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I would have done the job for $4 million and probably would have done just as well. Could've saved Tennessee millions.
They still have to play Georgia and Tennessee, both teams that just came off an embarrassing loss. Both will be looking to rebound so I wouldn't get to excited about winning against them just yet. Also Florida has to lose to two of it's final teams they play: South Carolina, LSU and Arkansas. I can see them losing to LSU, but not to South Carolina and Arkansas. But those facts don't make for a good story now does it? Good luck though...
To Tennessee defence... South Carolina is getting better. I think we have found our quarterback and the team as a whole is coming together. Last night's win helps that even more. Tennessee made some mistakes that really cost them down the line, but they are a decent football team. It is surprising to me though that all the years South Carolina was good, we always seem to get beat by Tennessee, and the year we are not very good, we beat a decent Tennessee team. I guess that is why I never bet on the Gamecocks. I sure do love them though...
I don't understand why they didn't play it on Sunday like South Carolina and Georgia did. ESPN has more than one SEC Channel.
I would rather have the game in Charleston, SC in the middle of a CAT 5 hurricane than have it in Clemson... Just sayin'
South Carolina should fire Muschamp, hire Les Miles and start him this Saturday.
Not reported was that he actually died of a heart attack when they told him that they fired Mark Richt after he lost 3 games this year.
I honestly can't believe this is even a conversation. This coach is one of the best coaches in America and has only lost 3 games this year. If you get fired, please come to South Carolina.
I think they should take that money and buy the best coach out there or they aren't going to need more seats.
I've said it over and over. If Georgia fans don't want him, South Carolina will take him. He's a great coach. No coach will win all the time. But with him, he wins most of the time.
I completely see your point except for the fact that have you seen what has happened to Florida since he has been the head coach there? They have gone downhill. I wouldn't want him replacing the HBC. I would totally like to see some changes with our defense. I have tried to support Ward but I really don't think he is moving us in the right direction. I would like to see a change there and Muschamp would be a great fit.
Had this happened on Florida State's campus they would have been given a Heisman Trophy.
Actually... It could have been a game changing play. That was on a 3rd down play which gave Georgia the 1st down. Had that penalty not happened, then they wouldn't have gotten the 1st down and probably would have punted. I believe Georgia ended up scoring on that drive, but I can't remember.
You have to investigate the allegations if you want to find out the truth.
If they only all felt the same way about rape. Are you listening Jimbo Fisher???
After watching South Carolina's defense perform against North Carolina in the opening game, I was worried. Seeing them this weekend made me realize my worries were legit. If things don't get better with our defense, we aren't going to get more than 7 or 8 wins this year. Georgia held the ball the last 8 1/2 minutes of the game and from their own 1 yard line. It wasn't just one or two plays that took us out of the game, our defensive line just got beat, plain and simple. It also doesn't help seeing our defense coaches out there squabbling like a bunch of kindergartners. Lead the team or get off the field and fight it out where the team and the whole world can't see you! Very embarrassing as a Carolina alumni and loyal fan.