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We really needed Bully, and Ox for this game. That was quite clear, UK is obviously a tough and talented team (but we need to recruit some more receivers to help our QB). But UGA is just otherworldly, I fully expect UGA to continue to win out and finally get their championship this season. I'll be rooting for yall here on out.
Speaks volumes to the progress Stoops and Co. have made for this program when you can play horrible and still win on the road in the SEC.
Horrible effort today, embarrassing. I just hope this was a letdown game and nothing more.
So you didnt watch, he cant help it when his receivers drop passes.
They dont like us, they never do. We never get the respect. UK is better than serval teams in the top 25, and even the ones receiving votes ahead of them. You could probably make a case for two of them, but thats about it
Pitt had more votes, if you cant see the joke for what these polls are, then I dont know what to tell you.
How did Will Levis came back down to earth? Are you only looking at the stat sheet? Coen stuck to the run game because Mizzou could not stop that. That wasn't on Will Levis, he made all the right plays when needed to, made difficult passes, and even deep ones. Even converted 3rd and 12 in clutch time.
I do think Ark is good, but Texas was disgustingly overrated. Never should have been ranked. I would Move TAMU down to 7. and move both Ark and UK up a spot.
This is how you know its about name Yes, the teams ranked ahead of UK are good, but Ole Miss really hasnt played anybody (yes that includes Louisville. They are NOT good) but have no problem ranking them as high as you can. UK plays a quality opponent, controls the whole game, but you dont want to elevate them? Please And for the record, I'm fine where UK is at, but your excuse is bogus.
"Maybe Kentucky's offense is different" brings a tear to my eye
Yeah, you're right, you all dont have that kind of patience
lol no, you all are not that good this season. It is what it is, so you're more closer to Vandy than you are to Mizzou or UK. UGA is obviously at the top, then you have UF or UK, then Mizzou, then Tenn, then you all.
Definitely, and the third Q defense was infuriating
Yeah, I had some hard angry farts of my own with all of our self inflicted wounds during the game.
Great game Mizzou, you all always make it interesting. I enjoy this rivalry. But UK is definitely better than they showed, they clean up their TO's, and fix the defensive scheme, and this game looks different. Got to work on that here on out.
SC a couple years away for competing as a middling SEC E team, the fanbase just need patience for this rebuild.
SC not looking so hot either. These three will round out the bottom 3.
If you're talking about UT QB's and arm strength, then sure. But if you're talking in general, I'd put my money on Levis arm strength being stronger.
And word on the block is that the QB battle was actually not even that close. So I have faith that we will see an opposing all around offense and QB for once. So if Levis turns out to be forreal, UK will most likely have a special special season. Maybe even more so than 2018.
I understand Levis being slotted at number 12. But if his accuracy is even half as good as his arm strength, he will be top 5.
UK is the most experienced team in the league, or at least one of the most... like top 3. Theres a lot of seniors starting on defense, I believe that the defense will be stout as usual.
How in the world is Josh Paschal not on this list?
You got the wrong kentucky, because they have been finishing in the top part of the SEC when it comes to defense.