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I guess ZouDawg missed the Missouri score today, lemme whip out my lightsaber and look it up real quick. Oooh, looks like Misery lost by 17. Oh well. Hope y'all have a short memory so you can forget the last time Arkansas beat the MizBadie Tigers. For real though. y'all got yourselves the best RB in the nation without a doubt. W-P-S!
I would love if he went to my Saints. We need a WR#1 badly.
If we can stop Badie: 31-14 Hogs. If we can't stop Badie: 38-31 Hogs. Badie is the best RB in the SEC and if we can't contain him we're in trouble. However, say we hold him to at or under 110 yards, we can pull away.
Not a game we can overlook at all. Badie is a monster. If we can hold him to under 120 yards or so that puts us in a great position to win. Our offense needs to pound the ball and then go Play Action and chunk it to Burks downfield.
I'm sorry but the people that left Burks off the Biletnikoff Awards List need to have their heads examined.
There needs to be a WR of the week award for something for Burks only. Dude was really banged up and still burned Bama's secondary all day. Hope he can go for Mizzou.
Can't wait to listen to Gary Danielson for 4 hours on Saturday. Glad 2 of the 4 games we'll have gotten on CBS by the end of the year will have the other SEC on CBS commentators. Brad is good but Gary just sounds dead inside when commentating a game.
If we beat Bama, I'll post an hour long video on my YT channel with a screenshot of the final score. Unfortunately though, looks like another 20 point loss, but hey, there's a reason we play the games.
Coming from an Arkansas fan, Badie is a top 5 RB in the country. He's really the only reason I'm worried about the Mizzou Game.
WE don't need this game to gauge our progress, the progress has been unthinkably good and incredibly fast. I don't care if we lose by 60, 30, 10, barely win or win this game by 40, how Coach Pittman has turned this program around is incredible. I say Bama by around 20, but there's a reason you play the game. WPS!
6 of Arkansas' games this year have been against ranked teams and we still have yet to play Alabama.
Numbers say we should win. I think we will but it's going to be very close. KJ is gonna have to ball out as he's done all season long and the defense needs to get their stuff together. Hogs 24, LSU 21, but that's if our defense shows up. If they don't LSu probably wins by 10-14.
KJ has been a top 3 or 4 QB in the SEC this year, only behind Corral, Young, and maybe Nix.
It's true though Rebel for Life, both Auburn and Ole Miss flop more than any team I see out there.
Georgia will dispose of Florida easily. If it's anything less than a 20 point Georgia win I'll be shocked.
what's the 2:30 game? Shocked Auburn and Ole Miss didn't land the spot
I mean they've won 2 games this year. i know last year was an all SEC schedule but still 2 wins is better than 0
8-4 is possible, 7-5 is likely. Heck maybe with a miracle the Hogs can beat Bama. Not saying they will, obviously, it'll probably be the annual 40 point beatdown but they didn't look fantastic against Tennessee and lost to A&M. We'll see. Heck I'd even be happy with 6-6. LSU and State will be tough, Mizzou is the easiest team left. They're the 2nd worst team in the sec, barely ahead of Dandy Vandy.
If we score double digit points vs Bama I'll be happy
Exactly. State is a solid team, maybe a tad inconsistent but Will Rogers is an incredibly good QB. Excited to play y'all in Fayetteville in a couple weeks. WPS
One comment on Coach Pittman saying that we don't have anyone who's played in a bowl: I believe TJ Hammonds is the only one who has played in a bowl game- the 2017 Belk Bowl vs. Virginia Tech that we choked away. In 2016 he was a freshman and is now a 6th year senior.
We can win 8 games, but it will be very tough. UAPB is a lock. Miss St has a great offense when things are clicking. Death Valley is really tough to play in. Bama is Bama. And I think Mizzou has the chance of being a blowout. Their defense is awful.