could help her and her dying newspaper, yet she is dim and liberal, unlike her former Newnan subscribers, Grizzard or me. If a writer does not like critics one should not write. A great saying: “Those who can not write become critics.” If you challenge my right to reply you challenge my First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech. Go there if you wish. You call my replies “childish”. In what way are critics like you who hide behind an alias like wdsmkc not childish? Yet my replies using my own name are childish? Lewis might say you sound like a whiner. I consider this lively debate rather fun. You do not appear to enjoy fun.