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LSU’s opponents have 65 more plays this year than Ga’s opponents. (Avg 5 per game) So no....LSU isn’t giving up more points simply because their opponents get more plays because of how fast they score.
Lmao!! That game won’t be close. Trask gets 3 td’s in the air and 2 on the ground. 65% comp percent.
Ummm....seeing how it is 2019 and Ga won in 1980, then Ga has won a championship in the past 40 years. So that’s a fact. So...yeah. You can figure out the rest.
Umm.....Auburn looks good. Alabama looks great. Even if we pass those two this year we would still have to beat Ohio state or Clemson or Oklahoma. Hard to win the natty but I’ll root for it with you.
Seems to me the link takes you to the exact story with exactly no knew information.
Are you kidding? UGA has no responsibility in making sure student athletes obey traffic rules. If a student drives without the correct items then he faces the consequences. Sheesh. What is this world coming too. Should Uga also make sure they go to bed at 9 and tuck them in and make sure their book bags are packed for tomorrow’s classes? And I realize some will take offense to this post. I don’t mean to sound so flippant to smsat. I just wish the adult(yes I said adult) was responsible for his license.
You made an assumption she was not a good tutor. How do you know? And again, she is not spending a year doing a student’s work without direction to do it or money. And the students themselves knew she did it. So I stand by my original point. Their is more than one guilty person here.
I did answer it. I told him to look up online articles. You can literally type in why do women stay with abusive boyfriends and bam! Reasons pop up. So why don’t you shut the f@ck up.
Wow! What’s your effing problem? Did someone pee in your cereal this morning? I don’t think I lobbed any personal insults at you. So keep your comments to yourself.
I believe Mizzou got a raw deal. However, there is zero chance the tutor committed academic fraud out of the goodness of her heart. Tutor was told to cheat by coaches, admin, or paid by boosters, or paid by student athletes. So there are more guilty parties than just her.
That question gets old. You can ask it. But ask it in your head not out loud. Their is plenty of opportunity for you to read online articles from professionals that can answer your questions. Learn something. Research it. It’s not hard to find out that it is 100 percent not her fault even if she stayed.
Dude! The funniest thing about all of your posts are the lack of periods at the end of your sentences. But you can’t use the excuse that your just trying to short hand because you don’t have any problems using ellipses. Sheesh. Spread out those dots. Lmao
When you google past the first line. You'll get the reference then.
Yeah a maroon dumb@$$. Look up the reference. I spelled it right.
Yikes!! White pants might not be such a good idea. Brown shows up too clearly.
No it's not. You could have a team lose both cross over games and win their division at 6-2 and another team in the same division go 7-1 but lose to the above team. And in top of it their cross division games could be against Alabama and lsu. Who deserves it more? 6-2 or 6-1 with strong cross over victories?