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Dude you are a F-ing idiot!! #6, the A&M player ejected for text book targeting, is as dirty as they come. First play of the game he grabbed Ridley's face mask & tried to get Ridley into an altercation. He did the same to Detier. He displayed a clear pattern of being a dirty player prior to the text book targeting. You obviously wear blinders because you say #6 & Harris were both going for the ball but an A&M player was returning an interception while Harris was trying to make a tackle. #6 then launched head first into Harris' face mask. There was no leading with the shoulder as Mack did when lowering the boom on Noil. #6 being the dirty player that he is gave the only text book example of targeting. Take off your blinders & idiot hat because you sound like a foolish person when you defend the indefensible!!
Gators4Life, No, I'm saying that some of the comments seem like they come from people who wouldn't score to high on an IQ test. The low IQ part was referring to comments. What you're saying is correct. Just reading the title of this article or any other article wouldn't let you know if the article was true or not except for the * in the title. That * lets you know something's up & if you scroll to the bottom of the page, without reading the article, it directly tells you that the article is satire. But if you actually read the article it's pretty easy to see that it's BS!!
agdawg, lol Thank you for explaining that but once again something so simple escapes some peoples understanding!! If you could explain where I said or even inferred iq & ignorance were the same then I'll apologize!! But since I stated that satire was wasted on the ignorant & some comments seemed to come from those with low iq's then I won't be doing that!! I was referencing two different subjects!! I know it's hard but keep up!! ETV, Really?
Satire is wasted on the ignorant!!! People get angry at things they don't understand!!! The articles funny but the comments are better!! Thank you SDS for attracting low IQ readers!!! Lol
If they want someone who can complete a pass 10'yards downfield & further & not a point guard, then they have no choice.
I'd being willing to bet this situation won't effect recruiting in the least!!! Most kids think so highly of themselves, and BAMA generally gets highly rated recruits, that they think they're going to be a starter at BAMA so nothing like this could happen to them!!
Kids take notes, beating a drug test by continuously getting high off of synthetic weed isn't a really good idea!! Spice is a very bad drug!!!
Would it still be classless if they had given him plenty of time & opportunity to clean out his locker? And let's speculate that he partially cleaned it out but left those few personal items with the intent to grab them at a later date but didn't make anyone aware that he was coming back so they cleaned the locker out throwing away everything left? My point is it could've went down several different ways, it didn't have to be dirty pool!!
There really isn't a difference no matter how you try to twist it. BAMA isn't limiting Smith from transferring just to UGA, they don't allow transfers within the SEC period. Yes WR Chris Black went to Missouri but only because BAMA failed to answer his transfer request, they didn't grant the transfer. Most colleges put restrictions on transfers not just SEC schools and BAMA's just like Arkansas' doesn't allow players to transfer inside the SEC. Hell Arkansas doesn't even allow coaches to quit & take another job inside the SEC!!!
Ask Coach Mark Ritch about how long those 10 win seasons will keep you employed?
I'll rant with you but not about Chubb. Chubb didn't start the season as the number two option or even the third, Gurley, Marshall, Sony, and then Chubb. Which is where my rant is directed, talent evaluation. How was arguably your best RB, at the worse evenly matched at #1 with Gurley, your 4th option? Looking at that & the long long list of recruiting misses made by CMR, & you've gotta be glad he's gone!!!
In a universe where everyone can afford a private defense attorney & doesn't get stuck with a public defender. Had these guys been some poor black or white kids they would've been railroaded by a broken system!!! Cops have a set of rules they must follow, seeing a young black male legally in possession of a legally owned firearm doesn't give them probable cause to search a vehicle!!! But this officer used Hootie having a gun as his reason for the illegal search. A public defender would've plead the case out, making the city a few dollars but a private attorney gets this case, rightly, dismissed 9.9 out of 10 times.
Why does anyone need a gun? Protection? Stores get robbed every day. The guy who washes my clothes at the local laundry mat got beat & robbed. I was the person who walked in & found him in a pool of his own blood. If you're doing anything that deals with cash you become a target.
