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Texas and Oklahoma want to play in a competitive conference that has some basis for pride. Seems pretty simple to me.
I just pray that they don't make our ears bleed by putting Beth Mowins in the broadcast booth. She could turn a national championship into a train wreck. I'll never forget her infamous "third down and just a smidge" comment.
I'm here to present the aluminum foil conspiracy hat, and the spelling and grammar award to Oddguwop. Could you please tell us where we could find Jimmy Hoffa?
I remember when Mitch Mustain tried the musical chairs routine to find a school willing to recognize his need to be the star of the show. Faded into relative obscurity.
“Nobody wants to hear his wine..." Indeed. And nobody wants to hear his whine either.
Herschel Walker is a man of great character and genuine compassion. I think he'd make a fine senator and would be a breath of fresh air. We don't need more professional, lifelong politicians using up too much oxygen. We need real, grass roots representation. I'd vote for him.
Ed Orgeron took LSU to an undefeated season and a national championship in 2019, then lost almost all of his talent to the NFL. He shouldn't be a 4, maybe a 2. Gotta allow recovery time.
College kids getting paid is a bad idea. And, unfortunately, once that door is opened there will be no closing it. It will forever change the face of "amateur" sports, and not for the better. Ever heard of Pandora's Box?
If this dirtbag ever plays another minute it will be undeserved.
DeVonta is gonna shine like a new penny in the NFL. Best of luck to him!
It just means he creates good opportunities for his staff to advance in their own careers. Muss is golden.
They picked the right guy. His work speaks for itself. Enjoy that special recognition, buddy. You earned it.
Speak your truth, Booger. Charles Barkley does the same. If you're afraid to say what you really think then you have nothing worth hearing. This is the age off butt-hurt. People actively look for reasons to be offended.
So, because she's a female she's off limits for criticism? Treating her like Cinderella will only set back the chances for other females to have a shot.
And if Auburn wins, it will prove that God still has a sense of humor.
The student who was ejected was a total jerk. But being a total jerk isn't against the law. While the comment he shouted was insensitive, it was neither racist, nor profane. We still have a right to free speech in this country, even when we disagree with what's being said. I, in no way, support the moron who got banned. But, this just seems another example of political correctness going off the tracks.
That's some good putting, Mary Ann! Hope you love your new ride!
If Barry Lunney Jr. is named the next Arkansas head football coach, Hunter Yurachek will be the next to be fired.
Arkansas has definitely hit rock bottom. There's nowhere to go but up.
Humility is a lesson that some never learn. And their embarrassing self-promotion proves it.
The little end zone specials need to stop. They not only show incredible immaturity, but poor sportsmanship. It's narcissistic and pathetic.
A thug doing what a thug does. That kind of attitude and lack of personal responsibility deserves removal from the team.
First, who is Arkansas's? And more importantly, no one in Arkansas feels a rivalry with Missouri. It' just a contrived rivalry that no one wants.
Do any true Hog fans give a flaming damn what Houston Nutt thinks about anything?