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Tyler Badie had: 61 vs UK 41 vs UT 72 vs BC 68 vs A&M 41 Vs UGA Give me a break.... he had 250 on Vandy...... I guess Ill give you the 200 on South Carolina (they still suck).... Tyler Badie absolutely crushes bad competition. Good for him.
This is a joke putting UK at 5.... I guess give these other teams some shine while you can. I haven't been excited about UK Hoops in 3-4 years. I am excited this year. Watch out
What is wrong w you, you have the #2 and 3 on this list. Shut up. Bama has one player. Act like you've been here before, making the fanbase look bad.
There is 0.00% chance you have any friends. What a sad life you must live.
Something is up with C Rod.... 15 carries in the last 2 games. That ain't right.
Stoops is 5-7 post bye weeks.... Not a good look
Stoops is 5-7 after bye weeks. Can someone explain that to me?
Whats the point in consideration? 7-8 wins he doesnt have a chance, especially if UK wins 10 or 11 its a Stoops lock.
Chris Doering was on the Cats bandwagon all last year, and all preseason. As SOON as we beat Florida his tune changed. He hates us now.
The basketball school narrative needs to calm down. I live in Lexington, go to every game both football and basketball. Football has been gaining steam since Stoops came, and reigns right now. Its as if basketball doesn't really exist. Going to a game in Rupp = drive up, walk in, nice, fun, snoozefest, especially if not playing a top opponent. Going to Kroger Field = all day tailgate, raucous crowd, pure elation when we win. Football is SO much more fun thatn basketball. I think most of BBN will back that up.
Danny is a despicable "analyst". He hates the SEC so much he cant think straight. He claims it doesnt make sense that SEC fans "root for the SEC"... meanwhile he goes out of his way to root against us. You can safely say SEC lives rent free in his head. He is bitter that his beloved ACC is having their worst year, maybe ever. Go away Danny Kannell
Should be a good game. Taking the Cats because of home field. Would be way more scared in Neyland. At any rate, I will be there and can't wait for this one!
Pat Forde needs to just quit or retire. He went from being bad to the worst. And he HATES the Cats, a big UofL homer.... take anything he says with a grain of salt
While I have absolutely have ZERO respect for Corch... I have to agree w him here. Where on earth is Jordan Davis
First of all, where is Jordan Davis?? I have never seen a college DT more dominate than him. Secondly, Josh Pascal deserves a spot on this list. He is having an amazing year and is shooting up draft boards. I was pretty let down when SEC added Roman Harper... and I still am
UK in the Outback feels like a punch in the face. IF we lose one more game and finish 10-2 the Citrus should be our floor. A lot of it depends on Bama making the playoff.. which would be a shock if they didn't. If they do that it bumps up all the other SEC teams as it wouldn't be taking a spot in the NY6.
Yeah the East sucks.... Guess that is why LSU got SMACKED by the Cats. Quit crying. Ya'll wouldn't be any better in the Big12
Buddy, you guys were up 31-7 with almost no time left. If Jordan Davis or UGA players got hurt, that is on Kirby not on Stoops. As a Cats fan I absolutely loved what he did. He didnt give up on his team, I can promise you the players wanted that TD. Just give it a rest I've seen you and Corch on every article you can talking about this. Move on, everyone is fine, you are still #1 and should win it all. Grow up and shut up
I'm confused, isn't "ceiling" supposed to be the best possible outcome? The Cats "ceiling" is 11-1..... the more realistic record prediction is 10-2... but this is not about realistic predictions, its about ceiling. Therefore UK ceiling should be 11-1
Darian Kinnard is a top 3 OT in the country.. he will shoot up boards come senior bowl
As a 31 year old UK grad, who lives in Lexington, has season tickets to both football and BBall games, I can assure you the hype for football far exceeds basketball. Yes, we love our ball Cats, but nothing beats what is happening on the football field right now. I would tell you 8/10 UK fans will agree that a 10 win football season beats the sh*t out of an elite 8 in March. Also thanks for the Bear Bryant reference, I love people think 1955 was yesterday. Times have changed. Get a grip.