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Actually Smell the Glove - UGA has a overall winning record against UT and has a better all-time winning percentage against SEC teams than UT.
So the only chance Fields has at playing for some other teams besides UGA next season is if he can convince the NCAA that he is under duress because of racial bullying? Yeah that will not happen so why is Fields looking to transfer when he would have the exact same playing scenario available to him at UGA?
I do not think there is anyway Fields gets an exemption from the NCAA to play next year so what would be the point in transferring? Fromm is going to be draft eligible next year and will be a high draft pick and Fields will have had two years of work in this offense with these receivers and RB's. I think UGA has a chance to improve how Fields is worked into games and Fields talents are not going anywhere. The NFL is not looking for talented running QB's they are looking for talented QB's that can pick up defenses and make the right choice on a pass. If that QB can escape pressure or make a few 1st downs on his own all the better but that is not what will make you a high draft pick.
And that is what every UGA fan was screaming about after the LSU game. Georgia went away from running the ball even though they were only down a couple of scores and had a whole half to play. As @berdaw108 shows UGA was running the ball effectively and UGA is much better offensively when they can play-action pass off a good ground game.
It's a pretty easy comparison really. Michigan and UGA both have 8 wins and 6 wins against P5 opponents. So the two teams are very comparable but a closer look reveals the differences. First all 8 of Michigan's wins came against FBS opponents while UGA padded their schedule with an FCS opponent to open the season. Secondly and the biggest separator is the overall quality of the opponents Michigan has faced, because the teams Michigan has defeated have themselves defeated a total of 22 P5 opponents compared to UGA opponents who have defeated only 13 P5 opponents. UGA clearly is a step behind Michigan in terms of the overall quality of the teams they have defeated. However, all of this is mute point because it's what happens going forward and meither Michigan nor UGA can afford to lose a single game before the CFP if they really want to get an invitation. My question would be does a 1 loss Alabama or Clemson get in ahead of Notre Dame after the championship games?
Does Gary Danielson even look at the data before he comments on it? He says that UGA needs Fields to "ignite the Georgia running game that hasn’t been as effective as it was last year." WTH does he mean, last year after 6 games Georgia had 1,511 rushing yards on 280 carries for a 5.4 average. This season UGA has 1,471 rushing yards on 244 carries for an average of 6.0 yards per attempt. Looks like the run game is just as strong as last year and about 10% better per carry. You also have to factor in last season the Bulldogs ran for over 400 yards against Vandy scewing last season midpoint figures.
Nope I think this is shaping up to be Ed's last season at LSU. I think the angst gets going when LSU loses a couple more recruiting battles for in state players. Then everything goes to hell when a road game loss to Florida starts a 5 game losing streak and Ed is gone after a terrible road loss to Arkansas. The interim coach gets a W against Rice and then reality for LSU hits home with a blowout loss to Texas A&M to end the season. This season has all the makings of a dumpster fire for LSU.
I guess this helps teams that don't have the leg to kick it through the endzone but I think you are going to see this creep into the punting game next and that will have an impact on the game.
Of course you should mention in your article that one of those 7 backs who have rushed for over 100 yards against Alabama during the Saban years is Nick Chubb.
Yea that's all nice but when you are picking your shots when you don't have to go long it really helps. Solid QB though.
If Eason sticks with UGA I think he will win back his starting job even if UGA wins the NC with Fromm as the QB this year. I like all three of these QB's they each have different strengths. Eason is the NFL QB, Fromm the consummate college QB and Fields appears to be the the next all everything.
So what if UGA wins out but loses in the SEC Championship game they will not get in over an undefeated P5 champion and would have a difficult case for getting in over any other P5 conference champion. The only way to guarantee a CFP slot is to win the SEC Championship. Getting votes or being top 4 in a poll or on the committee rankings doesn't mean anything until the championship game.
Let's see if Fromm can throw the ball when everyone knows you are going to throw the ball. Down a couple of scores late in the game. Frankly the UGA Miss State game could have come down to that last goal line stop if UGA hadn't hit on three perfect gotcha gimmick plays for 21 points. If UGA has to rely on trick plays to score against good defences I will be very nervous heading into that early game at Vandy in a couple of weeks. UT always plays Georgia tough, the last few years have been decided late and by only a few points. I'm not sold on the offence yet, the gimmicks worked last Saturday but will they be what the team has to lean on for scores?
Smart and his OC have changed almost everything about the UGA offensive scheme and the key is how Georgia blocks. This new blocking scheme does not play to the Georgia linemen strengths and reduces the vision of the RB to identify running lanes and cutback opportunities. Georgia used play action and the threat of an overwhelming running game to buy time for the QB and set-up screens and quick outs. Without a dominate running game UGA will become a mid-level East division team competing with Missouri and SC for 3rd place and Smart may never get the recruits and players he needs to run this offensive scheme.
Well actually it isn't. Through the 1st three games last season UGA amassed 1,433 yrds of total offense with a split of 54% rushing and 46% passing. Through the 1st three games this year UGA has 1,295 total yrds and the split has changed over to 56% passing and 44% rushing. In fact UGA only has 36 more passing yards this year over last year. UGA should not be struggling to run the ball on anybody and the offensive personnel are not the reason so I'm putting the blame squarely on the coaching changes. Kirby better get things fixed with the running game and ready quick.
