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The real question is would pundits say the same thing about Alabama? If we meet both at 12-0 and Georgia somehow wins, what is so special about Bama's schedule to deserve the benefit of the doubt? Louisville?
This is a tad bit unfair to Georgia. Tom implies UGA regularly schedules a row of non-challenging games, when in fact, as a program, UGA has done a much better job of scheduling up in out-of-conference games than many other teams - not just SEC teams. 2018 is an anomaly for Georgia's scheduling. The future games noted above are a closer indicator of the philosophy. Since the addition of the 12th game in 2002, this will be only the 4th time Georgia has not played at least two P5 OOC games. That span includes two home-and-homes with Clemson; Boise State twice (when no one would play them); home-and-homes with Colorado, Oklahoma State, and Arizona State; North Carolina; and, the aforementioned games with Tech. Like 2018, we only played Tech as a single P5 OOC game in 2004, 2012, and 2015. In one of those years, we were one play away from playing for the National Title. I agree that 12-1 with a loss in the SECCG might not be enough if there are undefeated (or even one loss) conference champions to fill the other three slots. And if that happens, I'll blame Georgia Tech. But to imply that Georgia is getting better at scheduling is a-historical.