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Stoops has built depth here at UK, and every year since stoops been here, we've had a stud at RB. Plus, the strongest area for UK this upcoming season should be the Oline, that will help our RB core a whole lot.
Yeah, aside from UNC. Wake, Cuse, and VT is SUCH a gauntlet compared to AUB, Ole Miss, Mizzou, and Ark. (lets not include UT to make things fair)
Except UK got burned against LSU as well, AT RUPP TOO A blatant offense basket interference was missed, game should've went into OT
Bull crap, get rid of the dude, he can go officiate in some other conference.
But never tell them that, they think everything is fair and square
Michigan lost to a SUB .500 team the same week UK blitzed UT.
It's called rubbing it in yalls faces for the way ya'll been acting. Next time try to be a bit more humble. WE know what success feels like, and trust me, this is FAR from our NC game, we actually won NC's, ya'll have not.
UK can't get off the ground in recruiting because the media creates a BS perception about the football program, but yet builds programs like Ark, SC, and Mizzou up. Y'all wanna constantly show programs like SC love despite being extremely mediocre for several years now, and kids like the media love because they think that'll get them noticed. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong, but as a UK fan, it's frustrating seeing this crap year in and year out when your program beats these programs that the media want to show love to but not to yours.
Yep, doesnt make sense, but its all on name sometimes.
Joke jab now, but if Clappy gets yall to a top team in the SEC, all of a sudden it wont be.
PSU lost 3 games, that other loss was to a very mediocre Mich St team.
If someone doesnt pick up Josh Allen in the top 10, someone needs to be fired.
I think UK just put up a clunker that game, they had no business losing to UT, but the effort was just not there.
And to think we left 14 points on the table. This team couldve seriously scored 70 on them lmfao. But you see that Eddie Gran? See what happens when you OPEN the play book, and THROW DOWN FIELD? I know UL's defense is trash (No, thats a lie, theyre a dumpster fire), but we do have weapons to make plays like that against a lot of teams.
Hagans and Vando were mentioned by Dawkins, but no evidence suggests that they accepted any pay or even came in contact with. But this wont stop a lot of people saying "HA GOTCHA!"
Duke literally had everything going down for them, didn't matter how bad that shot looked going up, they were going to make it. And the poor defense didn't help either. UKs players were shell shocked, but 1 games doesn't make a season. So much over reactions all over the place. UK may very well be top 5, Duke happened to catch lighting in a bottle that game and that's okay. UK just needs to bounce back.
Nah, yeah, I get it. But im just saying the reason why everyone is so high on UK for the same reasons that they're not for other schools is due to the whole team makeup, is all. This year is one of the years where it's actually warranted for UK
UK returns a core of players, brings in a grad transfer, and brings in studs. Plus this team has no glaring weakness like they did last season. UK has all the makings of a elite team. That's why there is that perception about them
UCF has no kind of defense, and UK's passing game is coming along. Gran just gotta call smarter plays. UK's D will be the equalizer. UK is bigger and stronger.
UGA is too talented, Plus it doesnt help with two of UK defensive players have clubs which makes it harder to tackle. Still give UGA all the credit, may it be the only team to rack up that much yardage and points on UK this season.
I'm saying only his stats has been compared. I'm not comparing him to Walker, dont know where you get that from. But I will argue he is one of the SEC great RBs
Terry Wilson was 23 of 29, that is an amazing completion stat. What is stopping TW is Eddie Gran, just like how he stops Snell
Only his stats, and the only way teams have stopped him is by completely stacking the box.
Yeah, no, there is no "could win" LSU is in the upper tier while Arky is arguably the worst team in the SEC.