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Yeah, it’s wrong….but go through the schedule for Oklahoma through that stretch. Abysmal compared to Georgia during this stretch.
Tenn fans have always been classless in person and on here.
This is exactly why I am against 12 teams! If….if….the 12 seed wins because they go on a tear at the end….that is not who I would consider a national champion. Tournament champ yea. But not the best team that year. That’s what I thought a national champion was. And I get that we haven’t always chosen right…I think 4 team playoff is close. 8 would be best. More is ranging into the participation trophy season.
Long way to go to be Aaron rodgers, but I kinda agree. I remember seeing rodgers first full game. He could fit the ball in tight windows with a fastball flick of his wrist. Uncanny that Beck has that same throw.
If that’s true, u go draft. QB 3 will be in the first round. Have to take the millions.
Sorry gator. Florida isn’t come close to 35 points in this game. 17 max. Mizz is for real.
I can’t decide if this post was sarcastic or not. First off….whether bruce and Thornton are out will not be why Tenn loses. 2nd is the home issue. Of course Tenn gonna play hard. But ga will be the only hard home game they have played this year. Period. Finally, Tenn was not in the game last week. They were beat. Badly. They weren’t almost gonna catch up. They were behind the woodshed beat. Did you not watch that game??? Seriously??? They were beat beat. No amount of revisionist history gonna change that. Move on.
They will. Herpie will score 14 in the third and 4th. 10 by half.
LSUMC-I know. Against probably and low level acc team that they will wax. So I stand by my comment. This is their bowl game.
My reply was to your first line that talked about Tennessee’s offense. Not ours. We gonna score 40+
The good old days with willie. We ga fans know him well. Good luck.
They’ve played two fbs teams at home with winning records. One of those was UT San Antonio (eye roll). And the other was dumpster fire Tex A and M and M. So use home stats with precaution is all I’m Saying.
You’re talking about a coach who kicked a field goal losing badly last week to the zoo. Herpie will do everything he can to score points. He will succeed on a few opportunities.
This is Tennessee’s bowl game this year. Revenge is a factor.
Yes. Because it’s at Neyland and they want revenue for last years beating in the rain.
Miss she can’t will lose in the postseason again. Just like in 2021 being obliterated by Georgia and taken to the woodshed by TCU in 2022. Always a joy.
Big ten ruling the national championship conversation with one winner in the last twenty years. Hooray!!! Meanwhile, sec quietly counting 14 in the same time span.
Norte dame at 12!! Everyone on these message boards know that’s a load of cr@&
How in the heck is mizz at 19! Sheesh!
They should spray paint the field neon yellow and just call it the highlighter bowl!
I guarantee 10erC will be coming out hard and fast next week. It will be an entirely winnable game against the dawgs! Georgia gotta be ready for the noise!!