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There's no loyalty anymore. Anywhere.
So, who are our QBs either already there or being pursued ?
Wouldn't that be great ? I feel like we are always just one or two plays or one or two players away from being #1.
Vol1 - it wouldn't change anything if the playoffs were expanded. You'd probably actually have more whining than now. Plenty of teams know for a fact they aren't in the top 4 in the country and just keep their trap shut. If you asked who's top 8 or 16 - many many more people would be clamoring for attention...
With the ease of transfers these days it's becoming very hard to keep any depth at many positions. Kids feel like they shouldn't stick around if they aren't starting. Second string can become first string on any single play. Someone tweaks a knee or ankle, etc. and suddenly you are the starter. It's crazy for a freshman (even a redshirt) to think they should be starting most of the games - yes, it happens, but it isn't the norm. Kids used to know that they would be backup for a few years and if they did well, they would start for a few years. Nowdays - no one wants to stick around... Some of it may be coaches over promising, but I also see it as a problem with the rules that allow easy transfers and a problem with the current generation of kids.
This is where I come in and say told you so. They Always play us tough. Don't know why - but they do.
It's a shame that programs have to keep an entire staff on hand just to "keep" players committed. There used to be loyalty and a thing called being a man of your word. Nowdays, kids will jump ship at the slightest provacation. Coaches and staff are wasting time pampering kids that could be used in better preparing them for the next game or the next job/career. I respect the coaches, because I would be fed up and angry all the time if I was having to deal with prima donnas (and thugs). Bail this one out of jail. Go have a talk with that one to keep him from entering the transfer portal. Help this one learn to read and write. Keep this one from getting penalties for excessive celebration (seems like that problem has mostly gone away - thank goodness). Tell the other one if he'll just work hard and wait a year, he'll be the next star.
No matter what the talent level on EITHER side of the ball; SC always plays GA tough. For whatever reason, we always seem to struggle against them at least a little bit. Just like TN jumped up and put a little (a tiny bit anyway) scare into me during the first quarter - I expect SC will give us a couple of scary moments. I don't think they'll win. But I always expect them to play us hard.
Anything could happen. TN could happen to win. Chances are very slim, but I suppose it could happen. That's why I never bet on college football anymore. Too much weird stuff happening. IF I was going to bet, I'd bet GA wins by at least 10. More likely by 14 or 17. And why is hooker asking the UT fans to show Pruitt some support ? He hasn't shown Pruitt any support in his previous articles. Why start now ?
you're getting fairly tiring fuzzy. Sound like hooker - a one note song.
I live in TN and have a daughter at UT - but grew up in GA as a dawgs fan. So I try to keep track of both teams and read (and post comments) articles on both teams. Am I happy UT is down and GA is up - yes. Do I intentionally try to troll - no. My only fear this weekend is that we take UT too lightly and barely pull out a win. That's why I wish the Dave Hookers of the world would go away. It's hard to get your team fired up for a UT that everyone says is horrible. I want UT to get a little better - just not a lot better :-)
I like that GA is on the up and UT is on the down, but this is ridiculous. Dave is like a one note song. Try doing some research or coming up with new info, instead of just saying how horrible Pruitt is or how horrible the talent is.
Is there any way we can have labels next to each commenter so we know which ones are serious, which ones are trolls, and which ones just log in to call other people names ? or maybe have an IQ test before you're allowed to sign up....
"playoff committee" Thanks. Hadn't heard that one yet.
They've already won the "champions of life" trophy - so can't whip that one out again. "Best Oppossum Impersonator" ? "Most coaches in the 21st Century"
ABC, CBS, AP, BCS, FBS, UGA, ESPN, NCAA. Whatever. You got my point obviously.
I don't care what the group of people want to call themselves. They vote for which teams play in the championship right ? And they seem to care about scores. And the vols stink, right ?
Since TN is not doing well this year - I really really hope we keep the pedal down and lay on some points. Seems like Kirby doesn't do this very often, but I think it's necessary now days because of the BCS voters. Bama does it every game - we need to be doing it too.
No one says they "have" to do anything. If you're scared - then don't play. It's all voluntary. No one is forced to play a dangerous game.
Football is (used to be anyway) a dangerous game. I'm really sick and tired of the pussification of college football. Too many rules and too many game stoppages while we decide if someone hit someone too hard or 1 inch too high. You don't play ball if you're worried about getting hurt. Just more of the plan to feminize the united states.
they did ok. I think if we hadn't gifted them with that redzone fumbled punt return and subsequent TD - it would have been a different game. That is assuming our offense eventually got started like it did in the second half... We need to figure that out and make sure we don't start so slow against any decent SEC teams...
I also thought FL looked better after Franks went down. I think they'll do just fine with the backup guy. He'll probably have a growing pain or two, like most QBs do when they get to play SEC defenses for the first time...
Good preparation for facing Tua again, maybe. I think if he's that good, they'll score a few times. I also think the dawgs will score more than a few times.
I thought the backup guy did better than Franks anyway. He may have some learning and growing pains, but they should be fine without Franks - for the most part.
So, who ever wrote this article: Do you feel dumb yet ? Auburn is setting records and destroying Purdue..
I can get behind that sentiment. We need a healthy O-line.
UT only rushed about 20 yards on Charlotte. If they can't do better than that, UK is going to win this one. Even if UTs passing game scores for them, it means that their defense spends too much time on the field and gets worn out...