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You’re just lucky the vols didn’t have to play him. He would have crushed you sorry dogs.
It doesn’t take much to outsmart Kirby. Jimbo forgot more about football then that dummy will ever know.
Still hurting from the ass kicking he gave you gumps. If we had a defense he would have done it to you twice.
Nobody cares who won before players wore face masks. You are owned by the Aggies.
Where have you been? They played each other in the 60’s,70’s, & 80’s. The Aggies played at Tiger Stadium the first or second game of the season for years. Charlie Mac was the coach who took A&M off the schedule after losing to them for several years. Jackie Sherrill got it going again until he and Slocum kept beating the tigers every year and LSU paid the Aggies off and ended the series. LSU has dominated the series since A&M joined the SEC, but historically it has been extremely competitive.
Cougar High offers nothing. They have no alumni, money , or academics. They are Louisville with the C-19 virus. They can’t sell tickets even when they win. We need no more members from Texas. No way do we take OU and Okie lite. They have fewer televisions in Oklahoma then Arkansas. This is about money. If you want to expand, go after Virginia or VT and take the first one that accepts. Do the same with NC and NC State.
Poor guys are done. We are larger than you and make more money than you. Your network is a joke and you destroyed your bush league conference. You are irrelevant in every sport except volleyball. Be happy you have baylor and purple baylor as your rivals, although both kick your asses most of the time. Even your baseball program is a joke. The Aggies have passed you by and don’t even hate you anymore because you can’t compete. You will never get in the SEC.
You guys are the most overrated choking dogs on the planet. You let an average texas team beat your a$$ in the sugar and you just quit. Kirby never has you ready for big games. You are an embarrassment to the sec.