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Oregon still needs to prove it, they have great stats but have only beaten 3 bowl eligible teams all year.
1 superstar can win a Basketball tournament, not so in football. Get ready for major blowouts like UGA-TCU
However, maybe it's because the SEC is the only conference with an all-time winning record against every other conference. That might sway a few poll voters, bowl selection and CFP Committee members. Just a bit.
I don't understand why you think there is only "one problem with that." I think the bigger problem with Deion being considered for the Texas A&M job is that Deion hasn't proven he is a good college coach and can build a winning program anywhere.
Hmm, I agree UGA hasn't looked like a CFP team but your top 4 should only include undefeated teams who have actually won against a tough team. FSU, Texas, Miami, Ohio State. What other undefeated teams have wins comparable to these 4 undefeated major conference teams? The PAC12 teams haven't played anyone, and Washington better hope they keep blowing teams up in the 1st half because they are giving up huge yardage to bad teams.
The polls are there because people want to see what everyone else thinks of their team's chances. A real ranking would have every FBS team tied for #1 until after the 1st week, then half the teams would be tied at #1 and then once you got down to only a few undefeated teams you could start ranking the 1 loss and 2 loss teams by the quality of the wins they had achieved.
So arrested for excessive speed or reckless driving? So before the players case is even considered by the courts Matt Hayes says that the player needs to lose his scholarship and be kicked off the team. What if the moving violation is not reported to UGA because it happened during the summer in a small town in New jersey? Should UGA hire agents to follow these players around?
Hmm, nice and that punishes who exactly? Players will simply go sign with another team and play immediately and probably get a better NIL deal to close the transfer. Did they learn their lesson, or will they just get an even faster car for signing on at the next school? The school and the team pay the price under your oh-so-wise procedure.
Bama has the highest rated returning players in history and signed the top recruiting class last season. They have 5-star players 2-3 deep at every position and if they return to the national championship all these writers will have to take a knee.
So suspend a player and then watch him leave to another top program where he'll get paid (NIL) and start right away with no penalty. How does that accomplish anything?
Hmm, Mullen was able to lift UF recruiting from 14th in his first year to 9th in both his 2nd & 4rd year, but Billy had a first year at 18th and his 2nd year is going to finish outside the top ten. Is Billy a better recruiter than Dan Mullen actually was or is UF just where they are a top recruiting school but not top 10.
Connor you are an idiot. UT, Bama and UGA all have good looking back-ups this season and are well positioned for new starting QB's next season. But Kentucky, Miss State, Florida, and Arkansas, these schools will be in a situation.
The new 12 team CFP format is terrible. Still based on media driven rankings. Pathetic.
Cute take but until the full story is written you just can't say something like this.
The hardest thing for LSU to try and do will be to run the ball. For LSU just to reach their average rushing yards per game they would have to run the ball over 140% better than UGA's other opponents have been able to do. UGA only needs to be about 40% better than LSU opponents have been at passing & running the ball to reach their average offensive numbers and that would result in at least 38 points for this Georgia team. The game isn't played on the stat sheet and turnovers and momentum plays can turn a game, but LSU has to be able to run the ball for their offense to be effective and I just don't think that will happen.
When the CFP expands the SEC should cancel the SEC Championship game, because it creates a disadvantage for the SEC teams who play and then make the playoffs.
So how about we finish conference championships with these 4 teams remaining: #1 undefeated SEC Champion UGA, #2 undefeated B1G Champion Michigan, #3 1 loss P12 Champion Oregon, #4 1 loss SEC East Runner-up Tennessee. TCU loses twice to Texas and Ohio State finishes with 1 loss but it's to Michigan and not as competitive as Tennessee's loss to UGA. That would set UGA up with a very difficult gauntlet of CFP opponents who last loss was against UGA!
Hilarious, you're a UT nutter who put out stupid takes on how UT was going to destroy UGA and because you can't take the blow-back you have convinced yourself that UT decided to lose this game all along. Absolutely hilarious.
Gwhite, told you that pinning your hopes on a small subset of UGA's passing stats wasn't a good idea.
With all those pass attempts you would think that UT would hold teams under their average passing yards per attempt, but nope they are still allowing their FBS opponents to get 94% of their average per pass. You can't put lipstick on a pig and call her Norma Jean, the UT passing D isn't very good and it hasn't had to be because it helps keep the game at the UT pace of play.
You are just stuck on that passing TD stat and can't see the forest for the trees. UGA will pose a greater passing threat to UT than any other FBS team they have faced this season. UGA is averaging 325 passing yrds/gm against FBS opponents, which is 30% more yards per game than Alabama (excluding the UT game).
You're putting a lot on a subset passing stat believing that a team can only be successful against the UT Def with a deep ball passing game. This is not a typical UGA power run, play-action, drop back passing offense, it has become a different animal altogether, using the pass as an extension of their running game, taking deep shots to keep teams honest and moving relentlessly down the field and scoring TD. If UGA has a lead or is down less, tied or even down less than 1 score in the 4th quarter the power running game is unleashed and it is a brutal soul sucking thing. UT will need to score early and often and hold a big lead into the 3rd to survive against UGA. UT has the offense to do it but I just don't think the are going to run away from the UGA offense.
Actually, against FBS opponents (excluding their games against UT) Florida has fielded the best that UT has faced followed by Bama and the UK. UF was also the best secondary that UGA has faced followed by Missouri (which is tied with Bama) and then Auburn which is just 3 yards/gm behind UK. UGA's secondary giving up 187 yrds/gm the same as UK and UT is giving up almost 300 yrd/game through the air.
Actually, I think I read that with Nolan Smith out UGA only returns 2 defensive starters from last year's team.
I agree I don't think UGA puts up 42 points, I think it may be between 30-35 if the UT D is as successful against UGA as they have been against their other FBS opponents. Also, UGA's great offensive numbers have come against FBS opponents who are giving up on average 28% more pts/gm than the FBS defenses which UT has faced, so either UGA's offensive numbers are inflated, or UT's D is underrated.
Hmm, Bama was by far the best offense UT has faced this season and it came within a hair of beating them in Knoxville. Against FBS competition (excluding the game against UT) UGA has a better scoring, total and passing offense than Bama. UGA is one of the least penalized teams in the country while Bama committed 17 penalties for 130 yards against UT. And let's not forget UGA will be playing at home on Dooley field at Stanford stadium.
I think the UGA passing game will be the best passing offense UT has faced to date. You're picking at a subset of UGA passing game and I just don't think this game will hinge on the UT red zone defense against the UGA passing TD offense. If UGA is trading field goals for UT TD's then you'll have been right, but I think the UGA red zone passing threat is enough to keeps teams honest and has allowed UGA to score rushing the ball. Further out I think UGA has been working all year to improve their passing game and the deep ball TD hasn't been a big part of it, it's been more about making the passing game an extension of the rushing attack and extending possessions.
I agree, I think the UT offense is unstoppable this season, but FBS offenses have scorched UT this season as well. You discount the UGA offense, but you shouldn't because he UGA offense, particularly the UGA passing game will be the best this UT defense has had to try and contain.