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The original headline read as if BJ was included, he wasnt.
I was talking about BJ Boston, who was in the car behind TC. He was not involved in a accident
Lmfao yall are obsessed. And did yall really? Yall won as many tournament games as we did
Lol i think UK will prove that their RB room is very underrated at 10. But they like that kind of stuff anyway.
Lol we do, still beat yalls behind tho
Lets not take anything away from C.Rod when it comes to speed. The kid is fast, AK was just a beast with a lot of speed
Yeah, no. This dude has accuracy and a rocket arm. Dude is very talented
Already happened in 2018, this team will be even more talented with a better QB
Okay, im not one to make snap judgements in the off season... Because reasons But yeah, this Kentucky team is loaded, adding a quality QB only elevates this team. This team should have a legit shot at the east if they stay healthy. Very excited for football season
Second most on the list and we're wasting it on crap offensive play calling and schemes. I'm sick
Forreal, they're some of the most delusional fans out there
Kentucky never been to the SEC championships twice like Mizzou has? Is that why UK has exactly 3 SEC championships? Listen, newbie, maybe learn some SEC history before trying to hang onto your laurels from 5+ years ago.
Well, number 9 has the 4th highest QB rating in the SEC, is 14-5, and the only QB in UK history to have wins at UF, UT, and Louisville.
Facilities are a wash, UK's are top 20 in the nation since upgrades, renovations, and new buildings.
He does, but he also has a bunch of 4 stars, and some 5's here and there.
Came a long way, but I wouldnt say awesome. That's reserved for the likes of UGA, Bama, and Clemson
I guess what I mean is that UK's is more proven in their performance. Our Oline, and Dline pushed yall around all game long. There is a reason why JG had a bad performance: It's because he was pressured. Also, the other team needs the players to take advantage, and UK's certainly did. Ya'll scored a single TD on us all because our D was on the field for too long in the 2nd quarter. But I'm delusional? Ya'll got completely dominated at home.
And almost 200 yards of rushing, with the offense scoring 20 points....
Best O Lines in the SEC are Bama's, UGA's, and UK's. Dont know why UT's got more love than UK's when UK's is proven
lol thank you, same to yall. JG has killed us the last three games, he was a world killer against us. It was just a matter of time for him to have a bad one against us.
Well, looks like we turned things around. Completely whooped UT at Neyland, now 2-2. get Mizzou next week, could be 3-2
Nothing but big smiles here, also, we gotta retire Terry Wilson's jersey after this season. Beating UF at the Swamp, and then UT at Neyland is a rare breed here at UK.
Actually, they had their way against UF. MSU and SC were just perfect storms, they actually did have their way the season prior. UGA was the only team in the east with the better Oline. UKs Oline will be among the best in the country. They were last season, they'll be even better this season.
Stoops and Co has mainly been getting 4s and 3s, with the occasional 5 stars. They only pick up 1s and 2s if they see something special in them, ala Josh Allen