UGA should beat NC to start the season. Georgia had a darn good defense but a pathetic offense last season while NC had a very good offense but one of the worst defensive units. Both teams are bring back the same number of starters so I would expect similar results and while UGA may not be better on offense they don't have to be to beat NC say 30-24.
So UGA stays the same after firing CMR? I thought it was all about winning more games, winning division and SEC titles and competing in the CFP? Come on where is that Dawg spirit? Here no more mamby bamby wishy washy crap "No way an ACC teams beats Georgia to open the season and Ole Miss will be facing the best defensive backfield and Kelley will be under pressure all day, and UT well they can only compete with Georgia over the last 15 years if they go out and injure our top players."
16 teams is the number and if the CFP replaced the conference championship games with 1st round games only 4 teams would play 1 additional game over the current playoff format. P5 conference teams get 2 slots, 3 for the Non-P5 teams and then 3 at-large bids. P5 Conference champions play the runner-up from the another P5 conference and the 3 at-large teams have to travel to play the non-P5 selections. I think division play has watered down the conference championship games anyway and every conference should go to a 9 game conference schedule. Each conference would determine their champion and runner-up and those teams would receive automatic playoff slots.
That's right and you see how hard it is when you start actually comparing Richt to other coaches as opposed to just himself and the expectations he created for the program.
Turnovers and injuries two things coaching has little impact on. Recruiting has been the problem at Georgia. Alabama Florida LSU and Auburn all have more recruited talent on their teams than Florida and Georgia lost some top recruits and starters when Grantham and Bobo left.
Hmm from 2010-2014 UGA only brought in the 5th best recruits in the SEC but managed to win the 3rd most conference games and place the 2nd most players into the NFL. That doesn't like squandering talent and is a lot better than programs like Florida and Auburn who have won less conference games and put fewer players than UGA into the NFL even though they brought in higher ranked recruiting classes.
You are an idiot none of these new coaches are winning championships maybe their teams did better in their first year so what Gus won the SEC his 1st year with pure luck but is proving to be a 2nd rate head coach. We'll see if they can keep on top on Florida after these junior and seniors move on and they have to rely on those last 2 poor recruiting years.
It tells me that Georgia is a whole lot smarter than LSU. Prior to the Saban and Miles era LSU was no better than a .500 SEC team. If Georgia sticks with Richt I think the team does better next year and if Richt can pull a few of those receivers and defensive players away from an influx LSU over the next few years maybe we can finally get the overall talent level up over Florida and stay ahead of Tennessee.
If Shotty stays I think there will be a great deal of work between him and CMR during the off-season. You might also see Shotty go to the booth for a new perspective on the game and allowing CMR to better manage the offense on the field. Besides, Richt doesn't want video of Pruitt punching Schottenheimer out on the sidelines next year.
Oops sorry I meant to say 10 years ago not in 2010 in my comment from a couple of hours ago. UGA won the SEC Title in 2005.
Well wjemusic you really didn't provide any context in your statement, all you did was try and exaggerate the point that Georgia doesn't have a great record against ranked teams. The facts are not very many teams do. Even National Championship teams like Auburn and Florida have losing records against ranked teams and it doesn't matter if those teams are ranked in the top 5, top 10, 15 or 25 and if they have a higher or lower in the ranking, it just doesn't matter. Only 2 teams in the SEC have winning records against ranked teams from 2008-2014 and only one of those Alabama has a winning record against teams ranked 15 or higher. I know you want to make the point that Georgia doesn't win the big games, just say it because your stats are misleading.
Ok but actually UGA won the SEC in 2010 so please amend your SEC title distribution and please note that only Alabama has appeared in more SEC Title games than Georgia. The last SEC team to win the conference title and not be invited to the NC playoffs was UGA in 2010. The UGA team that lost to Alabama in 2012 may have been the 2nd best team in the country finishing #5 in the AP that year and LSU was just fortunate in 2007 that they played Tennessee in the SEC Title game instead of UGA. UGA lost a game early in the year to South Carolina because of Georgia's young OL but by the end of the year Georgia was probably the best team in the country and finished #2 in the AP that year.
Georgia needs to improve their recruiting and get some staff consistency. Last years recruiting was better and this year is shaping up to be even better but the big staff overhauls and key injuries over the last few years has really hurt the teams. Last years teams was fortunate with turnovers and the offense won 10 games. This years team has not be as fortunate with turnovers but the defense may be able to get them to a 10 win season again. Not many teams can handle adversity and big staff changes as well as Georgia has under CMR so I am hoping for a top 3 recruiting class in the SEC some minor staff changes and a much better team on both sides of the ball next year.
Well let's add some context shall we because numbers and stats don't really mean much if they are not provided in context. From 2008 -2014 UGA won 14 games against ranked teams and that is the 4th most wins against ranked opponents in the conference. In the SEC from 2008-2014 only Saban at Alabama and Miles at LSU have winning records against ranked opponents. The 3rd most wins by an SEC coach against ranked opponents during this period was Steve Spurrier but even with that he could only win the East Division once while Richt won the Division twice. If you think Georgia needs a new coach in order to take another step up in the SEC then I'm not trying to convince you otherwise but don't try and use stats to prove your point because most of the time when you put those stats into context they actually support CMR rather than undermine him.
So exactly what do you classify as a big game? Certainly not beating Clemson and Missouri last year or undefeated Florida and LSU in 2012. What are your very specific big game criteria.