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The only people on the planet that are still bringing this up are low IQ SDS commenters. Get a life
LOL you are so high and mighty after one good season huh? My god I guess the Cats dominating the Tigers before this season is just gone from the memory banks. Booches is up there with the worst/most ignorant commenters on this site.
I'm guessing your 15 or 35 living with your parents. Not a lot of brain power up there
They knew the second this was scheduled they would be getting out of it. Not all that uncommon in CFB.
LOL - that was all public information. WE know and have known about Milt Wagner. He still chose the Cats. I can promise you he ain't going to that dumpster fire.
It has to be tough as a Florida fan to read an article about how you could one day be Mizzou
"Really" low, but 5 would be ok?
Cal is the king of no TO let the players work it out. Spoiler: It never works.
I am pumped for the Cat's to be "under the radar" compared to usual. This team could be special - Cals first monster recruiting class in a LONG time and some Vets to lead them. Time will tell. I will be at the game tonight and don't expect us to be perfect by any means - I just want to see them having fun for a change. Go Cats.
Is his $$ effecting you in anyway? Why do you care? We were playing the same scchedule before him and winning 2 and 3 games. Move up to Louisville or down to Knoxville and hop on with them. We are good w/o you
Tide opened up at 10.5 point favorites. That is laughable, RUN to bet Bama before that goes up to 14.5 or more
Will is doing something that was previously not possible... Bringing Cat and Vol fans together to root for the same thing. Go Titans
Who is bald fatty? You have to be the most ignorant commenter on this site
I'm so tired of hearing about this. Do you think the players don't know they were 3 and 4 star recruits? They would happily welcome more money for big names to come and make their team better. This was a non story and still is. Move on.
Following hoops on here for Cats fans is gonna suck with this guy doing CBB for SDS. A known hater. Oh well
I mean, they aren't actually building an offense. Just giving players accolades.
That's the point genius. NIL can only help that, hence why Stoops asked fans to donate. UGAs NIL collective s hits on UKs.
Lets keep the Saturday Out West articles for Saturday Out West fans
Guys - in one week this story will be buried and forgotten. Like Kirby said - much to do about nothing. People who are fired up about this are just looking for something to get fired up about. Move on.
Hayes, benching Milroe isn't on the same planet as what Cristobal did. Cristobal wanted his RB to get 2 more yards to get to 100 to pat stats, in doing so lost his team the game and any hopes they had at a playoff. Bama is.. just fine and still has a huge shot of making the playoff.
Come on Booches... 17-24 points? Who do you think you are? Your big win (K-State) isn't looking so big after they got smacked by a terrible Ok St team last week. You Mizzou fans on your high horse are so delusional.
Stoops didn't lose any locker room respect. He's stating facts. The guys on the team know they were all 3 and 4 star recruits - they aren't dumb. The team loves Coach - that won't change.
Why do you all keep posting Joel Klatt videos like anyone here cares what he has to say?
Relax Wolf.. he is just doing coach talk. Not everyone is Mike Leach. Its called politics
Reading thru this comment section legitimately made me dumber. SDS commenter IQ is going down the gutter.