So carrying a gun while being arrested is a reason to be murdered? The hell with our constitutional right to own & carry a firearm? Millions of Americans should be ready to get murdered by your thinking.
Welcome to America, where some police officers think they can do whatever. 4 young black males having a legally owned and legally carrying a handgun gave this cop his illegal reasonable suspicion to illegally search the car. Had these guys been assigned a public defender they would've been railroaded!! But since they were able to get private representation they were able to beat the BS charges. This happens way to often & is just one of many ways that our criminal justice system is screwed up!! 4 young black males without money would've been locked up & paying fines because a cop abused his authority
Less than half a gram, a strong smell of marijuana? Or 4 young black males with a legally owned firearm legally being carried gives the cop his illegal reasonable suspicion to illegally search the vehicle & then "less than half a gram of pot" was found. Had this been 4 young guys without a means to be properly defended they would've been railroaded, like so many others. It just so happens these guys had proper legal representation & justice was served. Unfortunately this happens all to often in this country, cops use illegal means to put cases on people. If more people had access to a private attorney not a public defender more cases would be properly dismissed like this one was.
News flash players rarely get the axe on a first offense. Why should Cam be any different? If they get the felony dropped, as his lawyer says he is confident will happen, then Cam will get the usual slap on the wrist.
It's truly sad that even with a disclaimer, that can't get any more clear, that some people still don't get it!! Maybe they just don't know what satire means, which is also sad!!
What should've been "obvious" was that Finebaum didn't say this!! Big 12 beat writer Brain Davis said it on P.F.'s show!!
Cam Robinson has never played center. Ryan Kelly was the center last season & Cam lined up to his left!!
Don't always be looking for the negative! Not all fans are a$$holes!! And I agree 100%, it's great that he's making it back!! I'm looking forward to seeing Chubb back on the field!!
As much as it pains me to say, with the right people in the right places, mainly the right QB to run his offense, he's proven to be an effective coach. It gives me pleasure that he hasn't found the next guy but once he does Gus will have AU back on track!! Roll Tide!!
Because he didn't have complete control at Miami. It's very well known that Saban wanted Drew Breese but the GM stuck him with Culpepper. It's also very well known that had Saban had complete in Miami he likely wouldn't have left Miami for BAMA!! At least know half way what you're talking about before calling someone an idiot!! Lol
Winning Olympic gold in basketball isn't really that great of a feat!! With the amount of talent the USA has on its Olympic teams I'd venture to say a football coach could "coach" those teams to gold!! Coach K is very deserving of his rank because of the job he's done as a college coach but I don't put much stock into coaching professional all star team after all star team against what equates to junior college teams for Olympic gold.
Umm, don't you think voting to send a player home for an altercation at practice is totally different than voting on if a player can play after being in a bar fight!!
Henry faced more top 10 overall defenses than McCaffery faced in the top 50!! Stanford only played 2 top 50 overall defenses & zero top 10. Northwestern with the 11th overall D was the top D McCaffery faced & NW shut him down on their way to beating Stanford.
The reading comprehension skills are really lacking for some people or maybe some people are just too literal!! But it's not that hard to understand what the writer means!!! Geesh!!! I agree 100%. If the Cotton Bowl BAMA team shows up & plays another almost perfect game, then #16 is on the way!! If the BAMA team that played Ole Miss shows up #16 will have to be another year!!
Saying the D had to score in order to win is very subjective. It's a you can never know thing. Had the offense needed to score, in order to win, it likely could've but they didn't need to. Play calling changes when you're sitting on a comfortable lead verses needing points. 250+ rushing yards & roughly 150 passing tells me BAMA moved the ball pretty well on offense.
I don't know. Look at how much Puritt improved the UGA defense, the D got better each season but he didn't get retained.
Working as a firefighter, one of the main medical calls we are seeing, in almost epidemic proportions, are "spice" overdoses. We find the subjects either unconscious or babbling, drooling, & pissing their pants. It's sad that people knowingly do that to themselves. I don't have any information saying that this is the case with Denzel & I truly hope not but something seems very off with the Nkemdiche brothers!! And let's be honest the rumor mill is working overtime!! Millions of dollars down the drain if it is the case.