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True, y'all's QB isn't very good. But Bowden isn't just some random WR that they put behind center, at least
To be fair, he's actually an athlete who plays the slot position and played QB in HS
The last traveling call was y'all's QB thrown into our defender. It was unavoidable and that was not the intent
Your "light years better team" just gave Tua a record breaking day
The thing is, targeting can be easily called if the offensive player just lowers their head. It should be used for malicious intent, not for a football play
UNC went 2-10 last season, UF went 10-3, USCjr will always be trash and will always be behind both UF and UK
The targeting call is BS, all of them were in the game. It's killing the sport, that's one reason why UK was starting to give up even more yards on passing play, our best DB got ejected. Still doesn't excuse the fact that UK still would've won if Stoops didn't take the air out of the ball.
I love stoops, but I just wish he would develop a killer instinct mentality. He's trying to play a gentleman's game in a physical sport
This falls on stoops, this is what happens when you go conservative ball. Shouldve went for at least 3 at the end of the second, and should've gone to the weapons in the fourth that were killing UF. UK was absolutely the better team, but coaching cost us that game
In no way Toledo should have beaten UK, UK started the first game slow as always, it wasnt a game in the second half. UK scored 17 unanswered
Smith has a better arm than Terry and is more accurate. What makes TW so dangerous is his ability to escape pressure and his speed. Smith is also good with pressure as well, but just not as fast, but he can go if need to. UKs Oline is going to be one of the best UF is going to face all season, that is what is going to make this game hard for UF. UKs Dline and pass rush is also good, but our secondary shows it's youth sometimes, that's our weakness.
S.Miss is a MUCH MUCH better football program than GSU, it is Doom and gloom when UT has been consistently embarrassing this decade. Nothing has changed.
Also, did you seem to not read the article? They lost to GSU and lost to them bad. We already know what UT is made of. UK won their opening game to a much superior opponent.
You seem to be confused, talking season is off season, that's what I am talking about. Right now we're in the reg season which is proving season.
1: Toledo is projected to win their division, that's not middling. 2: UK scored 17 unanswered after tying the game, and won by 14. 3: guess math is hard for you
Their favorite season is talking season because they can pretend that their team is actually good
Fans were claiming 8 wins in the off season, which is why I said what I said. And I agree, they'll be lucky to win 4 games
What a surprise, USCjr LoS is still soft as butter and Jake Bently is still throwing INTs Talking season is over
First half was annoying, but so was last year's game against a horrible CMU squad. This Toledo team is good, will probably win their league. There's plenty of talent in the team, they just have to grow
Just like how stoops didn't coach some of the greatest defensive backs ever? Right? Stoops has more positives than he has negatives. Another upcoming positive is crushing your sorry ass Cardinals again
"how do you replace legends? You become one" That quote will forever gives me chills
It's not when you consider who Mark Stoops is and what he has done at both Miami and FSU for DBs
Pretty sure that TD pass to Lynn Bowden played a solid role in the W that game