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Club sport. They pay tuition to be raked over by third-rate administrators in a department of student life enforcing Nazi covid rules.
Best wishes. He's safe at home. . Still can't figure that 0-10 year at Northview HS. Couldn't even beat crosstown Dothan HS, which was always disadvantaged in dollars, # of students, and community support.
They could become the Valpo Virtue Signalers, or the Woke Ness Monsters? . Wake me when William & Mary change... Hey, and Furman? My brother always got destroyed by a friend's Paladin when playing old school AD&D...
Seriously? As if the Egg Bowl could ever begin to compare to an actual Tournament of Champions like the Iron Bowl. The whole state of Alabama, both Auburn and Bama look to the west and laugh... Now we know why Bama spelled MSU as Mississipi: the missing P was found under an Ole Miss player's leg in your endzone.
On behalf of the other schools in the SEC, sorry Hogs — you have become OUR Kansas. Just be glad he didn’t call y’all Arrutgers!!
In behalf of the other schools in the SEC, sorry Hogs -- you have become OUR Kansas. Just be glad he didn't call y'all Arrutgers!
In your scenario, LSU would have the better recent loss and be #3. No CCG repeats. UGa gets OSU. Minn gets LSU. Final, OSU over LSU.
They won't have Burrow after this year, but they have certainly a good shot to get Joey Gatewood and keep rolling.
Les Miles to Michigan? Perhaps. But tOSU can always find something to mess it up. Especially something Nittany that way comes.
If you've got it, flaunt it? . We've seen much worse from any number of offensive linemen just from where their pants ride!
They really shouldn't be on the field during the game except pre, post, and halftime. Quite a huge divot left in the field. And of course PETA is going to have a field day.
Argh... missing the rest of the Auburn comment. Auburn should be matched against Kansas State. Building SEC West v. XII to parallel SEC East v. ACC is the way to go.
Is this meant for folks who aren't like older than 18? No sense of history here.... so, let's do this better and set some ground rules. First, let's agree these rivalries are "previously locked in", and thus these teams are out of availability: UF/FSU. UGa/GT. USC/Clemson. UK/U of L. Let's grant that you got three perfect to add in one case, and bring back in the other two: UT/Va Tech to go perm, and bring back A&M/Texas and Mizzou/Kansas. *Bama: Your UA/Notre Dame is ridiculous. As others pointed out Penn State is ideal. The Tide and the Nittany Lions have met 15 times. The only non-SEC P5 school the Tide has played more are Georgia Tech (send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave, anyone?) and Miami. Since pairing SEC v. ACC is a solid trend, let's go UA/Miami instead. Penn State should be playing Pitt on the last weekend, anyway. (Sorry WVU.) *Arkansas: Wisconsin? Are you smoking bacon? TEXAS TECH. Both schools have history with each other, and since Texas is tied up with A&M, this is the go-to P5 rivalry. *Auburn: Ridiculous. Auburn and Oregon the universities have little to nothing in common. Auburn had long series with Clemson, FSU, and Georgia Tech, but by 'rule' here, they're not available. Let's go with a *LSU: Really silly. Michigan? Look at LSU's history. You've got two P5's that they've played at least half a dozen times: TCU and UNC. TCU is a neighbor. That's good for rivalries, so LSU v. TCU wins in my book. *Ole Miss: Memphis is not going to cut it. Sorry. Perfect match: Oklahoma. *Mississippi State: Oklahoma State. *Vanderbilt: Stanford? Seriously? Vanderbilt v. Wake Forest. The battle of the private traditional schools SEC v. ACC. That's the rivalry that already exists in recruiting students. If you want something stronger, go Baylor. But I think Vandy isn't ready for that level of prime time. Baylor probably needs to play Podunk Tech anyway.
Should have put him in a pumpkin shell? . Maybe ESPN will do a 30 o'30 when he retires that compiled his greatest hits someday with all his postgame commentary. So entertaining. And sometimes like the on-field after the UF/SC game... where you could tell he knew he just got Muschamp fired, and the pain about it in his voice. Hope he keeps going another year or two. Maybe with Boom as his DC and AHC.
Texas seems poised to take out TCU.
Don't forget Georgia Tech.
We had the same experiences in the AUMB in the 80's too. Part of the problem is how UGa's Sanford is in a valley and we had to file a long distance from buses to stadium. It was often like a tiger walk except folks would hurl insults spit and beverages. There was a brick through a bus window one year. Yikes. But the folks in the Redcoat band were great. They had our same tradition of bringing beverages to the visiting band after halftime. It's always the t shirt 'fans' and rarely students family and alumni that act like jerks.
Key point in SC's favor... Muschamp could be head coach in waiting, the job he never should have left at UT. Spurrier woyld be able to retire and pass continuity the same way Holtz did. Neithe AU nor A&M can offer that possibility.
Yeah back when they played Auburn and Florida both every year, Bowden realized if they also had to play Georgia every year... but we got Carolina instead in the SEC and that wasn't so bad. At least USC had the guts to sign up.
Les handled this with class at least. He really did follow up after the media luncheon on this.
Both Georgia v. Ohio State and Mizzou-Nebraska would be much better matchups.
Having broken my leg at the 85 Liberty Bowl I agree it's a miserable bowl. Music City is at least in a better stadium.
You're already assuming the Egg Bowl will be a walk? Sorry. But I could love FSU losing at Miami and then losing to another Muschamp Miracle.
Unless Colorado State (a future Big XII addition) gets a miracle and Boise loses 2 MW games Marshall wins out and is in. A bigger problem for We Are U.? Louisiana Tech in the C-USA championship game.
Less a trick play, more a designed shift. Surely if Greene weren't open there were alternative receivers for Sims to go to.
Depends on what you mean by "know"!
He loses well, and there's another reason Michigan offers him a blank check.