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Yea, got away with a couple of calls for sure, but "we had that one" is stretching it a bit...I would have gone with "we had a chance"
So true....unless you're a dedicated sharp, if you try to pick against the spread, you will lose...period
"lost every top skill position player"?...surely you meant to say lost every top WR, because QB and RB are not only coming back, but are top shelf...UF is going to be pretty good imo, but no denying OL and depth will be an issue....UGA has question marks at WR and DL for sure, but WR room has 4 and 5 star talent waiting to step up, and Baker is the only defensive player that won't be replaced by somebody better...I like our chances going forward
Both UF and Aub have prolly better than a punchers chance for sure, especially Aub if they get solid QB play...I guess maybe ND and TAM have a decent chance as well, but both those games are in Athens...If UGA looses 2 reg season games then the season is a failure imo