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No offense poptiger, but LSU has over 85 players on the roster. They may not be all 3,4,5 star. They may not all be scholarship players. Might be some walk ons etc. But they have more than 85. So dawgs2021 is correct
How’s 17 treating you stoopid? You’re never going to get a date to prom staying down in your mom’s basement with one hand on the keyboard.
Dropped to 4th and still favored against Alabama last year. So it could happen again. Stoopid again gwhite
Making stuff up again I see. “Us, the media, and the world”? Hyperbole much gwhite? Don’t you mean just you? Georgia will be favored in every game they play no matter if they lose to LSU. They may not win every game but will be favored. You stoopid again.
Couldn’t go wrong with that pick. Definitely in the discussion.
Perkins will mostly be neutralized. Kirby has done well making rushers obsolete. (Anderson, Hutchinson,etc) Hence very few sacks.
I agree. And I know I’m a homer, and my next comment won’t help that perception, but Georgia has done a really good job of neutralizing running quarterbacks. Bo pix, hooker, AR15, levis, rattler, and rogers. Daniels will make a few great runs. Then our linebackers will get in rhythm and start hitting him. He won’t like that very much. By the third quarter his runs will dwindle to mostly nothing. Just my thoughts.
You don’t think they stayed for the millions? And as far as forgiveness, everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Doesn’t mean he deserves a 2nd chance making millions at a power 5 school. But not my problem. Not my worry.
Then the trolls will just move on to “Georgia ain’t beating usc. Or tcu. Or osu. They’ve never seen a high octane offense like those or a defense like them fellows. Then on to Michigan. We can’t win against them 2 years in a row. Harbaugh is blah blah blah blah” And we’ll start again in September of ‘23 Go dawgs!
Understandable ranger. Tenn vs UK has been a great game over the past few years. Especially since stoops got there. So the fans of both teams are very vocal. But aren’t we all? Lol
But we keep getting to the post season. Isn’t that how you eventually win a ‘ship? Get in the dance? What you say gwhite is stupid most of the time. I think you get off on it!
Who’s the usual suspects? I haven’t seen one dawg fan post they weren’t top 15! They clearly are. And if we had a larger playoff would deserve to be in.
Once again, 4 top 25 wins. It is very easy to count that.
And yet still top 15 offense. It doesn’t matter if you throw or run. It doesn’t matter if you have an elite skill player or use a running back by committee. What matters is winning the game. 12-0. That’s what matters. And no, it’s not 75th ranked. That is a lie.
Simple answer. Yes! Because they have been the most consistent team all year. 4 top 25 wins. And the rest of that incoherent rant was you. You’re the one screaming on here about how tenn loses games on purpose. If that’s true, then heupel should be fired! He cost you a cfp spot because tenn would be in at 11-1.
Keep crying gwhite! Lol Heupel’s plan is coming together. Lose to ga and you are in the playoff’s! I mean, South Carolina did beat 2 top teams! So Tennessee is in! Almost there! You’ll get it! I just know it! STATS!
If we had Mitchell, I wouldn’t worry at all because no one has the defense to stop all of our playmakers.
I agree JTF and PThe. People should actually watch those games again. We weren’t pretty. But at no point were we going to lose those games. They weren’t all that close. If people want to hold the mizzou game up as close, fine. But ga responded in the 2nd half and dominated Missouri. It wasn’t that close at all. Just frustrating as c r a p.
And dogs have played the number 14,16,18,19 and 24 rushing offenses this year and held them to 104 yards/game. LSU is 36.
Same with Kentucky game. Stetson threw 4 passes in the 2nd half. Both teams ran the ball. Ga had a total of 8 drives not counting end of game. Game was exactly 3 hours. Short game
No. Watch those three games and you’ll see why the scores were closer but the games were not.
Why is Michigan better? Not going by every game this year. Don’t just go by the one close win. Michigan had that as well.