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He's gone, and understandably so. Dude has a kid, he can go in the second round and make that guaranteed money to support his family.
Stoops is one game below .500, and thats with 3 years of dealing with Jokers BS, dont know where this 36% comes from.
Hahahaha no, he isn't going. Stoops removed his name and no way in hell is he going with l the work him and Marrow are putting in
Stoops and Marrow has been putting in work. This draft class will be the best ever for UK we're expected to add a few more 4* and are in play for another 5* (probably won't get him, but you'll never know) a few of our highly rated 3* are on the brink of 4* status and a few of them may end up being such. And we add a big time transfer.
Should be a good one, UK will be as talented as it has ever been. Everyone on defense returns, and we don't lose much on offense besides Stenberg and Bowden (two big time players)
UK got to 7-5 with a lot of turnover and injuries. Something tells me that UKs worst seasons under stoops will be 7-5, not the average from here on out.
Hindsight being 20/20, yeah, UK could have been 10-2, maybe even 11-1 if things really went our way with Lynn behind center. But you gotta take the bad with the good, and the growing pains as well. This team surely had a very successful season when you consider losing the whole secondary, the best edge rusher in school history (Hell, even one of the best in SEC history), the best RB in school history, two QB's transfer, 2 goes down due to injury. Other injuries around the field, and still manage to get to 7 wins is an impressive feat for a program who would be devastated and struggle to win 4 games in the past if this happened. Stoops built a program to last and next season should be a magical one with the experience we have coming back, the talented red shirt freshmen we will have available for next season, and a monster recruiting class thats coming in (Seriously, a lot of the 3 stars that UK has coming in are right there at the mark to become 4 stars, on top of a few 4 stars that we already have, plus the 5 star and we may add one more.)
We all know you commented because people are rubbing it in your face.
Remember how last year yall bragged about being number 1 in the polls? Didnt really matter in the grand scheme of things, it also didnt matter that yall went 2-1 against as we UK still managed to go further in March. Something UT has always struggled with, no matter how good their teams have been. You also better hope that UK is riddled with injuries when they play yall, because if not, UK will have their revenge.
Most likely lol Yeah,maybe if UK is still riddled with injuries all over the place. If not, the UK who played MSU will be back
The number 1 spot will be a revolving door. He'll, UK could turn around and beat Utah, OSU, and UL and end up back there. It's that kind of season.
That happens when you don't respect your opponent, a couple seasons ago UNC lost to wofford at home, they ended up being a 2 seed. Yes, UK should have never lost that game, yes UK is the better team, and yes, UK like all young teams do is not respect their opponents that they think they can just show up for. It can happen to anyone. This team will be fine, and hopefully they learn for the loss. They can beat anyone in the country, that was proven in game one. They can also lose to anyone in the country, that was proven in game 3. You have to bring it every night, if not then Evansville happens
Well, with all that said, this team is still capable of finishing 7-5 with who we have left on the schedule. Vandy is hot garbage, UTM is not beating a p5 team, and UL has zero dense. Bowden may even rush for 300 against them.
Yeah, but he cant adjust. I also think they should have injected a west coast style offense for bowden. He is capable of making quick short passes, but they refuse to.
Congrats UT, but I'm convinced if we had any other OC, we'd win that game by at least 3 points. Gran needs to go, sick of him
Whats your point? MSU is a FF team that UK handled the whole game
Trust me, I'm calm, I just find it funny that they want to give the number 1 spot to someone else if they have the chance. You dont see them pulling that crap against Bama right before the season starts in football
Man, yall will put anyone ahead of UK just to be quirky. UK just controlled the whole game from tip to finish and beat the number 1 team in the country, UK IS the number 1 team in the SEC.
UK is good enough to win out seeing now they got that barings back in order and established an identity. They can most certainly go 8-4, can never be too surprised if they drop one to UT
Kentucky has 2 CONFERENCE titles, not just SECE divisional titles, sit down
Not to mention, the defense have been getting much better by the week.
This team is just getting better, injuries took hurt this team early in the season, but now the next men up are starting shine
At least in the rain he can't. But in a dry game he isn't too bad
True, y'all's QB isn't very good. But Bowden isn't just some random WR that they put behind center, at least
To be fair, he's actually an athlete who plays the slot position and played QB in HS