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We can go as far as Williams, Notae, and Umude will take us. Toney is also huge due to how good he is on the offensive glass and how much of a presence he is on defense.
Bama will either be out in the Round of 64 or make it to the Sweet 16. If they shoot the 3 well, they can go far, if not. they can't.
Arkansas and Auburn actually have the same amount of SEC tournament championships since 2000, but to give Au credit, they do have more regular season titles. However, Auburn does have as many national championships as Chad Morris has SEC wins as a head coach.
Remind me how many games Auburn won in Tampa? And how many times they beat the c r a p out of Arkansas this year? And how many national championships AU has in basketball? You'll find a common answer in all of those : Zero.
7 home games this season and I think our fans will show up. Especially for Bama since they will be at the least in the top 5, if not #1.
Beat the #1 team in the country though ;)
We sure this isn't the real Urban Meyer? He kinda sounds like someone who would kick his kicker. What did Jay Bilas do to you, Coach?
Ah gotcha. Thought they moved down a whole rank, not just divisions. My team is in 6a East and when I didn't see them on the schedule I thought they went to 5a. At least they made the Playoffs in 6a West.
He'll have more success there than at Mountain Home. Mtn Home had to move out of the conference my hometown team is in (6a)and go to 5a just to win a game.
The announcer was going so crazy I thought his head was gonna fall off. Shades of Joe Buck calling the Tyree helmet catch.
If Briles and Odom keep having success they could be looking at some HC jobs at some lower level schools soon. I'm 100% sure that Odom doesn't want to be done head coaching.
Obama would be cool but I would love if they got some legendary players and coaches to come on. All the remaining members of the 72 dolphins, retired coaches like Sean Payton, or guys like Joe Montana or TB12 now that he's retired.
Not in the SEC, all the teams here are listed as a #6 or better.
at least y'all have one guaranteed basketball national title this year
Glad we bounced back to win the series. Big weekend up ahead.
And I wouldn't be surprised if J-Will took 5 more charges and had another double double on TN, either.
Don't think I would put KY above Auburn right now since Auburn still has the head-to-head but they're close. Huge game this Saturday at BWA(and tonight vs Florida). J-Will has been balking out this year and is probably a top 3 big man in the league. Definitely behind Tshiebwe.
lol thank you. Had the Walmart slogan stuck in my head so I decided to put it to good use :)
It usually isn't there on the schedule initially but always gets moved to the day after Thanksgiving anyway. Been that way since 2015.
It will be, but Arkansas has a shot for the 2. Need Kentucky to lose a couple but it's a chance.
Not really stupid to leave those two out. They've done some good things, Bama's done great things, but losing to Vanderbilt by 9 (LSU) losing to Georgia and Davidson(Bama) worries me for those two. There needs to be consistency. Arkansas had some bad losses, Vandy at home, Hofstra, TAMU. But they've been on fire since then while LSU couldn't buy a win for a month and Bama continues to be somewhat inconsistent. As of right now, the top 4 of Auburn, KY, TN, and Arkansas are in a small breakeaway. Then it's Bama, LSU, and the mediocre to garbage down the line.
Yet we have a better record in conference and overall and beat Auburn. Only had one chance to do it, too. Bama is a solid team but not a team that can make a deep run. If the Hogs and the Tide meet in Tampa it'll be a toss up, but right now I see Arkansas making farther in March.
I wouldn't call Saturday's loss at "letdown loss." Sure it sucks to lose, but after beating #1 I'm surprised we played as well as we did. Oh well. On to Mizzou!
Let's see how Mizzou does with their one offensive weapon gone.